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The Arboretum and other gardens

Lincoln’s Arboretum is only a short walk from the Cathedral but generally is missed by visitors to the city, who would need to walk through Minster Yard away from the tea shops of Steep Hill and across the busy A15. 705 more words


Great Exhibitions, looking forwards and backwards

I am looking forward to the summer when museums in Lincoln will participate in ‘Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition‘, displaying precious things from private and public collections. 579 more words


Monuments, Memorials, Tanks

A large traffic roundabout immediately to the south of the University of Lincoln Brayford Pool campus will soon feature a steel sculpture of a World War I tank under construction. 517 more words


Landscaping the Mind

The BBC has been reporting this week on a new study published in The Lancet that connects cannabis use with episodes of psychosis. As frequently happens, the researchers proved their predicate (based on their own earlier study), that elevated rates of psychosis in patients reporting to a single… 615 more words


Cultural Biography of Things

Lincolnites have been invited to reflect upon what it is about the city’s heritage they value more, early twentieth-century tram lines or a Norman rose window… 536 more words