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How Do You Determine When The IDF Has Gone Too Far?

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as his defense minister has opened up all sorts of fault lines in Israeli politics, but perhaps none as important as the one between the government and the IDF. 1,035 more words


'It is a cold liaison!' Military perceptions of humanitarian distinction

‘You are the company commander today. Your task is to negotiate access to land with the local mayor in order to secure a new space for our military hospital, which has flooded.’ After a brief strategy session, my team proceeds to the negotiation table. 971 more words


Libyan History Created a Security Vacuum that Drones Alone Can’t Fill

 Libyan flag above the communications tower in Al Bayda – Libya. (Photo is public domain)

Before Qaddafi: A Brief History

In a disunited country such as Libya, a key to evaluating the possibility of a successful intervention is understanding its historical development. 1,545 more words


"Math Is Hard" Is Not an Excuse (Updated)

Another year, another breathless headline about suicide in the Armed Forces: “U.S. military suicides remain high for 7th year” reported USA Today on April 3. 936 more words


Erdoğan's next victim - Turkish military

A recent article by Michael Rubin on escalating tensions between Turkish government and the military didn’t become a sensation anywhere in the world other than Turkey itself. 762 more words


Философията на НАТО в десет основни принципа

25.02.2016, Censor.NET

Кратък български предговор:

Ако започнем като във филмите, че „всяка прилика с действителни лица и организации у нас е случайна“, със сигурност ще стигнем до въпроса „Дали?“. 35 more words

Good Governance

A Challenge to the State’s Monopoly on Violence Through Armed Conflict

Prime Minister David Cameron speaking on sky news has actively spoken out against the proliferation of what he calls ‘spurious legal claims’, directed towards British Military Veterans who served in the Iraq Conflict. 952 more words