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Ficus variegata and civets at Tabin, Sabah

In October 2011 a very large  Ficus variegata  fig tree was fruiting next to the core road at Tabin Wildlife Reserve in East Sabah. 75 more words


Luwak Coffee

As I walked into the dimly lit room I was met by the stench of caged animals and the occasional rattle of metal wire. Another group of curious young tourists stood in the tight corridor between sets of restless civets, cat-like creatures native to Indonesia’s forests. 258 more words


Prompt -- Orn's Legacy

(I couldn’t decide which of two prompts to use for this week’s story. I set up a Facebook poll, but then ended up using both. Whoops.) 2,256 more words

Daily Dose

ideas in edible perfumery

I have always loved the idea of transferring an artistic expression from one medium to another. Perfume and food is a theme, which I constantly contemplate, I am fascinated by the relationship between smell and taste and thus often indulge my curiosity of experimenting with unusual and controversial ingredients: Eau Sauvage dessert and Tuberose Gelato being just two of the ideas I have taken the time to work on recently. 433 more words



Musang Pandan..

Sontoloyo (maafkan My French).. Hujan awet seharian, mahluk rawa, semak pada sembunyi di langit rumah. Gerombolan ini kalau berlari mirip pak Tukang Kayu meriksa genteng suaranya. 40 more words


Dilutions and projects

Today, we had an open lab session at ISIPCA, which in theory means making dilutions of oils and absolutes for our raw materials classes, but in practice, for the more adventurous members of the class, it is an opportunity to experiment with the materials. 453 more words


perfume, arrogance and the scent of living gods... 

“Kouros: les dieux vivants ont leur parfum… “: only a handful of perfume brands have been bold enough to make similar statements (Chanel Antaeus 1981, Mugler Angel 1992, Alien 2005 & A*men 1994, Paco Rabanne Invictus 2013 & Olympea 2015, Versace Eros 2012 and to a lesser extent Creed Aventus 2010 – depending on your take of Napoléon…) and fewer still have delivered on this promise. 418 more words