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Gun Deaths Are Mostly Suicides

Gun Deaths Are Mostly Suicides
American-top1%, Wall-Street, American-media are lying!
Japs too are lying!

American-top1%, Wall-Street, American-Generals, rich-Liberals, and main-Stream-of-Republicans are trying to destroy
the 2nd-amendment! 1,098 more words

Extremist thinking is hurting cycling

189.300 Vehicles to keep to right.
(1) The operator of any vehicle when upon a highway shall travel upon the right side of the highway whenever possible, and unless the left side of the highway is clear of all other traffic or obstructions for a sufficient distance ahead to permit the overtaking and passing of another vehicle to be completed without interfering with the operation of any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction or any vehicle being overtaken.

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My Sweet Vidalia

My Sweet Vidalia

     They say all doors open for a pretty girl and I believe that’s true, unless you’re a poor girl, and then no matter how pretty you are, those doors are going to stay shut tight and double locked. 89 more words

Book Review

The Non Entity Slave Policy Strikes Patient Pt2: The Harrassing Emails

Feb 6, 2016 150pm

These are a sampling of the harassing Emails which are coordinated and have “intelligence.” The harassing emails are searched for keywords and phrases. 52 more words

Civil Rights

Memories of a Massacre

One-hundred and fifty years ago this May, a conflict between local policemen and African American soldiers set off three days of rioting in Memphis and resulted in the deaths of nearly 50 people — almost all African Americans.   211 more words


“When you think of civil rights in Kentucky, you have to start with Georgia Davis Powers.”

I moved to Kentucky in 1994 and attended public schools from eighth to twelfth grade.  243 more words



Excerpt from: MoveOn 

Emily Figdor, MoveOn.org Civic Action <moveon-help@list.moveon.org>
Feb 5 at 8:35 PM

Newly obtained internal emails show that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s staff knew last March about a spike in Legionnaires’ disease—which has since killed nine people—in Genesee County, home to Flint. 558 more words