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The Eternal Essence of Feminine Strength & Beauty - True Liberation

Ever since the inhuman destruction of National Socialist Germany the world has been inundated with Hollywood images of the cliched Darth Vader-type of ‘evil nazis’ demonically attempting to take over the Earth. 1,002 more words


Pilgrim Talk Podcast: More Discussion On Christian and Government

The gang continue to debate working together in different spheres.  Listen in and enjoy.



Pilgrim Talk Podcast: Christians and Government - Working with the World

Pilgrim Talk Gang is back, and now is the time to argue.  Yes, you have waited for a topic where the gang stand on opposing sides.   15 more words


Abuse Within Fundamentalism

American Council of Christian Churches
70th Annual Convention, October 18-20, 2011
Bible Evangelical Methodist Church, Lancaster, PA
Resolution on Instances of Abuse within Professed Fundamentalism… 564 more words


What Is the Proper Role of Government?

In a day-in-age where OSHA labors to protect us from ourselves, and the United Nations is exploring ways to make us “happy,” and the Supreme Court rules that same-sex “marriage” is legal, a woefully neglected foundational question that must be asked is, “What is the… 2,173 more words

American Politics

Romans 13

Introduction: Chapter 13 continues the practical application section of the letter. In it, Paul focuses on the Christian as a citizen. He addresses two primary areas of conduct: our relationship to civil authorities and our relationship to other citizens. 411 more words


ESA Selects Next L-Class Science Mission and Announces PLATO Milestones

The LISA trio of satellites to detect gravitational waves from space has been selected as the third large-class mission in ESA’s Cosmic Vision Science program, while the Plato exoplanet hunter moves into development. 247 more words