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Rare £1 coin from 1643 is expected to fetch £30,000 at auction

A £1 coin is up for auction this month, and is expected to sell for at least £30,000. The huge price tag is due to the historical importance – and rarity – of the coin – which was struck in 1643 at the start of the English Civil War.

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The Birth Of The Dollar

Link: http://www.npr.org/blogs/money/2012/12/07/166747693/episode-421-the-birth-of-the-dollar-bill

Summary: At one point in U.S. history there was close to 8,000 different types of currency circulating. The Civil War became a bottleneck and forced innovation, thus creating one unified currency. 7 more words

Planet Money

On Revolution, Theory or Ideology?

Humans understand and explain through stories, and the stories we in the US tell about why people rebel against their governments usually revolve around deprivation and injustice. 833 more words

Protests And Popular Uprisings

A Bicycle Built for the Battlefield

By Carl Whitehill – One of the things I’ve always admired about Gettysburg is the number of ways to experience the history here. And while, I’ll admit, every tour isn’t for everybody – it’s great to have options and do something different once in a while … to see life through a different lens. 787 more words


CIVIL WAR OP-ED: Saint Patrick’s Day Tribute to General Patrick Cleburne—The Fighting Irishman


Hello America; the land of good, Patriot and kind people,

It has been my pleasure to write many articles pertaining to the America’s past and the Old South land loving called ‘Dixie’ for your reading enjoyment for over 10 years. 658 more words


150 Years Ago Today

March 3rd Left our Fortified Camp on Black Creeck and marched to Cheraw and Camped A Mile West of the City the 1st Division in the City We Routed the Rebels from their strong and Wel Fortifyed Position on shugar Creeck by A Flanck Move thay Cant stand A flanck from the time We routed them from shugar Creeck We kept them on the Quick run until thay Crosed the Great Pedee River it is stil Wet rainey Weather We Got out of the Pine barrens to day and Wil have Plentier of Forage Again than We have had for some time

Tombstone Tuesday: Henry Clay Perry

In the late summer of 2012, my friend Donna and I went out to what felt like the middle of nowhere (but wasn’t) and walked Oak Plain Cemetery outside Blue Mountain, Mississippi. 87 more words

Location: Mississippi