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Even after Grenfell the Tories still lust after a "bonfire of red tape" - and will use Brexit to pursue it

Above: Cameron’s stunt that backfired

“In our commitment to be the first Government to reduce regulation, we have introduced the one in, two out rule for regulation … Under that rule, when the Government introduce a regulation, we will identify two existing ones to be removed. 887 more words

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In Yemen’s secret prisons, UAE tortures and US interrogates, by Maggie Michael

Out of respect for the AP’s stringent conditions governing its intellectual property rights, SLL will only provide the link to the AP article. However, the title is self-explanatory, the journalism top-notch, and the story chilling. 20 more words


The Over-Criminalization of American Life, by Charles Hugh Smith

You’re probably committing a crime virtually every day of your life. Not because you’re a bad person, but because there are so many laws. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com: 299 more words


Supreme Court Deals Blow to Property Rights, by Eric Boehm

Constitutionally protected property rights have been shrinking since at least FDR. From Eric Boehm at reason.com:

When governments issue regulations that undermine the value of property, bureaucrats don’t necessarily have to compensate property holders, the Supreme Court ruled Friday. 240 more words


Deep History of America’s Deep State

By Jada Thacker | Consortium News | June 23, 2017

Everybody seems to be talking about the Deep State these days. Although the term appears to have entered the lexicon in the late 1990s, for years it referred only to shady foreign governments, certainly not to our own “indispensable nation.”

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Lieberman: Not a single Palestinian refugee will return to their lands in Israel

Ma’an – June 23, 2017

BETHLEHEM – During a speech at Israel’s Herzliya conference, aimed at discussing the country’s national policies, ultraright Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman rejected the possibility of Palestinian refugees from historic Palestine, which Israel was built on, being able to return to their lands within the 1967 borders, a right that is upheld by United Nations Resolution 194.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Detroit Lions rookie program turning players into pros

We’d all like to think we’d play for free. Given the chance, nearly any NFL fan would don their favorite team’s helmet, pads and colors and play the game they love just for the privilege of having done so. 325 more words

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