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Excavating the City Wall at Fuwairit

This season the ODQ team has done several strategic excavations around Fuwairit, including one trench that focused on providing more information about the structure and date of the city wall. 168 more words


A short trip to the Ancient City of Pingyao, Shanxi

Saturday, 1st of April – Sunday, 2nd of April

Extended weekends are ideal to take short trips within China. Especially in Beijing we have the advantage of an excellent railway system, so you don’t necessarily have to take a plane to reach sights that are within a 500-1000km radius. 2,171 more words


A Survay of London (John Stow, 1598)

Another in the occasional series on contemporary accounts and descriptions of the historic City of London,  this one from John Stow’s “A Survay of London… 410 more words

London History

Old Stones

The city council has been working on the the Singel, an old Amsterdam canal, for ages. I walk past the worksite frequently and wondered what was taking so long. 224 more words


Nanjing - City Wall Walk

From the Jiming Temple, I walked along a section of the old city wall. This wall originally circled the whole city, both protecting and containing it’s inhabitants. 361 more words


Nanjing - Zhonghua Gate

At over 600 years old, this gate is a pretty impressive sight. It is actually a series of four gates which formed the main route through the Ming dynasty city wall – this set-up providing greater protection from enemies. 144 more words


A Strong City


In that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah:

“We have a strong city;
he sets up salvation
as walls and bulwarks. 642 more words