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Civil War in My Delta

After much thought this weekend, I decided to cut back on the overall counties I am reviewing.  Not saying, Im not going to have posts about them, but I have to cut back some in order to to cover them the way they should.   223 more words

Tunica County

Where Eagles Dare Not Perch

Bridgford, Peter. Where Eagles Dare Not Perch. Castroville, Texas: Black Rose Publishing, 2018.

Reason read: the July pick for the Early Review program for LibraryThing. 518 more words

Book Reviews

Glory, Glory

(U.S. Marines attack John Brown’s encampment at the Harper’s Ferry armory in West Virginia, 1859.)

John Brown (1800-1859) was a radical abolitionist who believed that armed revolt was the only way to end slavery in the United States. 444 more words

Chapter 27. The mist outside.

“My stories are all that I can give you now. And I do not give them with pleasure but with pain. I sit here each night in this low place, each night existing on the edges of a fever, and I think of the stars out there, of that pure night air, of our modest peace derived from our humility before that benign twinkling face planted with stars like seeds. 2,030 more words

Historic Travelers Rest Museum - Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, we went to Nashville, Tennessee.  While we were there we visited the Travelers Rest Museum.

The Overton family home was named Travelers Rest  and was owned by Judge John Overton.   69 more words

Indigenous Mayans and the Guatemalan Civil War

     The Guatemalan Civil War was one of the longest civil wars in history. The war started in 1954 and lasted over thirty years, well into the nineties. 538 more words

Iran dan Saudi: Sengkarut di Timur Tengah

Oleh: Alip D. Pratama, MH (Dosen dan Penggiat Sosial)

Membicarakan tentang sebuah negara yang memiliki signifikasi dalam persoalan keamanan global, tentulah perlu mendapatkan porsi yang cukup dalam diskusi kita dewasa kini. 1,152 more words