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La Religieuse (Serge Lutens)

La Religieuse (Serge Lutens) – 1/5
jasmine musk – Christopher Sheldrake

I confess that while I simply adore so much of the creative output of Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake, recent releases have shown a trend towards increasingly emotional narratives but rather lacklusture perfumery: L’Orpheline (the orphan girl) was a watered-down soapy musk with a dash of incense and a strange plastic note in the heart, L’Incendiaire (the arsonist) was a straight-up sweet oud, Laine de Verre (glass wool) was an incredibly synthetic anti-perfume perfume (cold musk), and now we have La Religieuse (the nun). 177 more words


Getting the message across at the Festival of Biodiversity

By Claudia Ang

“It’s better to drink milo,” said one of the children I was speaking to suddenly. I looked at him, bemused and yet intrigued because he had a straight face on, while the other children giggled and their parents laughed in view of his innocence and curt honesty. 471 more words

Dispatch from Atauro: Night Hikes, Bat Caves and a Trove of New Species

Original post from Human Nature

‘…………..David Emmett  David Emmett is currently part of a team searching for new species on the island of Atauro in the Southeast Asian country of Timor-Leste. 1,047 more words


Dung Coffee

Want a Cup of Coffee made of Elephant Dung ? Not for Free!

You have to pay 1500 Thai Baht= $50! 

  • Black Ivory Coffee use Arabica coffee beans consumed by 20 elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Chiang Saen, northern Thailand and collected from their dung.
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Deep thoughts and civet coffee

Civet coffee.

Pretty much this animal eats the coffee and when the coffee beans go through it people collect the poo and they make coffee out of it and people like me drink it… 98 more words


Join NUS Toddycats at Ubin Day 2015 – Pedal Ubin and the ICCS, Palm Civet and Otter booths!

Once again, NUS Toddycats are part of Ubin Day 2015! This very special Open House event is conducted by people and groups who love Ubin. 178 more words


Common Palm Civet - Musang Pandan

As opposed to peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra, Borneo is not inhabited by tigers – the title of biggest predator therefore automatically goes to the Sunda Clouded Leopard ( 169 more words