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For Normal Relations With Cuba, End US Interventionism

Ron Paul | July 5, 2015

Last week we saw an encouraging sign that the 50 year cold war between the US and Cuba was finally coming to an end.

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mums the word

The secret world of spies (my blog) and homosexual spies (my blog) seems to be at odds with the concepts of state of late.

Those of you living in a cave will be no doubt shocked that… 86 more words


Thoughts on marriage and gay marriage

Hat tip to Tiffany’s Non-Blog.

There are lessons in this chart for people who advocate social change, and that is to never think that electing a particular politician is enough, and especially to never settle for the lesser of two evils. 795 more words


this old road

Sometimes I say that my wife is a fan of clean starts. By that I mean that she likes the feeling of freshness that comes with a conceptual new chapter. 1,513 more words


Following Supreme Court decision on 'gay' marriage, its time to regroup and refocus

Done with the whole homosexual marriage debate. Fine, have your ‘marriages,’ just stop shoving your sexuality in our faces already. To me, the constant pro-sodomy propaganda being pushed upon us and our children is many times more offensive than any two people being allowed to enter into a legal contract with each other. 75 more words

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Changing of Our Guards, by eric

Don’t call it Independence Day. From eric at theburningplatform.com:

This weekend we celebrate the changing of our guard.

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Henry A. Giroux: Orwell, Huxley and the Scourge of the Surveillance State

We must also be attentive to the ways in which being spied on has become not only normalized, but even enticing. …

Edward Snowden and other critics are correct about the dangers of the state’s infringement of privacy rights, but their analysis should be taken further by linking the issue of citizen surveillance with the rise of “networked societies,” global flows of power and the emergence of a totalitarian ethos that defies even state-based control.¬†

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