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Where Candidates Fear to Tread, by James Howard Kunstler

From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

That the snarkier circles of political commentary thrill to the elephantine bellowings of Donald J. Trump only shows the pathetic limitations of the snarkists. 462 more words

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How Humberside police, CPS & UK govt conspired to cover up racist killing of Christopher Alder

Christopher Alder / Wikipedia
By Dan Glazebrook | RT | August 2, 2015

Every obstacle will be put in the way of a successful outcome of this struggle, and those who seek justice are likely to find themselves subject to a vindictive campaign by the police.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Prosecutor declines to bring charges against Cincinnati cops who lied to protect killer of Samuel DuBose

By Evan Blake | WSWS | August 1, 2015

The University of Cincinnati put police officers Phillip Kidd and David Lindenschmidt on paid administrative leave Thursday for the course of an internal investigation into their reports of the July 19 killing of Samuel DuBose by officer Ray Tensing.

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United States

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ brilliant inspiration: Remembering James Baldwin’s influence on his 91st birthday

“What might be accepted as just good old American independence in someone else would be insufferable arrogance in me.”— James Baldwin, “Previous Condition” (1948) 1,730 more words


New Australian law allows forced vaccinations, quarantine or jail to 'prevent the spread of disease'

Biosecurity researchers inside a laboratory in Geelong. Photo: CSIRO/AAP

Individuals suspected of having a serious contagious disease could face five years in prison if they defy orders to stay at home – including forced vaccinations, searches without a warrant and more – according to new legislation passed into Australian law. 999 more words


Ken McMurtrie reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:

A Draconian and /or Orwellian step backwards for Australia.

"The government expects the human control orders to be “seldom used” "

Let's hope so!

"One section of the legislation that has civil liberty campaigners questioning the authoritarian approach of the new legislation, is the section that pertains to burden of proof in suspected cases – both relating to human health and agriculture. The Bill outlines a reversing the legality surrounding burden of proof, placing it in the hands of the defendant, as opposed to the traditional approach of the prosecution."

Of course, all incidents might turn out to be just and fair. That would, however, fly in the face of current evidence of what happens in many other countries. Hoping that Australia sets a good example. Perhaps a forlorn hope, given the current push for unjustified mandatory vaccinations.

Truth and lies in journalism and law enforcement

Ted Rall , one of my favorite cartoonists, was fired last Monday from his job at the Los Angeles Times after somebody produced an audiotape indicating he had lied in a column his bad treatment by a Los Angeles police officer when arrested for jaywalking in 2001. 288 more words


Calais crisis: Screw British holidaymakers. What about the real victims?

Frazzled British holidaymakers “desperately” trying to reach France for your annual sojourn, have no fear! Café Rouge in Canterbury is here. The chain is offering those stuck in Operation Stack on the M20 a free tea and slice of cake if they happen to be diverted towards Canterbury – you know because of all that unfortunate nonsense going on at Calais. 524 more words

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