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Government's "Big" Case Against Compliance Officer Ends Up Kind of Small

The Treasury Department and former MoneyGram Chief Compliance Officer Thomas Haider have settled their civil claims. This was the first-ever case against a compliance officer for failing to implement an appropriate anti-money laundering (AML) program at a company. 1,128 more words

Civil Case

Unjust Enrichment Applied to Accion in Rem Verso

Additionally, unjust enrichment has been applied to actions called accion in rem verso. In order that the accion in rem verso may prosper, the following conditions must concur: (1) that the defendant has been enriched; (2) that the plaintiff has suffered a loss; (3) that the enrichment of the defendant is without just or legal ground; and (4) that the plaintiff has no other action based on contract, quasi-contract, crime, or quasi-delict. 157 more words

Remedial Law

Main Objective of the Principle against Unjust Enrichment

The main objective of the principle against unjust enrichment is to prevent one from enriching himself at the expense of another without just cause or consideration. 228 more words

Elements of Malicious Prosecution to Recover Damages

The Supreme Court has drawn the four elements that must be shown to concur to recover damages for malicious prosecution. Therefore, for a malicious prosecution suit to prosper, the plaintiff must prove the following: 96 more words

Definition of Malicious Prosecution

In Philippine jurisdiction, the term “malicious prosecution” has been defined as “an action for damages brought by one against whom a criminal prosecution, civil suit, or other legal proceeding has been instituted maliciously and without probable cause, after the termination of such prosecution, suit, or other proceeding in favor of the defendant therein” (Bayani v. 299 more words

Fifth Circuit Takes a Goldilocks Approach to False Claims Act Standard for Imputing Knowledge to Corporation

The Department of Justice is always busy prosecuting fraud related to government contracts. The two obvious reasons why this is a DOJ priority are (1) a lot of public money is spent through government contracts, and (2) the size and complexity of the contracts no doubt leads to  opportunities for mischief. 1,745 more words


Disturbing Details Emerge About Bus Driver Who Allegedly Let Whittier Teen Die On Bus

WHITTIER (CBSLA.com)   —   It’s been nearly two years since Paul Lee —  a Whittier teen with autism–  was left on a school bus on a sweltering day and later found dead. 365 more words