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History Controlled Assessment Part C: The Methodology of Accuracy, Comprehensiveness and Objectivity

Throughout your Part C write-up you will be analysing your three historical representations via your interpretation of which representation you think is ‘best’. In order to assess the best-ness of the representation you must assess the  278 more words

Civil Rights

Monday Action: The President Needs to Speak Out Against Hate Crimes

By 50 Ways-Rockbridge member Sydney Bufkin

On February 22, Srinivas Kuchibhotla, an Indian immigrant, was murdered by a another man who yelled “get out of my country” before he opened fire in a Kansas bar. 123 more words

Civil Rights

Dear Governor Cuomo...

Courtesy of Indivisible Nation BK indivisiblenationbk.org, I wanted to share this open letter to Andrew Cuomo about his executive budget. Spoiler alert: Budget is not great. 797 more words

ED Reform- Shoot Me

The Women's March on Washington

Hi folks.  I have decided that with very few exceptions, I won’t be getting too political here in my blog.  You’ll get more of an explanation why in an upcoming post entitled, “My Self Righteous Gene”, but basically I recognize that we’re all being blasted with politics every day in plenty of other venues, and I don’t want to weave what might be perceived as a divisive tone into this blog, so that’s where I am with that.   2,049 more words


An Education On Justice For All

Learn how to create meaningful dialogue on the topic of abortion that will change hearts and minds at Justice For All.


Border Patrol Loosening Standard for Hiring While Granting More Power

The other day we talked about a newly-empowered Customs and Order Protection, taking full advantage of the outskirts of their legal rights, and how they were seemingly taking on the role of vanguard of the Trump administration’s more insidious plans. 491 more words

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