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Motivation from an unexpected source

We have lived in Mexico for nearly ten years and our time in this beautiful country will soon come to an end. We have decided to repatriate to Canada to allow for more quality time with our extended family members. 288 more words


Complete Power Outage on a Run Down Mansion Row

I ran with the CEO.

“How long until your MBA is finished?” I asked the CEO.

“Another year, it’s part-time, like yours.”

Her body was very tight for a woman of about 55. 451 more words


to the driver who didn’t stop

Dear Driver Who Didn’t Stop,

I’d been running for a little over 26 minutes when I reached the marked crosswalk where our paths intersected. To be honest, I’m feeling quite tired so I was more than happy to stand and catch my breath when I hit the button to turn on the flashing lights you might have seen had you not been looking at your phone. 530 more words

Single Mom

'Mas-o-menos' to you, too!

You were in your car. I was on foot and on the sidewalk, safely out of the way from having learned my lesson during a  162 more words


Botendaddy Good Friday Run for Harmony and Peace on Earth

We stretched in front of the Museum (pronounced Muhz-yuum). Devon looked at the group.

“Look who’s here: me, a blacque man, the Caribbean Queen a black Jamaican woman, The Voat Fat People Hate Verified Shitlady a half-blacque U.S. 582 more words


Fast Inter-campus Run with New Writer's Workshop Character: Angry Online SJW Guy

I was going to run with Swole Bro’, Ramon and the Park Ranger because it was International LGBTQA+MOUSE day.

Actually no one else would run with me. 453 more words


The Air Quality Blues

Running and I have a long and storied history, and I am in an on-again mindset right now. I think about how it makes me feel, especially on mild winter evenings at sunset, and I just want to go! 283 more words