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Utah Fails To Learn What "Small Government" Is

Utah Senator Todd Weiler has proposed a bill to rid the state of porn by adding Internet filters and anti-porn software on all cell phones and requiring citizens to opt-in before viewing porn online.

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America – the Most Frightened Nation on Earth - Finian Cunningham

America is exceptional alright. It is the most frightened nation on Earth, subjected to hysterical propaganda over decades warning about foreign enemies and ideologies. No wonder its supposed democratic freedom is in so appallingly bad shape, when the preponderant population is imprisoned by their rulers in a virtual cage of fear. 92 more words


Quote of the Day 5-3-16 (Ed Snowden)

“Governments can reduce our dignity to that of tagged animals.”

–Ed Snowden, quoted in The Guardian 5-3-16

Civil Liberties

Definition of the Day 3-24-16 -- Fire

FIRE, n. The centerpiece of an ancient half-witticism parroted by the chronically unoriginal to justify censorship.

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Best Blog Posts 2015 (Politics & Economics)

We started this blog in July 2013. Since then, we’ve been posting almost daily.

When considering the popularity of the posts, one thing stands out:  in all but a few cases, popularity declines over time. 211 more words


Guns and Surveillance; Lessons from France

Liberals and conservatives both resort to big government solutions when they are beset by the “We Must Do Something NOW” syndrome.


I watched a John Stossel program recently and it focused my attention on the big government ways of liberals and conservatives.  262 more words

Civil Liberties

A polite debate over Apple, the FBI, and encryption

Previously published at WGBHNews.org.

I had expected fireworks—or at least strong disagreements—when Internet privacy advocate Jonathan Zittrain and former CIA director John Deutsch debated the impasse between Apple and the FBI over… 823 more words