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The Panmen scenic area

2017 has not had a great start if we think about air pollution. The PM2.5 index has been over 150 (unhealthy) every day for now. Sigh, this is winter in China. 364 more words


25-23 BC: Augustus (age 38-40), AR Denarius (RIC I 9a; RSC 397)

Augustus. 27 BC-AD 14. AR Denarius. Emerita mint; P. Carisius, legatus pro praetore. Struck circa 25-23 BC. IMP CAESAR AVGVSTVS, bare head right / P CARISI VS LEG PRO PR, circular city wall with EMERITA inscribed above gate. 7 more words

Roman Empire

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria (2) - Views from the Wall (Day Four)

The 3.5 km walk along the top of the wall gave us a great view of wonderful architectural designs and styles of Rothenburg homes and buildings. 132 more words


China 2016 – Day 19 – Xi'an – Sneak Peak – November 2016

Xi’an City Wall and Giant Wild Goose Pagoda

City Wall

This morning, I headed from my hotel towards the East Gate of the City Wall.  Just before I got to the wall, I came across the Shaanxi Fangyan Cultural Plaza, which had lots of little stalls that sold cool things and food. 109 more words


Hand Me A Hammer, And Maybe A Sword Too

Nehemiah 1-4

Thursday, December 8

If you have a toolbox, then Nehemiah is the book you should read.  Nehemiah is the story of Nehemiah who was the cupbearer to King Artexerxes.  532 more words


Golden Week (Xi'an)

After returning from Shanghai, we re-packed our bags and prepared for our whirlwind visit to Xi’an. Xi’an is located in the south west of China and translates in English as ‘West Peace’. 642 more words

DAY 3 - MING CITY WALL, Xian, China

We chose the historical city wall to end our visit of Xian.  Constructed upon an earlier imperial fortification network of the Tang Dynasty, the First Emperor of Ming Dynasty, Hongwu (洪武), erected the 14km city wall in the 14th century.  383 more words