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Kickstarter Preview: Skyways

Our cities are growing by leaps & bounds. How are our cities going to combat the growing populations in the near future? City planners must keep in mind that cities can’t always grow outward but can always grow upwards, towards the vast blue skies. 242 more words


Healthy Planning

It is widely believed that the further along we travel through time, the more we learn and the better we become.  However, it is really striking to look back 100 or more years in America and see the wisdom and the foresight of those who designed and built some of the great places we still enjoy today.  662 more words


Artist of the moment..............Ulrich Wüst

Ulrich Wüst is a German contemporary photographer. Ulrich Wüst was born in Magdeburg, Germany in the year 1949. Wüst is renown for his black and white images of the landscape. 135 more words