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Deep thoughts and civet coffee

Civet coffee.

Pretty much this animal eats the coffee and when the coffee beans go through it people collect the poo and they make coffee out of it and people like me drink it… 98 more words


Join NUS Toddycats at Ubin Day 2015 – Pedal Ubin and the ICCS, Palm Civet and Otter booths!

Once again, NUS Toddycats are part of Ubin Day 2015! This very special Open House event is conducted by people and groups who love Ubin. 178 more words


Common Palm Civet - Musang Pandan

As opposed to peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra, Borneo is not inhabited by tigers – the title of biggest predator therefore automatically goes to the Sunda Clouded Leopard ( 169 more words


Luwak Coffee

I never imagined that I will be able to see the actual cat (called Civet or Luwak) that makes this coffee famous.

The coffee beans are eaten by the Civet. 68 more words

Paco Rabanne, La Nuit

(The latest in my collection of “old skanks” such as Elizabeth Taylor Passion and Rochas Femme)

I consider myself fortunate that I can smell past civet, aldehydes, oakmoss and artemisia and identify notes beyond “old lady perfume”. 117 more words


What I Miss Most When I Travel - My cup of coffee

The taste of coffee is very personal and unique to each individual, it depends entirely on which family you were born to and what your tastes are like. 681 more words

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