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The People vs Maduro

“We have a just, legal, constitutional and popular electoral victory,” – Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela´s Elected President, 2013

Fast forward to April 20th 2017, the mother of all protest manifested in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela against the Maduro Administration and his ¨socialist¨ regimen. 734 more words

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Law of War VS International Humanitarian Law

On April 13th 7:30 p.m. local time, the U.S armed forces dropped MOAB- Mother of All Bombs (formally known as GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast) a 21,600 lbs bomb at one of ISIS’s operational spaces (caves) in Afghanistan. 670 more words

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World Water Day!

Water…What do you think of when you think of water?

Probably that you need to wash your car, you need to drink a gallon before you hit the gym or that you have to wash your hair tomorrow morning. 663 more words

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Who inspires you?

You´ve heard the phrase ¨study the greats and become greater¨, even our idols (for a lack of a better word) had exemplars who influence their lives greatly. 366 more words

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Who is Miss Worldpeace?

Well, the question I get asked frequently isn’t  “who are you, Miss. Worldpeace?¨ But more like ” who do you think you are calling yourself that?” 363 more words

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Help! Stakeholder on the Warpath.

On the Warpath

A traditional Guyanese proverb says “slow fiah bile hard cow heel” which in plan english translates to mean that a consistent effort will eventually provide the desired results. 619 more words

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Brimstage Orchard

Figure 1 Brimstage Hall, showing an old pear tree in the garden to the east of the current orchard 2,173 more words