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#TakeAKnee Reveals Anxiety About Nationalism

Once again Sundays have become a space of political debate. But it’s not religion causing contention on Sundays. It’s kneeling. It’s race. And it’s nationalism. 1,378 more words


An Answer to Prayer

At its 81st General Assembly (2014), commissioners of the OPC heard a report from the chaplains’ committee that asked for prayer for the recently released Bowe Bergdahl: 549 more words

Spirituality Of The Church

Thanksgiving is our Altar to an Unknown God

It wouldn’t be a treasured holiday if someone didn’t take the time to rain on your parade. It’s my turn:

In chapter 17 of the Acts of the Apostles, Paul is in Athens and stands at the Areopagus to try and persuade an audience of pagan Greeks to become Christian by appealing to their own philosophers. 1,359 more words

Wendell Berry

The Insanity of Gun Violence

There is a saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Some have critiqued writers who have overused this cliche while still hoping to appear as being insightful to their readers. 643 more words

Civil Religion


Waters cascading, white waves dancing over rocks

Testify, God, that we can’t confine to a box

The defining Force that propels the cataracts,

The constricting Fear that humbles before the facts. 265 more words

When Discernment Looks Like Dissent

In his book Integrity, Stephan L. Carter explores the topic of integrity and what it might mean for an individual to act with integrity. Carter’s definition, which is deceptively simple, is that integrity is an action that requires three distinct steps. 654 more words

Civil Religion