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Moderately Irritated

Democracy is government for adults. It’s difficult to make things work. It’s difficult to build consensus because most of the time no one is 100% happy with the result. 1,415 more words

New Jersey Peace Action

“Peace Action is the nation’s largest grass roots organization. It was founded as SANE (later to become SANE/Freeze) in 1957.

Our goals are:


"How to Confront a #PathologicalLiar"

By Lisa Mooney

Oct 15, 2015

Pathological lying is defined as telling lies to the point they are persistent, extremely exaggerated and often told without a discernible reward. 475 more words


#Poetry by John Kaniecki - "Africa"

Excerpt from



By John Kaniecki

Africa she cannot part

Her home is in my heart

You tore me from my love to have me hated… 440 more words


Famous Philosopher Quotes

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

“Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily” – William of Ockham… 1,067 more words


Inquiry-Based Learning and Performance Assessment

Civic Responsibility

Link: https://www.learningtogive.org/units/laws-what-are-they-good/just-spoonful-rights-makes-responsibility-go-round-part-i#lesson-instructions

Summary: Students perform a skit demonstrating rights and responsibilities within the school community. Introduce key concepts, including Bill of Rights, citizen, civic responsibility, and civil rights. 166 more words

Content Area Resource Anthology

#ThanksgivingDay is a Lie

It Didn’t Happen That Way

“Let me begin by stating that thousands of years before the ‘official’ Thanksgiving Day was proclaimed by Governor Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637, North American Indigenous people across the continent had celebrated seasons of Thanksgiving. 1,459 more words