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Statism, BLM, and Unity

In the aftermath of yesterday’s shooting in Dallas, many Americans think the storm is raging in our nation right now.  I disagree.  As others have opined, we will likely look back upon 2016 as the calm before the storm.   1,157 more words


A Baptist Confession: The Role of Civil Government

by Tom Hicks

Historically, American Calvinistic Baptists have been fairly unified on their understanding of the role of civil government. They expressed their views in various confessions but the the Second London Baptist Confession was their mother confession. 95 more words

The 1677/89 London Baptist Confession Of Faith

Evangelicals for Hillary?

In my last post, I made the biblical case against Christians voting for Donald Trump regardless of the fact that he’s the presumptive nominee.  Put another way, there simply is no biblical case for supporting Trump.  961 more words


The Christian Case Against Donald Trump

This year’s presidential race has been like none other I’ve ever seen.  It’s been unprecedented and unpredictable.  Most of the time, it’s been a sad and depressing spectacle to behold.  1,135 more words


Fail To Understand The Spiritual Aspect And You Will Fail To Understand The Threat

Listening to GBC Men’s Study: The Biblical View Of Angels Part Two, especially as it related to the spiritual hierarchy and warfare aspects, reinforced many of the thoughts that I have been having on the topic of so-called “conspiracy theories.” Many find it hard to believe that our governments, mass media, academia, and other such institutions, can do what many of us either suspect, or know, that they do; the “more skeptical” folks do not understand how we could think that the… 1,825 more words

10. Wildy, Curt

Georgia: Religious Liberty Bellwether

Yesterday Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced that he is going to veto the controversial legislation, HB757.  The bill was crafted in order to buttress constitutional protections of religious liberty for the citizens of Georgia, especially in the wake of legalized same-sex “marriage.”  In point of fact, this particular bill was a watered down version of an original piece of legislation which provided broader protections for religious liberty in society at large.   543 more words


John Calvin: Two Kingdoms & Civil Enforcement of Both Tables

Much has been written in the past on the subject of John Calvin and his views on the relationship of the Civil Magistrate and the Church. 5,221 more words

Two Kingdoms