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Describe the political impact of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; include the impact on civil rights legislation

Who shot him, why, where, what date. 269 more words

Civil Rights Movement


Describe the Significance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail and his I Have A Dream speech MLK INSPIRATIONAL MEME

When was it written, What was the letter about, why did he write it, to who, what is his argument  – analysis of its importance to Civil Rights Movement… 503 more words

Civil Rights Movement

Du Bois, Dr. King, and Black History Month

A few weeks ago the Every Square Inch team invited me to write about Black History Month that I thought I would reshare here. You can check out the original post and other work by the folks at ESI by clicking the link above. 1,065 more words

Black History Month


Explain Brown v. Board of Education and efforts to resist the decision 

Who was the chief justice, what was the decision on what constitutional/legal ground? 400 more words

Civil Rights Movement

Local descendent of Thomas Jefferson talks being black at OU in the 50s

Ada Adams was refused service at some Uptown restaurants. She was not allowed to complete her student teaching in Athens County. She was unable to join Ohio University social sororities and fraternities. 1,004 more words


Sunday Soul: Sly and the Family Stone - Just Like a Baby

“There’s a Riot Goin’ On” is the album I always return to whenever I want to listen to Sly and the Family Stone. The album’s dark and somber tone was written during a period when the country was at war with itself. 65 more words


Staying with a Fruitcake

Sitting on the leopard print living room couch next to Gladys, I know I’m living in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Not because Gladys sits in the exact same spot wearing the same flapper dress from when I got here three days ago. 413 more words

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