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She Waited Long Enough - Manuela Sáenz

The majority of South Americans could certainly understand whom you are talking about if you mention the nicknames ‘Manuelita’ o ‘Libertadora’. Unfortunately, while European and American political ‘heroes’ of the past are worldwide known, few of those who made important contributions to the history of the southern hemisphere are likewise famous in northern countries. 823 more words

Civil Liberties

To Twitter: Ban Censorship Instead of Banning Users (A Warn Against Internet Censorship in 800 words or less)

Howard Linzon Is A Financial Expert Wannabe If He Is Advising Censorship of Accounts!

Who is Howard Linzon and what YouTube video is this an enlarged copy of the official thumbnail for? 707 more words

Intellectual Honesty

The Dream

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It is important to remember those who fought for freedom as well as how they achieved what they achieved. 628 more words


There's serious psychological reasons why couples fight in Ikea

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Having an Ikea bust up is something of a rite of passage in any relationship. 1,801 more words


Facebook's aim: combat fake news with fact checkers & ‘untrustworthy’ shame label

RT | January 15, 2017

Facebook is gearing up to battle the problem of “fake news” on social media with a new name-and-shame system involving independent fact checkers being trialed in Germany.

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Civil Liberties

Nintendo Switch: All Of The Benefits I Am Predicting!

The Workers of Nintendo Prove Once Again That Fiscal Conservatism and Cultural Liberalism Breathe Each Other.

I was browsing the official website of Time Magazine looking for something to blog about and I stumbled upon… 570 more words

Free Markets

My Leftist Governor unintentionally supports the 2A

From Reason Magazine:

Four months later, the governor grandly announced that he was restoring the voting rights of 206,000 felons. Republican heads exploded, and the ensuing debate eventually had to be settled by the Virginia Supreme Court, which…

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