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5 for Friday: What Does Gov't Look Like in 2020?;Open Data Lives in LA, more...

Articles from this week on the future of government, what open data policy looks like in Los Angeles, the latest pension news, and how technology is enabling greater public engagement… 658 more words

Civic Engagement

ICYMI: Transparency in OR?, "Parsing Patriotism", Chicago Splitting Dems?

A few stories from the weekend about a new governor in Oregon trying to change that government’s image,  how the Chicago mayor’s race might be repeating the New York mayor’s race in splitting Democrats, and a look at a new/old university program in South Carolina… 516 more words

Political Reform

What does it mean to be civic-minded?

We may hear the words “civic-minded” or “civic duty” bandied about by political talking heads, pundits, politicians looking for a sound bite during the 24-hour news cycle, but what do they really mean? 462 more words

Civic Engagement

5 for Friday: Online Public Engagement Is Legal, Bad Fiscal Bets in Atlantic City, more...

Stories from this week: CA city sued for surveying residents online, Fed IT isn’t a “more funding” issue, Boston’s snow removal problems date back…25 years, more. 523 more words

Civic Engagement

5 for Friday: Unemployment "lie", Are we too dumb for democracy?, more...

Unemployment “lie”, Are we smart enough for democracy?, Feds push “public participation”, and the college loan “bombshell”…

The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment” (Jim Clifton/Gallup) 541 more words

Political Reform

A Party for Citizens and Customers (Fox and Hounds Daily)

My latest piece on things I’ve learned since Election Day…

A recent rainy morning in San Carlos, I’m back to doing something I love: training public sector officials (on this day, 25 of them) in how to better engage their residents in policy-making. 720 more words

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