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The Clown of Aleppo: A Bright Spot with a Dark End

A 24-year-old Syrian who decided to stay behind is now dead because of an airstrike. Anas al-Basha, a former centre director for the civil society group, Space of Hope, was killed by an airstrike on Tuesday. 61 more words

Aleppo at a Turning Point: ISIS Slowly Being Pushed Out

ISIS is on its back foot in Aleppo as well as in Iraq. Aleppo has been the birth place of some of the most gruesome violence of the whole conflict and both sides are to blame. 56 more words

Five and a Half Years Later in Syria: Too Many Sides

With hundreds of thousands dead, the conflict in Syria has become one of the most devastating conflicts of the twenty-first century. As a result, a refugee crisis has arisen and there is no end in sight for 11 million displaced Syrians. 44 more words

William and Ben - The Merchants

Unlike many of the family’s 19th century Tennessee ancestors, when William Harrison Thompson left the family home near Maryville, TN and headed west, he did not simply find some untilled land and set up a farm. 832 more words

Civil War

The Man Who Won The War

This article was first published by Irish Central on 16/10/2016

By Dermot McEvoy

Michael Collins – ‘The man who won the war’ Arthur Griffins

In 1920, during the height of the War of Independence, Michael Collins wore many hats: TD, Minister for Finance, Commandant-General of the IRA, head of the IRB, IRA Director of Organization, and IRA Director of Intelligence. 1,145 more words

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President Abraham Lincoln. L70

President Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president and was Born in 1809 in Kentucky to Thomas and Nancy Lincoln, who were the richest farming families in their country. 512 more words

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