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Xi'an: Day 3 | 西安:第三天


If I had one day of regrets, this was the day. After the second day, we both felt so exhausted we thought to ourselves – hey, let’s take it easy today. 268 more words


Family visit IV: Nanjing

After Beijing, Jinan and Qufu, our next stop was Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province. In Nanjing we experienced crazy weather: the first day was unbearably hot and humid, and the second day was cold and rainy. 590 more words


Xi'an: Day 1 | 西安:第一天

5月23日 – 5月24日

Left Ningbo super early on the 23rd (day after my exams!) because I had an early flight to Xi’an! Thought it’d be nice to ‘treat myself’ a little after exams, and also because I felt like, after being in China for so long, I still hadn’t been to a lot of places in China? 584 more words


Mini Trip to Xi'An!

With family visiting, we took this opportunity to go to Xi-An to visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors and more.  We learned that Xi means west and An means peace. 878 more words


#1 - Palacia

DISCLAIMER: I use mods. A LOT.

This first city journal (CJ) will be about Palacia, which has been a city existing in my mind for some ten years now. 1,383 more words


Excavating the City Wall at Fuwairit

This season the ODQ team has done several strategic excavations around Fuwairit, including one trench that focused on providing more information about the structure and date of the city wall. 168 more words


A short trip to the Ancient City of Pingyao, Shanxi

Saturday, 1st of April – Sunday, 2nd of April

Extended weekends are ideal to take short trips within China. Especially in Beijing we have the advantage of an excellent railway system, so you don’t necessarily have to take a plane to reach sights that are within a 500-1000km radius. 2,171 more words