I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand.

Martin Luther King JR., the march on Washington, 1963

August 2, 2020

Following the horrendous murdering of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and the worldwide circulation of videos and images on social media showing how he died under the knee of that police officer and the social unrest and violence that erupted in cities of the United States, white people have somehow woken up to the injustice that black people go through on a daily basis, hours per day, days per year, years and decades since the proclamation of emancipation by president Abraham Lincoln January 1st 1863. 1,261 more words

Films on Friday: Remembering Rep. John Lewis' Visit to Nats Park

The footage included in the Nats’ tweet from yesterday is from Jackie Robinson Day in 2018:

Though he may not be here with us, he inspires us to answer the highest calling of our heart and stand up for what we truly believe.

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Good Trouble!

The Honorable U. S. Congressman John R. Lewis was laid to rest today.  Friends, we all know that he was a legendary civil/human rights leader who dedicated his entire life to advocating for, protecting, as well as advancing the rights of blacks in America. 295 more words


My Favorite Quotes from a Brave & Noble Man – John Robert Lewis

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Pexels.com

Here are some words of wisdom to live by from a brave and noble man. As a thirty-three-year veteran of the Democratic Party representing the state of Georgia, … 334 more words


"Tougaloo College Embraces New Improvements after Student Activists Demand Change" By Levell Williams & Malcolm Walker

The nation and world lost the legendary civil rights activist and congressman John Lewis on July 17, 2020. His life of selfless sacrifice and peaceful protest resounded with many who have come to seek out “good trouble,” as he so iconically coined the work of human rights activism. 1,545 more words

Student News

john lewis: obama speaks

john lewis, the first african-american politician to lie in state in dc, will be eulogized by barack obama today with dubya and bubba in attendance. john lewis was one of the last survivors of the orgsnizers of the civil rights movement, which ultimately helped white women more than black americans.

John Lewis Will Always be Twice the Man You Know Who Is

When the late Congressman John Lewis died almost two weeks ago, America was reminded of what a hero truly looks like.

In the past, when an American such as Congressman Lewis dies, the President is front and center at the memorial service. 85 more words