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The Dixie Death

By ’n by, way down South

that sleepy ole antebellum way

of honky life got laid low—

had to kowtow to a new master

whose color was darker… 534 more words

Trump Says "Get Back in the Kitchen!"

Oh Donald… If you’re looking for a break, you won’t find one in 2020. And no, you can’t just decide not to have the election this year… 553 more words


This week, I want to talk about voter registration. In most states, voter registration closes 25-30 days before an election. This year that means, in some states, October 4, 2020 is the last day to register. 122 more words

Civil Rights

As we count down to the election, we have important dates to keep in mind as we get closer to 11/3.  In fact, the election is not in less than 90 days.  123 more words

Civil Rights

Maskerade: Covid-1984 and Evidence-Free Compulsory Masking

July 6, 2020

By Dr. Andrew Bostom

An American Doctor demonstrates the futility of mask-wearing to combat Covid-19

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 1,293 more words

Long Time Coming

Cookie sat slumped on the kerb.  His legs, sweating in his black chinos on such a warm day, seemed almost too long for him with his feet pulled in under his behind and his knees towering above head height.  597 more words

Creative Writing

Big Momentum

Successful sports teams in the 1960s were said to have “The Big Mo” on their side. The term refers to momentum. Since then it has come to describe lots of things, including politics, business, schools, et cetera. 285 more words