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Richard Arthur Kelo and Social Security Insolvency

In the United States, the Social Security card is used for a number of reasons. The Social Security number is used for banking security, applying for school loans, and identification. 395 more words


Wine, Women, and Crushing Sexism

The entire article is written to be read in full, which makes it tough to isolate an appropriate pull-out quote. Hmmm, how about…

What’s a girl to do when a bunch of dudes have just told her, in front of an audience, that she’s wrong about what it’s like to be herself?

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More Than a “Bathroom Battle”: The Rights of Transgender Children At School

Earlier this week, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction that (1) allowed Texas and other states to force transgender students to use bathrooms that do not match their gender identities and (2) prevented the United States government from investigating this type of discrimination across the country. 686 more words


Governor McAuliffe Announces Process for Case-by-Case Restoration of Former-Felons’ Civil Rights | News Release | Office of Virginia Governor

~Governor restores rights of nearly 13,000 Virginians who had previously registered to vote~

RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe today (August 22, 2016) announced that he and his team have begun restoring the civil rights of former Virginia felons in compliance with an order by the Virginia Supreme Court. 1,510 more words


Message to my fellow Americans.... Let's do better

After the murder of 20 year old Kouren Rodney Thomas in New York, and not to mention the countless other events creating tension between our citizens, America seems to be in the middle of shit storm that just won’t die. 501 more words


The Possibility of Love

Why do
we call it civil
rights instead of basic
human decency? The
wings of science
and religion, or
possibility and love, should
foster a world where no… 39 more words


Story of an Activist: Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr was an American Baptist minister and activist. He is best known for his role in the American Civil Rights Movement. This is his story. 967 more words