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The Brighton Marathon

With a little bit more time available and a desire to get under 5 hours for a marathon I entered Brighton a few months ago. My PB was set at London 2 years ago of 5:02 and for a totally unrealistic reason wanted to go sub 5 as it just sounds more like a proper runner. 1,115 more words

Being Nice to Your Shins

These past two weeks have been exciting for me as a runner. I’ve started training with my new team, everyone’s been really nice, and I’m feeling much better on my runs than was expected for a girl who hasn’t trained seriously in almost a year. 362 more words


to the driver who didn’t stop

Dear Driver Who Didn’t Stop,

I’d been running for a little over 26 minutes when I reached the marked crosswalk where our paths intersected. To be honest, I’m feeling quite tired so I was more than happy to stand and catch my breath when I hit the button to turn on the flashing lights you might have seen had you not been looking at your phone. 530 more words

Single Mom