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A Tribute to Queen Mother Moore from Geraldine Wilson

Miss Moore came to be called Queen Mother during a trip to Africa years ago, when a tribe in Ghana awarded her the honorary title. In Africa, as she once put it, “I felt the lash on the backs of my people.” 489 more words

Black History

You Say You Want a Revolution: Bernie’s Pathway to Destruction and Fall as a Revolutionary Leader

When Bernie Sanders burst onto the scene I don’t think anyone knew what to expect.  Certainly we never envisioned what we have today.  Shortly after his rise in the national media, this obscure “Democratic-Socialist” pivoted his tone to that of a revolutionary leader.  1,047 more words

Civil Rights

Texas Cemetery Halts 'Whites Only' Policy

A Texas cemetery that drew criticism for allegedly having a “whites only” policy and refusing to bury Latinos has conceded that its policy is discriminatory and unlawful. 164 more words

Why I support Black Lives Matter

It’s the bottom rung, folks…the last of a series of rungs and the furthest from the top. And so we must make it the beginning, where else is there to start from? 260 more words


Civil-rights marchers: US still needs to address inequality

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A half-century ago, thousands joined a march across Mississippi to challenge a system that condoned violence against black people and suppressed their rights — issues still reverberating in today’s national debates about police violence. 1,156 more words

Why black men fear that any police encounter could go awry

Charles Kinsey held his hands in the air and shouted to police that the autistic man sitting on the street next to him wasn’t dangerous. A few seconds later, he felt a bullet rip into his leg. 1,103 more words


Weary of protest, Baltimore activists seek change elsewhere

BALTIMORE (AP) — Under the beating summer sun, retired steelworker Arthur B. Johnson Jr. stood outside the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse in Baltimore, clutching the fraying wooden handle of a homemade sign. 1,024 more words