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The Significance of Donald Trump

I watch bemused the gladiatorial spectacle of Donald Trump from afar. He is, without doubt, a thuggish buffoon with the subtlety of mind of a solid cube; who pummels through prudence, rationality, empathy, civility, tact and virtue like a rhino in heat. 388 more words

Political Analysis

Poll: Race Relations Hit Twenty Year Low

CBS News/New York Times Poll: Race Relations Worst In Over 2 Decades

” A new poll released Monday indicated that Americans believe race relations are at their worst in more than two decades.

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By A Huge Margin (75-19) WV House Votes To Drop Common Core

West Virginia House Votes To End Common Core, 75-19

” On Saturday, the West Virginia House passed a bill that would withdraw the state from the Common Core State Standards adopted by the West Virginia State Board of Education in 2010 and the Next Generation Content Standards and Objective adopted in 2011.¬†

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Annual Number Of Expatriate Americans Increases Five-Fold Since 2009 ... Change You Can Believe In

Record 3,415 Americans Give Up Citizenship

” While politicians are focused on all the foreigners who want to become Americans, perhaps they should consider all the Americans who are becoming foreigners.

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