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It is serious – it is an American (cold) civil war

If somebody states we are in the state of a civil war, two questions must be answered – (1) what are the two fighting parties and (2) how to distinguish between the state of a civil war and the state of political disagreements. 656 more words

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Abraham Lincoln Timeline, 1809-1858

Brief Abraham Lincoln Timeline (1809-1858)

February 12, 1809: Lincoln born in Kentucky. (Born the same year as Karl Marx)

1816: The Lincolns moved to Indiana. 279 more words

Why I blog the U.S. Civil War

I have had a passion for the American Civil War ever since I discovered that my great-grandfather, George Preston Shanks, fought in the war. While other teens concentrated on their future, I lived in the past, reading about the war and visiting battlefields and historic sites for fun. 331 more words

Civil War

Religion, Civil War and Peace

Author’s note: In this article, I use the terms “war” and “civil war” interchangeably. They refer to a contested armed incompatibility involving a government and a non-state actor that generates at least 25 battle-related fatalities annually. 1,848 more words


Syrian Air Force Intelligence agents confiscated a large amount of weapons destined for the Damascene suburb of Barzeh. 70 more words


The American Troubles

An article at Status 451 titled Days of Rage recounts the terror bombings of the 1970s (bold emphasis added)

I am afraid that the United States is in for political violence in 2017.

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Civil War

"I Want To Wake Up In A City That Never Sleeps"

And I’m still hoping I might, although our scheduled sleeper train from Charleston to New York City is running over 2 hours late due to the storms batterring the south east of America. 1,156 more words