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Definition of the Day 11-22-15 -- Hate Speech

HATE SPEECH, n. Speech the listener hates—and wants to outlaw. Given the universal agreement about what constitutes “hate speech,” and historical precedent, one can rest assured that religious believers would never use anti-“hate speech” legislation to suppress criticism of their religions, nor would the government use such laws to crush dissent. 64 more words


The Most Contemptible Political Argument

We’ve all heard this “argument” over and over. It’s so common that I don’t even need to cite examples. It’s constantly used by left and right, and by religious believers of almost all stripes. 511 more words


Is It Time for Greens and Libertarians to Join Forces? - Jay Stooksberry

Members of the Green Party and the Libertarian Party already share similar positions on many topics. It’s time for third parties to change the narrative. 199 more words


Podcast: NYPD infiltration of Brooklyn College suggests surveillance of Muslims continues

The New York Police Department deployed an undercover officer named “Mel,” who “converted” to Islam and infiltrated Brooklyn College, according to a report published in the Gothamist. 1,637 more words

Unauthorized Disclosure

Respect Women: A Public Statement about women, the niqab, and liberty in Canada

More than 500 women have signed the public statement below to protest the politics of division being practised in Canada today. I am very proud proud to stand in such distinguished company. 441 more words


Leading by Example: How States Identify Targets for Non-State Violence

Nearly 80,000 people in the UK signed a petition calling for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on war crimes charges ahead of his diplomatic visit to Britain. 680 more words


Upcoming Benefit for Indicted Anarchist Cookbook author in Santa Cruz

A month ago we reported on the arrest of Anarchist Cookbook author Keith McHenry and his partner Abbi Samuels for nonviolent free speech/free assembly activism in Santa Cruz, California.   210 more words