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A Yale history professor's powerful, 20-point guide to defending democracy under a Trump presidency

Americans are no wiser than the Europeans who saw democracy yield to fascism, Nazism, or communism. Our one advantage is that we might learn from their experience. 1,031 more words

Monday Reads: There must be No New Normal

We must fight all efforts to normalize a Trumpified America and a press that tries to normalize right wing hate groups and the behavior of a leader with a Personality Disorder. 2,606 more words

2016 Elections

Quote of the Day 9-7-16 (Wendell Phillips)

“The time to assert rights is when they are denied, the men to assert them are those to whom they are denied. The community which dares not protect its humblest and most hated member in the free utterance of his opinions, no matter how false or hateful, is only a gang of slaves.” 13 more words


Can religious universities discriminate? TWU and #LGBTQ rights #canpoli

LGBTQ rights and religious freedoms continue to collide in Canadian law. On June 29 2016, the Ontario Court of Appeal released its much-anticipated decision in Trinity Western University v. 1,101 more words


Utah Fails To Learn What "Small Government" Is

Utah Senator Todd Weiler has proposed a bill to rid the state of porn by adding Internet filters and anti-porn software on all cell phones and requiring citizens to opt-in before viewing porn online.

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America – the Most Frightened Nation on Earth - Finian Cunningham

America is exceptional alright. It is the most frightened nation on Earth, subjected to hysterical propaganda over decades warning about foreign enemies and ideologies. No wonder its supposed democratic freedom is in so appallingly bad shape, when the preponderant population is imprisoned by their rulers in a virtual cage of fear. 92 more words