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Understanding needs love.

Love needs understanding.


A Civic Forum: The Last Refuge Of The Un-Electable

I see people on Slugger O’Toole are again beating the drum for a Civic Forum.

One of the great problems that the LetsGetAlongerists have with the post-Good Friday politics is that they are not part of it. 231 more words

COMMENT: Birleşik Krallık’ta İslamofobinin 20 Yıllık Bilançosu - Perspektif

As with previous months, I have today had a new comment piece published in the German-based Turkish language periodical, Perspektif. This month’s piece reflects on the 20th anniversary of the Runnymede Trust’s report, … 213 more words


A Microblog about What's Wrong in Our Country Right Now

Are you ready? Here we go:

  1. We are possessed with listening to respond rather than listening to understand
  2. We fundamentally cannot agreee to disagree well. Not only that; when we come upon a differing view we must demonize that person (or group behind that claim) by making them morally reprehensible…
  3. 333 more words

COMMENT: Müslümanlar’ın Entegrasyonunda “Çözülmesi Gerekenler” - Perspektif

Here’s a link to my most recent contribution to the German-published, Turkish language periodical, Perspektif. This month’s contribution is titled “Müslümanlar’ın Entegrasyonunda ‘Çözülmesi Gerekenler'” which loosely translates as “Solving the Needs of Muslim Integration” and focuses on the findings from the Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life that were published in the report, … 349 more words


Civic Engagement: How Can Digital Technology Encourage Greater Engagement in Civil Society?

Civic Engagement: How Can Digital Technology Encourage Greater Engagement in Civil Society? RAND Corporation. Talitha Dubow, Axelle Devaux, Catriona Manville. August 7, 2017.

This Perspective explores the potential impacts that digital technologies may have on the nature of civic engagement and political processes, providing an overview of the ways in which digital platforms and tools may contribute to strengthening a more inclusive civil society, and highlighting the significant risks posed by the use of these technologies. 80 more words