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Ball Bearings Innovation: The Industrial College of the Armed Forces and the Increments of Transformational Change

This is the fourth of several posts running on Defence-in-Depth over the next few weeks arising out of the Military Learning and Innovation Roundtable held at the Joint Services Command and Staff College on Wednesday 17 June 2015. 689 more words

Better Talk About Your Problems

Last week the Russian MOD put on an extravaganza.  Army-2015 was a huge public exhibition of the latest and greatest Russian military technology and equipment.  It was a major patriotic event designed to boost the average Russian’s pride in his or her armed forces. 703 more words

Force Modernization

Public Views of the Armed Forces in Britain: Misperceptions and Implications in 2015


A new survey by Ipsos MORI and King’s College London has provided a fascinating insight into the way publics view their armed forces. 743 more words

Why the military is usually hesitant to use force

The Washington Post’s Greg Jaffe and Missy Ryan report on a counterintuitive trend: military leaders pressing the White House to do less in Iraq. 611 more words


ISIS: Is Barack Obama merely "incompetent," or malevolently so?

I was wondering what that sound was I heard the other day. Turns out it was jaws dropping at the Pentagon when they heard their commander in chief… 317 more words

Barack Obama

Catalyst for Military Reform

It’s sad, but safe, to conclude that Russian politics has always been pretty violent. Always being the last several hundred years.  And that violence has claimed its latest high-profile victim. 466 more words

Serdyukov's Reforms

White House: Obama to restrict media’s reporting of anti-jihad articles

By Michael Dorstewitz on January 14, 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site: http://libertyunyielding.com/2015/01/14/white-house-obama-restrict-medias-reporting-anti-jihad-articles/#1AwESo67hIi7ZlSj.99

At Monday’s White House press briefing, chief spokesman Josh Earnest indicated that in light of the terrorist raid of Charlie Hebdo’s Paris offices by jihadists, President Barack Obama would be taking a serious swipe at the First Amendment freedom of the press as it pertains to future anti-Jihadist articles. 428 more words