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Why I'm Not Voting for Donald Trump: A response to "Why I'm voting for Donald Trump" point by point and a call for healthy yet compassionate debate

I stumbled across the following blog post as it was trending and being shared on social media by friends and acquaintances. I read it, thought about it and couldn’t stop thinking about it—so I took the time to write out a rather lengthy comment addressing most of the author’s points honestly seeking debate or conversation because despite this post apparently going a bit viral there were no comments. 2,977 more words


Selective Implicit Bias

The journalistic treatment of the Larycia Hawkins controversy at Wheaton College is out (written by a lapsed Orthodox Presbyterian no less). Once again evidence of academic naivete cloaked in a pose of dissent and asking hard questions emerges. 329 more words

Novus Ordo Seclorum

When the Election is not about the Nation but MmmmeeeeEEEEE

Why do Christians on both sides of the Tiber frame the current presidential contest in a secular republic no less in terms of what a believer’s vote says about his or her devotion or virtue? 1,137 more words

Being Human

Kenneth Woodward: Getting Religion


Kenneth Woodward, editor for Newsweek‘s religion section for four decades, joins the show to discuss Billy Graham’s evolution, Catholicism vs. Protestantism on salvation, Civil Religion, miracle stories and his new book Getting Religion.

Newsworthy With Norsworthy Podcast

Did Fukuyama Get the Biggest Piece Right?

Please read my analysis of the effect of ideology in recent Soviet and Russian geopolitical struggles, starting on page 19 of this journal.

I argue that understanding the role of interaction between matter and spirit (and how this plays out in individuals) may help explain the somewhat erratic of the current Russian state, particularly in the context of Syria (though the information is a bit dated now).

Lordship of Christ Over Every Spiritual Inch

Joseph Moore has a new book out on the Covenanters that argues in part that these radical Scottish Presbyterians make the proponents of Christian America look like posers. 637 more words

Adventures In Church History