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Virginia Cop Resigns After Tasering and Pepper Spraying Man Having Medical Emergency

By Carlos Miller | PINAC | May 22, 2015

A Virginia cop who tasered a man sitting in the driver’s seat of his car, following it with a ten-second blast of pepper spray into the man’s face, was forced to resign last week after his chief said he had used excessive force.

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Education And Aiports - Are we Losing the Plot?

Grumpy – And With Good Reason!

It may be because I am getting older, and therefore less tolerant of the idiocy of others, or it may be that other people really are becoming more cretinous and idiotic. 927 more words


Abe government trampling on press freedoms - concern grows in Japan

In Japan, anger at Shinzo Abe’s heavy hand on press turns mainstream (+video)

 The prime minister is accused of blocking free expression and emboldening the ultra right. 66 more words


Bush, Christie rise in defense of Patriot Act

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Likely Republican presidential contenders Jeb Bush and Chris Christie on Friday heartily endorsed the Patriot Act and the permission it gives the government to collect phone records in bulk, mocking those who deride the intelligence overhaul passed after the Sept. 697 more words


Free Speech Takes Huge Hit as Oakland Implements Anti-Protest Curfew

By John Vibes | The Free Thought Project | May 24, 2015

Oakland, CA — This week, the mayor of Oakland has decided to use an old and unknown law to impose an anti-protest curfew to keep demonstrators off the streets at night.

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The Right to Record Police

By REBECCA K. SMITH | CounterPunch | May 22, 2015

Last week, federal courts issued two decisions affirming the right of citizens to record police under the First Amendment.

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Dragnet surveillance is about power and social control, not public safety

PRIVACYSOS | May 22, 2015

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says that USA Patriot Act dragnet spy powers must be extended or else the terrorists will get us.

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