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Georgia: Religious Liberty Bellwether

Yesterday Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal announced that he is going to veto the controversial legislation, HB757.  The bill was crafted in order to buttress constitutional protections of religious liberty for the citizens of Georgia, especially in the wake of legalized same-sex “marriage.”  In point of fact, this particular bill was a watered down version of an original piece of legislation which provided broader protections for religious liberty in society at large.   543 more words


John Calvin: Two Kingdoms & Civil Enforcement of Both Tables

Much has been written in the past on the subject of John Calvin and his views on the relationship of the Civil Magistrate and the Church. 5,230 more words

Two Kingdoms

Reviewing Christianity in Nineteenth Century American Law

 Christianity in Nineteenth Century American Law

“The Christian Life of the American Republic”

By Steven Samson, Ph.D.

The religious underpinnings of American political and legal institutions have been duly noted by legal scholars, historians, judges, politicians, and clergymen alike. 5,970 more words


A Prayer for the City of Paris and the French Nation

Our Father in Heaven,

Your holiness exceeds that of anything we know here on earth. Daily we are bathed in your grace, being recipients in so many ways of your goodness, kindness, and mercy. 502 more words


The Exile and Political Engagement: Introduction and Outline

In our study of the Christian as an exile and stranger in this world we have seen that Christians, having been brought into the presence of the kingdom of God, have been made strangers to the systems and of this world. 156 more words



A grim reality

Virgil,  Homer,  and Alexander Hamilton:   what do these three names have in common?

First Alexander Hamilton is one of the Founding Fathers of this nation.   568 more words

Imperial Rule

The Youth and Young Adults

The Youth and Young Adults 


The youth today are going out of the church in droves, the church today is not much better bending willingly to the pressures of social activism that has a demonic agenda. 2,768 more words