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Alison McInnes finds yet another Police Scotland civil liberties infringement

Police Scotland have been caught uploading custody shots of people who may not ever even be convicted or have even been charged to the national police database and then searching it using facial recognition technology. 367 more words


The end of passive tolerance

We will confront all forms of extremism, including non-violent extremism

We have already reformed the Prevent strategy so that it focuses on non-violent as well as violent extremism.

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Civil Liberties

Quote of the Day 5-10115

“Make no laws whatever concerning speech and speech will be free; so soon as you make a declaration on paper that speech shall be free, you will have a hundred lawyers proving that ‘freedom does not mean abuse, nor liberty license'; and they will define and define freedom out of existence. 55 more words


Commentary One-hundred & twenty-five: the higher Substantive motions for the Protection of minority-demographics

Author: Shawn Dexter John

The most effective consideration provided by the political community, here being that of the United States, as the focal point of my here intellectual discourse (but where being of the immediate model of particular template), in focusing the manifestation of political thoughts, where of the human course in democracy, has been of the protection of minority persons; the inalienable rights of civil society — as per its practice — have enabled the social contract of comprehensive form, has negated the political pathologies of the patriarchal society, and has rewarded the standardization of a perpetuity of reasonable conjecture between the suited authority-head & the corresponding constituency.  1,867 more words


Forget unconstitutional, America's mass surveillance program is just plain illegal

A US federal appeals court—essentially, the second-highest in the land—has ruled that the bulk collection of US telephone records by the National Security Agency isn’t permitted by laws passed after the 9/11 attacks to increase intelligence collection. 504 more words

What happened to the rights of the accused in America? - Fareed Zakaria

Reading about the short, troubled life of Freddie Gray — who suffered lead poisoning as a child, was arrested for drug offenses more than a dozen times and died in police custody nearly two weeks ago in Baltimore — I recalled a description of the world of young men, mostly black, trapped in the American criminal justice system. 341 more words


Commentary One-hundred & sixteen: Constitutional protection against coercive/infringing arbitration & indemnity provisions of parties to agreements

Author: Shawn Dexter John

Where I have recently presented analytical material of the constitutional position of certain powers of the authority by government and that which resides of people regarding the perpetuated act of government activity, where the regarded formality itself, which is perpetually necessary of every case of government activity & the orderly constituential environment of correlation, has served as the primary argumentation of the cause of the related recent essay-article, though where the analytical substance of this presented paper primarily supposes the power of the rights of civil liberty by substantive means, meaning per the expressed written & effectuated laws of the Constitution of the United States of America. 1,579 more words