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Reasons Why the U.S. Constitution is Morally Questionable by an Examination of James M. Willson, RPCNA Minister's work "Civil Magistracy"

It may seem strange to see a politically conservative minister present quotations on why the U.S. Constitution is (and has always been) morally bankrupt and why this fact requires Christians to reconsider their support thereof, especially when the constitution itself has almost become holy writ in its own right in evangelical circles. 2,077 more words

Civil Magistrate

The Exile and Political Engagement: Introduction and Outline

In our study of the Christian as an exile and stranger in this world we have seen that Christians, having been brought into the presence of the kingdom of God, have been made strangers to the systems and of this world. 156 more words



A grim reality

Virgil,  Homer,  and Alexander Hamilton:   what do these three names have in common?

First Alexander Hamilton is one of the Founding Fathers of this nation.   568 more words

Imperial Rule

The Youth and Young Adults

The Youth and Young Adults 


The youth today are going out of the church in droves, the church today is not much better bending willingly to the pressures of social activism that has a demonic agenda. 2,768 more words

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