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Why Christianity is Popular, but Jesus Isn't

Public Service Announcement: Jesus was a pretty chill dude. In what I’ve studied about him, he was. He chased money-changers out of the temple who used belief in God to manipulate people, he condemned public and showy worship, he advocated submission to a tyrannical government…and he was crucified because he refused to enact the Roman ass-whooping that all his disciples thought he was there for. 491 more words

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"The Supreme Court’s Civil Religion versus Religion," By Bruce Frohnen

In court at least, one no longer hears the argument that federal policies are establishing a “religion of secular humanism.” The reason for this is simple: raising the issue is a guaranteed way of losing, immediately and with extreme prejudice, the suit in which the claim is made. 1,818 more words

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Islam’s Future in America—Part III

This is the third part of a series resourced by Dr. Adam Francisco’s article cited in Part I.

Building on the initial expansion of Islam in the United States in the early 1920s, the number of Muslims in other parts of the world also increased. 433 more words