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Education as a Political Institution

November 29, 2015

Education as a Political Institution

by Bertrand Russell

June 1916 Issue

“Education should not aim at a dead awareness of static facts, but at an activity directed toward the world that our efforts are to create.” 4,555 more words


The Legacy Of Wilsonism

Click the link to learn more about the devastating impact of Woodrow Wilson’s presidency on African Americans. You will also learn about how students at Princeton University (where Wilson served as college president) are rallying to expose his racist legacy! 21 more words

Black History

Cowardly Chicago Protesters

The recent Chicago protest reveal a few issues worth examining.

Chicago Protesters unlike protesters in Ferguson or Baltimore opted out of protesting in the streets of their own violent neighborhoods. 382 more words


Chicago Protesters: No Justice, NO SHOPPING!!

It took Chicago police and prosecutors 13 months to announce criminal charges against a Chicago police officer who gunned down 17 year old Laquan McDonald in cold blood.   859 more words


CPS: selling of children

CPS, in a blink of an eye, has just ruined your entire life. No due process, no established guilt, but they came anyway. Lost, you wonder what comes next. 488 more words

The Anti-Choice Culture of Hate

The Trolley Problem goes something like this: a train is barrelling down the track towards a crowd of five people, who are unaware of what’s coming at them. 820 more words