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Bali's Botany Lesson

We went expecting a Civet Farm and ended up with a plantation – with a free botany lesson and a dozen tea flavors. Who’d have thought I’ll have a botany lesson in Bali??? 202 more words




Some may have heard about Balinese coffee: Balinese coffee is very good, Balinese coffee is unique, Balinese coffee is something typical and national pride, Balinese coffee is very expensive … What’s so special? 736 more words

Money And Costs

But first, coffee.

Experienced a luwak (civet) coffee the other day. Take a picture with this cute furry fella and then drink a cup of coffee. This is literally what I was thinking about when I drink my coffee..
Cikole, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia

Doodle Diary

Review: Guerlain Jicky -- 4.5 points

Legend has it that Jicky (Guerlain, 1889) was named either for the English lass, of whom Aimé Guerlain was enamoured, or for the nickname of his dear nephew, Jacques Guerlain. 843 more words


Review: Giovanni Sammarco Alter -- 2.5 points

On the very first try, Alter (Giovanni Sammarco, 2013) was a urinal cake. So, I was sure that I must not write about it in a week of testing. 349 more words


No Animal Torture for Coffee – #DropTheCrap – Social Media Alert! (Petition)

Small cat-like mammals are mistreated and abused to make the world’s most expensive coffee, a coffee that Amazon continues to sell despite the animal cruelty involved in its production. 271 more words


‘Easy’ Trekking in Dalat with our guide “Rock’ - Day 161 - 28 June

Today just me and Liz were to be going for what was described in the brochure as an ‘easy’ trek with a local guide. This was to be a ‘simple’ 12km jaunt across Vietnamese countryside and farmland. 1,249 more words