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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column - The Fundamental Right to Know

“Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing”. –John D. Rockefeller

The several guaranteed rights and freedoms in our Constitution are each directed towards a more substantial democratic existence for the individual citizen by the preservation of his or her dignity and autonomy. 908 more words


The Fourth E - Engage

“Just a little change, Small to say the least…Finding you can change….”
~ From the lyrics to Tale As Old As Time, from Beauty And the Beast,

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Civic Responsibility

Tax Bill

Oh, my gosh, John MacCain gave such a heartfelt speech… In politics, you watch the votes! How our representatives vote is a clear indication of their self-interest. 310 more words

Agree to Disagree Agreeably

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

 There have been a number of reports over the past two years of political disagreements, especially over the 2016 presidential election, driving a wedge between friends and family members.

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Civic Responsibility revised

As I’ve been writing recently, we will be discussing the queries about civic responsibility at Bear Creek meeting this month.  I was also trying to come up with a… 464 more words

New Civic Responsibility Queries

While sharing my responses about our Quaker queries regarding civic responsibility, an Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative) Friend explained reasons he felt our queries should be revised.  606 more words

Civic Responsibility

The queries we will be considering this month at Bear Creek meeting are about civic responsibility.



Because Friends believe there is that of God in all people, we strive for a world of freedom, justice and equality for everyone. 1,238 more words