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1963 Birmingham Bombing: Carol Denise McNair--"I Want to March"

“Ain’t gonna let nobody, turn me ‘round/

Turn me ‘round/

Turn me ‘round/

Ain’t gonna let nobody, turn me ‘round/

I’m gonna keep on a-walkin’/

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Entitlement, not Loneliness

Bailey Poland went on an epic Twitter rant about entitlement, and captured it in a storify.

CN, I’ll be talking about rape and violence…

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Barcelona and the New Republic

In the Spanish civil war, the Communists and the Capitalists sided with one another against the Fascists.  The Fascists won, and led to a repressive regime that lived in relative peace without freedom until the death of Franco.  259 more words


Essential Pittsburgh: The bigger story of 'The Color'

While The Color of Sundays is definitely a football story, it also has strong themes tied to the history of American Civil Rights and the role of the Pittsburgh Courier, as the nation’s voice for black Americans during much of the 20th Century. 105 more words

The Color Of Sundays

Want to Share Your Story From the HOA Trenches?

By Deborah Goonan

Quite often I hear from readers who have an issue or problem in their homeowners’ or condominium association. Some of them consider taking their story to news media, hoping that shedding public light on their situation will convince their Board to come to its senses. 424 more words

Homeowners Associations

Alabama WTF?

First Alabama passed a law requiring a driver’s license or similar state-issued ID to vote.  Then they closed all but four DMVs in the state, and all of the DMVs in majority African-American counties.  322 more words

Civil Rights