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Essay for Black History Month: Emmett Till, Bob Dylan and the folk singer's sacred duty

In August 1955 Emmett Till, a black teenager from Chicago, was brutally murdered in Mississippi after allegedly offending a white woman in her family’s grocery store. 1,276 more words

History And Historical Attractions

A Gift Of Love by Martin Luther King Jr.

Genre: Sermons

Published: 1969

No. of Pages: 190

A Gift of Love is indeed one of King’s many gifts given to us. It is a collection of sixteen of his classic sermons preached, with two new speeches, and many of which he began compiling whilst in jail. 271 more words


Ella Baker’s philosophical and strategic influence on the civil rights movement

Predating the civil war days, ‘women stood in the vanguard for equal rights; for freedom from slavery, for recognition of women as citizens, and co-partners with men in life’s endeavours.’ Yet, the legacies paved by activists such as Malcom X and Martin Luther King, Jr often mitigate the profound models of social change left by female activists. 693 more words

The Road to Brown and Little Rock: Beginnings of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States

What was the state of segregation in the Southern state of America in the 1950s? Texas did not allow interracial boxing matches. Florida did not allow black and white students to use the same textbooks. 1,941 more words


Poetry Appreciation: 'Who Said It Was Simple' by Audre Lorde

This post is a part of my ‘Poetry Appreciation’ segment wherein every once in a while I share a poem that I like. Today I’ve chosen Audre Lorde’s ‘Who said It Was Simple’. 275 more words

The Civil Rights Movement Started in the 14th Century

Many of you are reading the title and rolling your eyes. You may have even told the person besides you and now your both laughing because the Civil Rights movement started in the 1960’s, kicked off by Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat on the bus. 484 more words


A Biography of Edwin R. Overall

One of Omaha’s earliest Black pioneers was a leader among all men, ending the city’s Jim Crow school, becoming the first Black mailman in Nebraska, influencing the start of a national civil rights organization, and leaving a lasting legacy that continues today. 951 more words

20th Century