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Paint Your Wagon (Encores Musicals in Concert, New York, March 2015)

By my count, Encores, now in its 22nd year, has produced 65 musicals (not counting some gala concert evenings, and a couple of special summer seasons). 1,130 more words


Macbeth (Arden Theatre, March 2015)

Thou wouldst be great;
Art not without ambition, but without
The illness should attend it.

Thus Shakespeare’s Lady pithily sums up her husband, Macbeth. Maybe things would have worked out better for her if, instead aspiring to the throne of Scotland, she’d become a theater critic. 338 more words


City Paper senior editor speaks to "absolute and radical honesty"

While impassioned by his work, Baynard Woods swears intermittently and paraphrases Socrates in the pauses, moments, seconds between.  He’s animated, energetic, passionate. The bottom of his button-down shirt is frayed and torn and worn thin, and he wears his sunglasses around his neck with something akin to a silver chain. 200 more words

Field Hockey Hot (11th Hour: Adrienne Theatre)

Remember that Robert Frost’s poem about the importance of taking the right road?   Well, Monday night, I took the low road – and I couldn’t be happier. 352 more words


Today in City Paper!

Thanks to Rebekah Kirkman for her thoughtful article discussing RFP in today’s City Paper! You can check out the piece here (or pick up a physical copy this week, of course!) 26 more words

The Cherry Orchard (People's Light, February 2015) -- and the Joys and Perils of Chekhov

Last week, I saw The Cherry Orchard at People’s Light. Before commenting on that estimable, thought-provoking and often excellent production, please humor me as I share a few more general musings on Chekhov in production – most of which were running through my mind even before I got to the theatre. 1,014 more words


DF Reviews The Whale (Theatre Exile, February 2015)

It hit me the minute the curtain went up on The Whale, Samuel D. Hunter’s marvelous, heartbreaking play, in an exceptionally fine production at Theatre Exile: Although television now regularly trafficks in exploitative reality shows about the morbidly obese, you almost never see fat people on stage. 446 more words