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So-called "Elites" Against Us

Like the poor, the “left” will always be with us…against us, that is.

Professors, administrators, and other top people in education, who–either are now getting–or did get–their early training from the 1970s hippies (who got “their” training from the beatnik generation) are now teaching our children in our universities, and/or have taught/influenced/brainwashed the teachers now teaching/influencing/brainwashing our younger children from kindergarten through high school. 936 more words

The Bulwark Anthology - Interviews with the authors Day 3 - Del Henderson

On day 3 of interviews with the authors of the Bulwark Anthology we have

Del Henderson

Introduce yourself to us. Tell everyone who you are, where you’re from, what you enjoy doing, hobbies and interests. 546 more words


Punching the Punisher

This is another from the Civil War section of the app. I guess at this point Frank Castle is no longer working with Cap.

Clearly, the focus of the panel is on the punch and on the impact that has on the Punisher. 126 more words

Little Rock Look Back: Robert F. Catterson, who united Little Rock and then divided Arkansas

It is interesting that the same man who brought an end to strife in Little Rock’s divided government in the post-Civil War era would then be active in a major rift in the Arkansas state government only a couple of years later. 267 more words


He Wrote for the Ages

For starters, I am not a fan of Thomas Jefferson. In fact, the more I know of this founding father, the less I like him. The Sage of Monticello routinely had young male slaves beaten for no better reason than custom, and lay the foundation for secession in 1798 with his Kentucky Resolution. 380 more words

River Of January

Marie's Reading More Than She Appears to Be!

I haven’t shared a book with you in over a month!  A shame, because I’ve been reading some good ones:

1861: The Civil War Awakening… 217 more words

Book Reviews

The Tree of Truth, The Third Branch: North-American Civil War

The Third Branch: North-American Civil War


Hollywood had yet another assignment –to continue convincing the world that their civil war had no other objective than that of ending slavery. 1,080 more words