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Midburn Damaged Ancient Site [Update]

So much for Leave No Trace. Apparently Midburn damaged, perhaps even destroyed, a cultural site  150,000 years old. Ironically, they erected their Temple right above the site. 805 more words


On Civic Responsibility

Thoughts on Civic Responsibility

 By Ken K. Gourdin

In a recent Deseret News column, John Florez talks about the values  and virtues he learned as a third grader relative to our system of government.    1,209 more words

Civic Duty and Citizenship

Third Week of May

Civic relates to citizenship, which, at its core means belonging to a society. By our very nature we are citizens. Humans are interdependent and caring. 185 more words

Voting is Important

With a federal election looming, and one just complete in the UK, I think it’s a good time to push forward the issue of voting in our modern age. 659 more words

Winding Widdershins

Horizontal Collusion and Other Alternative Universes

Are the algorithms working for us? Or against us? Automatic colluding bots are a much bigger problem in your life than you’re probably aware of. This episode of the… 310 more words


The Origins of Earth Day

As the 1960s emerged, many Americans had a sense of hope. After overcoming the chaos of previous decades, many believed the United States was beginning a new era, a golden age of sorts, led by the handsome and charismatic John F. 388 more words

College House Eco-Reps

Taxation in Nigeria

“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s”

Taxation is not anybody’s favourite topic and if you belong to the American-Conservatives-fan-club you probably think taxes are bad. 1,828 more words