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  1. Describe the rise of conservative movement as seen in the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater (1964) and the election of Richard M. Nixon
    1. Nixon Campaign – what was his strategy to win
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  1. Explain the importance of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and the resulting developments; include Earth Day, the Creation of the EPA and modern day environmental policy CREATE AN EARTH DAY 2017 FLYER …
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  1. Analyze Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Worker’s Movement
    1. Who is Cesar Chavez
    2. United Farmers Workers Movement – Why was it created, objective, was it successful
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  1. Describe the National Organization of Women (NOW) and the origins and goals of the modern women’s movement – TAKE BACK THE NIGHT EVENT FLYER FOR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY OF CHOICE …
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Civil Righ

Little Black Sambo and the Revolving Face of Racism in the Anglo-American World

On June 17, 1957, Sam Battistone and Newell Bohnett saw the first fruits of their entrepreneurial vision ripen along Cabrillo Boulevard in Santa Barbara, California. Hoping to tap into blue-collar workers and middle-class vacationers, they opened up a joint-venture pancake and coffee house featuring moderate prices. 1,896 more words

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The purposes are to revive American-Compact-Car-Industry.

The purposes are
to decrease America’s Military-Budget,
to decrease America’s Military-Industry,
to decrease America’s domestic-demand,
to weaken Wall-Street
and to revive American-Compact-Car-Industry.
The U.S. must abandon its Military-Industry now! 879 more words


Two Swat Cars

It’s 4:53 pm and I am seated around the table at a discipline meeting for a middle school student. As we start the meeting, the introductions are drowned out by the sounds of sirens ringing outside. 326 more words