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Dorthy Height - In Memory

Dorothy Height: a civil rights heroine, educator and social activist ; She was a woman who had her finger print on all things American and as the President said,” deserves a place in our history”.    3/24/1912 – 4/20/2010

first posted 4/22/2011

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The year in public law 2017 ~ part 2 of 2 (and what 2018 might hold)

This is the second part of my month-by-month account of the year in public law 2017. The first part, addressing January through June, is here… 1,554 more words

Constitutional Law

Roundup! Roundup! The year in public law 2017 ~ part 1 of 2

It has been a thought provoking twelve months in Hong Kong public law, with novel factual matrices, informative restatements of orthodoxy, and closely reasoned innovations from the bench. 1,504 more words

Constitutional Law

Legality, and levying aid without the general consent

On Wednesday, PCCW won its final appeal appeal in the licensing fee case, obtaining findings that the Communications Authority was wrong to set licence fees with view to making profit: … 1,362 more words

Constitutional Law

Why the national anthem law will not apply retrospectively

In an article in the SCMP, Richard Cullen contends that the criminal prohibition on disrespecting the national anthem, which is likely to become law in the current legislative session, could be applied to acts that have already occurred, well before its promulgation. 1,041 more words

Constitutional Law

A book, a house, and a meal: Rights for all?

by Allyna Ng

What are socioeconomic rights?

Wikipedia (read: the most ‘reliable’ source of information) defines socioeconomic rights as economic, social and cultural rights such as the right to education, right to housing, right to adequate standard of living, right to health and the right to science and culture. 1,119 more words

General Writings

No summary justice in the Labour Tribunal

The Court of Appeal has issued guidance for the disposal of statutory contempt proceedings in the Labour Tribunal: In re Mahesh J Roy (Secretary for Justice intervening) 632 more words

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