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Book Review: The Return

“Nabokov and Conrad …They were artists who never returned. Each had tried, in his own way, to cure himself of his country. What you have left behind has dissolved…But Pasternak and Mahfouz were also right; never leave the homeland. 1,247 more words


Memorial Day, 1869. Excerpts from the New Bedford Mercury.

“Whatever evils threaten our country are not found in the old soldiery… It is the corruption which is eating out honor in public affairs; the shameless venality, in which members of legislatures are bought and sold, or, now and then, a whole legislature at once; the “rings” which dictate statutes and purchase officials; the laws which are framed to make the rich manufacturer richer and the poor buyer poorer…” 

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They Silently Gather Round Me: A Memorial Day Reflection

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

After the end of the American Civil War, the poet Walt Whitman reflected on the human cost of it. Whitman wrote, 1,007 more words


Big & Little Cats

During my time, I’ve spent a lot of time on military reservations to be exact over 24 years. Most military reservations are totally independent and may not be on the grid like the surrounding towns and cities. 676 more words

Dream Journal

Memorial Day... What About the Civil War... Does it Count...

One day a year America honors its fallen. As a nation, we join together in unity to pay homage to the brave men and women who so selflessly laid down their lives in our defense. 455 more words


Pvt. Frank Worthington, alias Wellington.

Frank Worthington, alias Wellington, is the sole African-American veteran buried under a Civil War Memorial headstone in Wilson’s Maplewood cemetery. (For a fact, he is one of a very few African Americans buried in Maplewood, period.) 80 more words

Wilson County