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Luwak coffee: cat-poo-chino

In my previous post about Satria tea and coffee plantation, I wrote about the different kinds of teas and coffees that we were able to try when we were on a day trip in Bali, Indonesia.  600 more words

MAAI (Bogue)

narcotic chypre – 5/5

Over the past decade, there has been a low-key revival of the chypre genre, an exclusive underground club composed by skirting around restrictions on the use of oakmoss, the literal heart and base of the genre, and by fighting against the current of market forces (chypres today are nearly as trendy as monogrammed handkerchiefs). 167 more words


Fleurs d'oranger (Serge Lutens)

indolic jasmine  – Christopher Sheldrake – 4/5

The press release says:

It’s within us.
A single whiff of this fragrance, drawn from the highly scented blossom of the bitter orange tree, augmented by a hint of civet, resonates within us.

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Citrus Paradisi (Czech and Speake)

tart grapefruit – 3/5

An outstandingly tart, bitter and sulfuraceous opening launches Citrus Paradisi, complete with the zing and zest of grapefruit. Sulfur molecules are, however, fleeting by nature and the toned-down barbershop  57 more words


Review: Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur -- 4.0 points

The name Mouchoir de Monsieur (Guerlain, 1904) — handkerchief of a gentleman — reflects the bygone fashion of men sporting their scented batiste handkerchiefs. 511 more words


How is the world’s most expensive coffee made?

Bali is known for its beautiful terrace cultivation of rice and coffee plantations. During my vacation in Bali, I happened to visit one such coffee plantation in Ubud and learned about the production of the world’s most expensive coffee- The Kopi Luwak. 333 more words

Three Snakateers

All of the monkeys distracted us from the fairly obvious snake coiled up on the branch. It was black, with yellow spots. Good thing it was nocturnal! 231 more words