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Future of groundbreaking show ‘Transparent’ may be in flux

NEW YORK (AP) — When “Transparent” debuted four years ago on Amazon with a transgender lead character, it was a special moment for TV. It won Emmys and seemed a perfect fit for a burgeoning civil rights movement. 725 more words


Civil rights groups say police body cameras violate rights

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) – Police departments around the country are now equipping themselves with body cameras to provide another look at what is happening at the scene. 354 more words


Jesse Jackson diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

Civil rights activist the Rev. Jesse Jackson said Friday that he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. A neurological disorder with no cure, Parkinson’s can cause tremors, stiffness and difficulty balancing, walking and coordinating movement. 740 more words


March: Book Two and Book Three (CBR9 #64 & 65)

I try to give myself a healthy reading diet, and part of that diet is books from the point of view of people who do not experience the world the same way my privilege as a cis white woman allows. 518 more words


A Pastafarian walks into the DMV...

I have a birthday coming up which means my driver’s license is about to expire. I tried to renew it online this morning, but was told I didn’t qualify. 294 more words

Socialism -- Not Just a Discussion

Socialism has become a popular topic for liberal discussion. Thousands of young people are joining moderate socialist organizations such as SP, DSA, or one of the Bernie-ite electoral groups. 345 more words


Bad River Tribe Seeks Justice for Recent Tragedy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- November 16, 2017
Bad River Tribe Seeks Justice for Recent Tragedy

Odanah, WI – On November 15, 2017, The Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Ojibwe requested that the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice open a criminal civil rights and civil police misconduct investigation into an incident of excessive force by the Ashland County Sheriff’s Office. 292 more words

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