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The role of civil society in accountability systems: A human rights perspective

By Zama Neff, director of Human Rights Watch’s Children’s Rights Division

From girls in rural Afghanistan, to children in immigration detention on the US-Mexico border, to grandmothers fleeing war in Sri Lanka, throughout my career working on children’s rights, I’ve heard firsthand the importance that education has for families and their children, even in the midst of the most desperate circumstances. 1,241 more words

Urban Food Governance and Translocal Assemblages in the UK

By: Helen Coulson

Collaborative food partnerships have proliferated throughout the United Kingdom (UK) over the past decade in an attempt to strategically ‘scale-up’ civil society activities to create spaces of deliberation in the form of cross-sector participatory food system governance coalitions (Moragues-Faus and Morgan 2015). 559 more words


Six Key Phrases to Construct Civil Society

Xu Zhiyong, November 19, 2017

Dr. Xu Zhiyong (许志永) was released on July 15, 2017 after serving four years for organizing social movements such as the New Citizen Movement and the equal education rights campaign.  1,789 more words

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Choose to contribute! Participate in Giving!

As a social work professional, it is not surprising when someone calls up or contacts me to ask about different organisations working in different fields. Sometimes, it is about donating money, sometimes about donating surplus from home and sometimes it is about volunteering, and sometimes it is about seeking help from specific organziations. 194 more words

NGO Initiatives

One in four staff earning less than a living wage is nothing to be proud of

Working for a charity can be very rewarding, but don’t expect to be well paid. OK, so some of the larger charities will pay their most senior post holders an attractive salary, but for most working in the sector, I doubt the prospect of a healthy wage cheque was the primary attraction. 354 more words

Voluntary Sector

Political Power of (Social) Networks

This is a log of publicly available information about , in a number of countries. Roughly listed in sequence. From recent — back to 2015/2016. I have tried to comment on the articles and books as scientific/neutral/factual as possible. 977 more words

Fixing Misinformation is a Misguided and Insufficient Strategy

Searching for new ways to stop the spread of false information is an understandable response to recent political developments, but proponents of the strategy are picking the wrong battle if they want to win this vital war…

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