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By Paul M. Lewis

A number of people have recommended to me an article written by the brilliant, conservative-leaning intellectual (graduate of Oxford and Harvard), Andrew Sullivan, published in the most recent edition of the… 1,455 more words


Spark PR's Experience in Service Learning With The ALS Association.

As seniors in the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University, Spark PR was given a unique service learning opportunity, which provided each member of our team an experience to remember. 549 more words

Burning Man and Me

It’s time to take a slightly different tack here at Burners.Me. Before the new voyage gets fully underway, I want to share with you some of my own journey so far. 5,219 more words


Transhumanist Former Cult Leader Says Burners Responsible for Innovation

The 650 people at the 2016 Global Leadership Conference this weekend were the recipients of a keynote briefing from a cult leader. At least, a former one: now… 2,098 more words

Light Path - Positive Thinking, Ideas

03.10.2016-Meeting the Need and How to Thrive in the Non-Profit Environment

Every community has organizations that make a difference in the lives of others daily.  Businesses and individuals all have a cause(s) that they support.  The name of the game is community, and that is what this show is all about. 98 more words

Talk Radio

Burner Site Sets Online Speech Precedent

We know that it’s not always sparkles and rainbows in the Burner world, especially on social media. There are trolls and sock puppets, shills, disinformation agents, propagandists, doxing, flame wars, admins blocking users then talking smack about them, and all manner of other antisocial nastiness to contend with . 773 more words


Spark PR on civic engagement and social responsibility

Written By: Maria Connolly, event director

Public relations classes teach prospective college graduates how to do many things. These classes focus on writing, the media, crisis management and community relations. 237 more words