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Will history be kind to Barack Obama's Legacy as a Black President, many say no!

History was changed-on election night November 4th, 2008, when a more youthful Barack Obama walked out to as the newly elected American President with his wife and young daughters by his side, every step thereafter seemed by many to represent a great leap of racial progress by citizens of the United States. 666 more words

My Cohn Cousins: Journalism, Sports, and, Most Importantly, Family and Love

The first post about my cousin Bob Cohn and his family discussed the lives of his grandparents—both Joseph and Rose (Kornfeld) Cohn, his paternal grandparents, and Minnie and Moses Kremenko, his maternal grandparents.  1,862 more words


Southern Lives Matter_Alabama Rally turns out to be a "DUD" with no attendees!

The a group of 30 Angry Pro Confederate Flag Supporters/Protestors sparked a controversial debate when the crowd showed up for a rally this past Friday August 28, 2015 at the Alabama Capitol State House in favor of the flag and carrying ‘Southern Lives Matter’ posters to mock the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. 365 more words

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Breaking News-Ferguson Missouri Shoot Out by Non Protestors=One Teen shot!

Ferguson Missouri Shoot Out at Protest Rally

Ferguson, Missouri (8-10-15) 4:43am –Two groups exchanged gunfire- that’s when two people have been struck by gunfire in the midst of a late-night confrontation between riot police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, according to the police. 200 more words

Civil And Political Rights

Stacy "Clueless" Dash wants Trump to be The US President despite comments

 By Gregg L Greer, Editor for One World


While nearly everyone once affiliated with Trump has begun to distance themselves from the mogul following some very offensive comments about Mexicans.  286 more words