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A photographic journey around Siberia's hidden housing estates

Spending my year abroad in Siberia gave me a unique window into everyday life of ordinary Russians. It was a pleasure to write the following article for The Cambridge Student, unpacking more about the region where I was renting a room for my time studying. 9 more words


You don't need an instrument to play music.

You don’t need an instrument to play music.

You can make your own rules.


Gurugram II

I reached the building at quarter past ten. The guard asked my name and purpose. I pulled the door and walked into an empty room. There was a sofa on the right and a table in front of it. 973 more words




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The first time.

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May Rose Cafe

‘Would two biscuits be enough? ‘ he asks, as we buy tea and biscuits. A look exchanged and there were four Osmania biscuits in the plate. 50 more words