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Review: Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur -- 4.0 points

The name Mouchoir de Monsieur (Guerlain, 1904) — handkerchief of a gentleman — reflects the bygone fashion of men sporting their scented batiste handkerchiefs. 511 more words


How is the world’s most expensive coffee made?

Bali is known for its beautiful terrace cultivation of rice and coffee plantations. During my vacation in Bali, I happened to visit one such coffee plantation in Ubud and learned about the production of the world’s most expensive coffee- The Kopi Luwak. 333 more words

Three Snakateers

All of the monkeys distracted us from the fairly obvious snake coiled up on the branch. It was black, with yellow spots. Good thing it was nocturnal! 231 more words


A Frankincense update and a bit of crowd funding

As some of you know, I am sourcing fair trade, sustainable and unique fragrance materials, resins and essential oils during my trip through Africa.
At the moment I am in Ethiopia purchasing local aromatics and speaking with Civet farmers and exporters. 775 more words


Raspberry Lamington

I ordered this because it reminded me of a Dolly Madison Zinger cake. This was at the Starbucks in the Menado Town Center mall.

Raspberry jam, sponge cake and shredded coconut- it was delicious and an improvement over the Zinger. 54 more words


Kopi Luwak Coffee. Poop Coffee.

Hold onto your butts.

Over in the land of Bali, Indonesia, there’s this coffee that is crazy expensive. Purportedly the most expensive coffee in the world, … 556 more words


Buying Coffee in Benh Thanh Market

Three days ago I heard someone just bought coffee in Benh Thanh Market, and it was a good quality and cheap as well. So when I visitted that market yesterday I looked around to see all the coffee sellers. 379 more words