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The Civic Hacker Hacked

“The countercultural trickster has been pressed into the service of the preppy tech entrepreneur class. It began innocently, no doubt. The association of the hacker ethic with startups might have started with an authentic counter-cultural impulse on the part of outsider nerds tinkering away on websites.

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Civic Hacking

More Analysis of Neighborhood Photos

I’ve been using the real-time Instagram API to look at photos taken in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Based upon some good ideas from my fellow fellows at Stamen, I’ve also started doing some color, sentiment, and keyword analysis on these photos. 207 more words


Project Questions for Fellowship Week 3

This week I had some down time in between meetings with partners and collecting data sources. I’m using the time to ask thorny questions about cities and neighborhoods as they pertain to my fellowship work.   1,044 more words


Fellowship Week 2: Visualizing Neighborhood Photos

This past week I went back to work after a long weekend hiking in Yosemite. With a clear head, I starting doing some reading and writing about key questions for my project in the Mission. 518 more words


Lifehack: Labels for Laptop Ports

 I spent 3 cents and changed my laptop life forever.  I got pretty tired of having to look at the ports on the side of my laptop, so I made some quick labels and slapped those babies on there.   99 more words

Continuous Improvement

Announcing the 2015 Accela Civic App Challenge

At Accela, we’re committed to finding ways to leverage the talents and ideas of civic entrepreneurs and open data hackers to benefit the governments we serve. 185 more words

Civic Hacking