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Too Loud For Burning Man Part 2: Dictators in a Dysfunctional Dystopia

Part I: Dancetronauts – Too Loud For Burning Man?


Part I of this post, about how the Dancetronauts were asked to take at least a year off from Burning Man by the DMV Council, has attracted a lot of attention within the community. 9,351 more words


Memory, Persuasion and the Double Lesson of Learning

The title of this post is descriptive but deceptively lacking in helpful context. As I’ve thought over or simply tried to catalyze my rambling ideas on the three topics listed, I have come to accept that they each need their own separate space. 302 more words

Midburn Damaged Ancient Site [Updates]

So much for Leave No Trace. Apparently Midburn damaged, perhaps even destroyed, a cultural site  150,000 years old. Ironically, they erected their Temple right above the site. 2,142 more words


On Civic Responsibility

Thoughts on Civic Responsibility

 By Ken K. Gourdin

In a recent Deseret News column, John Florez talks about the values  and virtues he learned as a third grader relative to our system of government.    1,209 more words

Civic Duty and Citizenship

Third Week of May

Civic relates to citizenship, which, at its core means belonging to a society. By our very nature we are citizens. Humans are interdependent and caring. 185 more words

Voting is Important

With a federal election looming, and one just complete in the UK, I think it’s a good time to push forward the issue of voting in our modern age. 659 more words

Winding Widdershins