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How to Communicate Facts in the Age of Trump

In this age, where the Republican administration is relying on “alternative facts,” gagging federal employees, and barring reputable news sources from White House briefings, effective communication of factual, evidence-based information is now more important than ever. 1,194 more words

Empowering Women

De-Fund the Dakota Access Pipeline on Sacred Sioux Lands

The Army Corps is skipping the 14-day notification period and intend to grant the easement needed to drill no earlier than 24 hours after delivery of their Notice of Intent. 565 more words


The MOVE Organization

Belief and Practice

The MOVE Organization is a family of strong, serious, deeply committed revolutionaries founded by a wise, perceptive, strategically minded Black man named JOHN AFRICA. 1,816 more words


#TheResistance: American Advocacy Tools

Contacting the White House

White House Comment Line – Just because the White House shut down their comment line doesn’t mean you can’t contact them. 273 more words


#WCW - Judge Kholoud Faqih

“Palestinian Female Judges Gavel Down Taboos”

Author: Ahmad Melhem 

March 22, 2015

“For centuries, men in the Arab world have dominated important state positions, such as in the Sharia judiciary — which settles status issues, such as orphan care, divorce, custody and inheritance among others, based on Islamic legislation. 2,445 more words


Political Ambition

Upon reading about a lady who wrote a note to Paul Ryan while on a flight, urging him to be on the “right side of history”, I remember when the day after John Boehner, the previous Speaker of the House, after meeting with the new Pope Francis, resigned from office. 328 more words

Civic Responsibility

Trump is America

When I hear the words “America first, America first…” and transpose the meaning, “Trump first”, the world suddenly makes a lot more sense. Rewind a few weeks to the day when Trump announced his controversial plan to retain full ownership of his businesses whereby he only receives a consolidated profit and loss statement each year – and that the trump organization will only invest in domestic deals – I wonder, what if this is the vehicle by which trump the business man is using to comprehend the American economy and inform his world perspective? 577 more words

Civic Responsibility