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New Light on a Labour Leader: Kingston historian reconsiders Harold Wilson

How do historians now view the premiership of Labour leader Harold Wilson from the perspective of the twenty-first century? To what extent was there genuine social change in Britain during Wilson’s time in Downing Street in the 1960s and 1970s? 800 more words

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Museum to mark a Century of War Films

What has been the relationship between the history of war and the various ways it has been portrayed on the big screen in the cinema? A new exhibition, … 675 more words

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Talk on the Peterloo Massacre of 1819

The Peterloo Massacre of 1819 at Manchester, which has often been seen as a defining moment in British radical history, will be the subject of a talk given by two historians at the National Archives (TNA), Kew, on Thursday, 31st March. 379 more words

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Awakening the Nation? History Research Seminar on the 'Middle Classes Union'

Why did discontented members of the middle classes seek to mobilise, lobby for and protect their own interests in the 1920s and 1930s? Staff and students at Kingston University were recently given a talk in the History Research Seminar Series, organised by Marisa Linton of the History Department, which explored an organisation called the ‘Middle Classes Union’ in Britain between the wars. 918 more words

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Rhodes Must Fall: reflections on a campaign

Sometimes our perception and understanding of the past changes gradually, almost without us knowing. At other times the past erupts into the present, challenging what we think and how we feel, not only about history but about the world in which we live. 934 more words

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History Research Seminar 23rd February on the 'Middle Classes Union'

The latest talk in the History Research Seminar Series, organised by Marisa Linton of the History Department at Kingston University, will explore the Middle Classes Union in Britain between the wars. 213 more words

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Warrior Against "Rational Ignorance"

The following is a message I was asked to write by Pepperdine University in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day…

On a warm, sunny day in Washington, D.C., a young Dr. 735 more words

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