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Civil Obedience

We are honoring each of the Top 10 winners of our Fifth Annual Student Editorial Contest by publishing an essay a day. Here, an essay by Anushka Agarwal, age 16.. 11 more words

The time for obedience is over

An official at a Home Office Reporting Centre told ‘a man facing deportation that his job is to “piss him off” as part of the government’s challenging environment’ I am very grateful to him for his candour, he’s got the message across loud and clear. 1,511 more words


Video: Matt Damon reads from Howard Zinn's "The Problem is Civil Obedience"

This performance was part of “The People Speak, Live!” at the Metro in Chicago, on January 31, 2012, produced by Voices of a People’s History in collaboration with Louder Than a Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival. 333 more words

Opinion Leaders

The state is our enemy

The system is broken, and by that I do not mean accidentally, oops how careless of me, broken, I mean wilfully and deliberately broken.

I have lived my life with mental ill health and what I described as ‘social phobia’ years before any such description existed. 1,356 more words