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A tale of repression from our Anarchist friends in Venezuela (in English translation and then the original Spanish)

(Note: I’m doing this translation on the fly — just sitting here reading and typing away. Don’t expect a great translation: I’m wiped and am posting this without revising it. 1,351 more words


We Must Empower Each Other to Lead

This Presidents’ Day, we remember those who have served honorably to build and to defend government of the people, by the people, and for the people. 789 more words

The Civic Arena

Trump’s Threat to Democracy

Two political scientists specializing in how democracies decay and die have compiled four warning signs to determine if a political leader is a dangerous authoritarian: 574 more words


Al Perry "Censored" by Youtube and PC Police

Alt-country player Al Perry’s song and video, “Jukebox Jihad,” has evidently fallen victim to the PC police — outraged by, what else?, “islamophobia” — and has been taken down by Youtube. 162 more words


Why the #Khadr settlement was the right thing to do #cdnpoli #humanrights

The summertime leak and subsequent announcement of the Khadr settlement by the Liberal government continue to attract media attention. Concerted efforts by Christopher Speer’s widow to claim the settlement funds and the failed attempts by Canadian conservatives to make political hay of the issue have sustained both the controversy and the objections to the settlement. 816 more words

Civil Liberties

Reject Hate, Every Time

The gift. It is an area of inquiry in deconstructionist postmodern philosophy, that connects to all the human aspirations we might classify as altruistic. The true gift asks nothing in return, not even recognition. 1,152 more words

The Civic Arena

The Black Bloc and Free Speech

Over the last week, we’ve seen several violent clashes between Nazis and counterprotesters. (Nazis might call themselves “alt-right,” “white separatists,” etc. Rather than give any credence to such rebranding, we’re calling them what they are: Nazis.) 709 more words