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Civic Stadium

Famous Civic Stadium, located in Eugene Oregon, burned to the ground today.

Civic Stadium use to harbor the Ems baseball team until they relocated to a new stadium in Eugene. 67 more words


Portland Beavers games

“Daaaaaaaaaa, it’s Dale.  Want to go to the Beavers game?”

During the summer, one of the ways we “paid off” our A’s-Yankees bets was with the winner taking the loser to a Portland Beavers game at Civic Stadium/PGE Park and paying for food and drinks.  326 more words


Friendly Area Neighbors

By Matt Scotton

EUGENE, Ore. — Take a stroll through the Friendly Area Neighborhood and one thing becomes clear, there are parks everywhere. If you turn off of 19th onto Pearl you will find… 110 more words

First impressions of the Friendly neighborhood

Upon first impression, Eugene’s Friendly neighborhood appears to be one severely divided.

On one hand, it’s family oriented. Parks, picnic areas and signs of childhood are abundant: 170 more words

Goose Hollow Aerial, 1932

This is a southwest-facing aerial view of the Goose Hollow area in 1932. From the Vista Avenue Viaduct and the old Multnomah Athletic Club on the right, to Portland Heights on the left, there is plenty of detail to pore over in this terrific photo. 23 more words


Aerial View, Goose Hollow, 1947

This aerial view is of the Goose Hollow area in 1947. The view is to the northeast with SW Jefferson St. leading to and from Canyon Road winding under the Vista Avenue Viaduct and Multnomah Stadium in the upper left.

(City of Portland Archives)


Aerial View of Portland, c1969

Another spectacular aerial view overlooking downtown Portland and all the way east to Mount Hood. The downtown core was ringed by freeways in the late 1960s but I-405 was not complete yet; there’s still a temporary bypass at West Burnside over the excavated freeway. 27 more words