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Martin Luther King Day 2018

Photo credit: USMC, Wikimedia Commons.

In a democracy, people need to trust that they will be treated fairly. They need to know they can vote like anyone else, that they will be treated just as well as anyone else, regardless of how they vote, and that elected officials will feel as accountable to them as anyone else. 122 more words

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Divided We Fall

How would you measure your faith in our democratic republic against these three criteria: (1) free and fair political competition; (2) fair treatment for all, regardless of their political orientation or other distinguishing features; and (3) good results in ways that matter to you … security, good jobs, justice, low inflation, et cetera? 532 more words

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Lets all safeguard human rights gains

First published Sunday Standard, January 7, 2018. Kindly reproduced here with permission from the Standard Group

Seventy years ago, world leaders gathered in Paris to declare never again to the violent atrocities seen in Nazi Germany. 701 more words

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Happy Holidays

One of our greatest freedoms in the US is the right to worship as we please. As it says in the first amendment to the Constitution, “ 123 more words

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Without leadership, hope and constructive non-violent engagement is more difficult

Apologies to my Sunday Standard readership. A tech breakdown stopped this article reaching the newsroom. The column resumes next week.

A week in South Africa with social justice activists ignited in me again the power of leadership and community action. 705 more words

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On Thanksgiving Day, let’s give thanks for all the people who make up our American democracy.Artistic credit:  Thomas Nast, 1869, Harper’s Weekly.

Thanksgiving Day in the US is a traditionally a time for families to come together. 97 more words

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Partitioning Kenya will not address ills: Upholding our Constitution will

First published Sunday Standard, November 19, 2017. Kindly reproduced here with permission from the Standard Group

Am I missing something or did Hon Peter Kaluma just pull a stunt similar to Daniel arap Moi and KADU in 1961? 693 more words

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