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a women's right to Schmooze (hacks for aspiring hacks

As a board certified, membership card carrying commitment phobe, I have in the style of the Police, adopted a motto, which perfectly sums up my approach to making any type of social arrangement.  898 more words

Aspiring Writers

'A Global Britain': Theresa May states her plans in Brexit speech

Prime Minister Theresa May gave a speech earlier this month outlining her and the government’s plans for leaving the EU. She confirmed again she is planning to trigger Article 50 (which then starts the process of leaving the EU) by 31st March 2017. 568 more words

The Refectory At City University Of London - A Review

The Refectory at City University of London.

                        Rating: 3/5                                

Arriving on a hectic Tuesday lunch hour, the first sights and smells would do much to incite any stomach to groans. 1,069 more words

300 years

This exhibit closes next week so catch it if you can. Fascinating history of Hakka kung fu and its movement from China down to Hong kong. 83 more words

The Wonderful World Of Art

Life as an Author, six months on #Sundayblogshare #writinglife

As it’s half a year since my first novel Blind Side hit the digital shelves last July, and almost a year since my book project was funded (February 2016), I thought I’d take a peek back at the year. 893 more words

On Publishing

City University Banning Three Tabloid Newspapers Is Oppression And Will Continue To Fuel Hatred, Racial Tension and Fascism

Featured image: David Holt under creative commons.

Last week, I visited university friends in Birmingham for a couple of days. It was one of those excursions where we didn’t really have a plan for what to do (other than to obviously meet up, and see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), so a lot of time was spent just catching up on our current lives. 920 more words

Triggered Liberals Are Ban-Happy

Have you heard the news? Liberal progressives (yeah, right) have just woken up to the fact that identity politics is divisive and counter productive. That is, a form of politics that divides people according to race, gender and sexual preference turns out to be divisive. 665 more words