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Indigenous imprisonment in Australia: a crisis of mass incarceration

(The following post was originally published on 12 March 2015 on Open Forum.  I am taking the liberty of re-printing it here, and adding an addendum at the end of this post.) 968 more words

Social Disadvantage

My humble look into Jame Baldwin's brilliance..

Sometimes I can think, ponder on strong words. Words that could influence the very thought of your–mine understanding of daily moments. The quiet moments when stationing yourself in the routine of life. 337 more words

Listen to Superman, people!

I’ve been seeing this around a lot lately.

It goes without sayin’, but Superman says it pretty damn well.

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Public Vs. Charter School: Which Is The Best Option For Our Children?

The school choice battle rages on — public school proponents believe their way of implementing education is the best way, while proponents of charter schools believe their way of instructing our youth is better. 701 more words

National News

The Empire

I don’t normally comment on social issues here as I have other avenues to do so, but the recent news of Indiana and now Arkansas passing (or amending) laws that justify bigotry based on archaic, wretched religious beliefs has compelled me to say something. 348 more words

Sabrina Hill


I have received word that Evangelist, Pastor Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral is in his last hours  and he is not expected to live through the week. 11 more words

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Supreme Court Upholds Little Caesar’s Right to Feed Christian Employees to Lions

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that Roman-owned pizza chain Little Caesar’s was within its rights to place Christian employees in an arena and then unleash starved, vicious lions and lionesses upon them. 239 more words