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Two Years Bike-Centric

Today marks my two year anniversary of returning to Charlotte and of living bike-centric in Charlotte. I’ve biked over 3,000 miles so far this year and nearly all of those miles are commuting to places that I need to be. 1,584 more words


The MacServe Series: Welcome Inn (an Interview)

Over at Pop the Bubble this summer, we’ve focused a lot on what there is to see, do, and explore in Hamilton. We’ve shown you some of the nicest spots to grab a scoop of ice cream from, where all of the most #instaworthy waterfalls are, and showcased some of Hamilton’s newest and most innovative restaurants. 1,022 more words

Donald Trump and 'America First': recycling the past?

With his incendiary populist rhetoric and highly stage-managed mass rallies, Donald Trump has sent a chill down the spine of many observers outside America, myself included. 1,283 more words

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Mac Farmstand: An Interview with Promotions Coordinator Rahi Turab

At Pop the Bubble, sometimes we’re conflicted. Hamilton is a great place to explore with all its waterfalls, galleries, and restaurants, but sometimes you just want to kick it on campus (especially now that the Engineering Technology Building is a buzzing hotspot for PokemonGo players). 1,241 more words

The British Library's plans for Summer 2016: a personal view

Are you planning some historical research over the Summer? Will it include the British Library (BL), by any chance? It is certainly on my own ‘To Do’ list. 785 more words

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Edward Heath, Britain and Europe: Some reflections

Today (23 June, 2016) marks a historic moment: the day of the European Union referendum. Visiting the Shoreham lifeboat station in West Sussex recently, I did not expect to be reminded of British political history, or of the EU referendum. 1,039 more words

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The 'Imps' at local level: New research on the Junior Imperial League

How did the Conservative party try to enthuse its younger members during the interwar period? Some new research by a Kingston University historian has explored the activities of the ‘Junior Imperial League’ (JIL), otherwise known as the ‘Imps’, and how they organised at local level in Richmond-on-Thames, Surrey. 703 more words

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