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What I'd Watch 5/6/16: The Blew vs. the Great

This weekend brings us the long-awaited Captain America: Civil War.  Or Avengers 2.5 or Iron Man 3.5 or Marvel Movie 13 or however you want to look at it.   582 more words


Another Travesty

I received this email a few days ago and wanted to pass it on. It is shameful that we have to even address such an atrocious issue as this. 1,548 more words

Captain America: Civil War - Review

I think I have a new favorite movie. That probably sounds like hyperbole. Maybe it is. I’m an unabashed Marvel fanboy. I watch the cartoons. I read the comics. 939 more words


Spoilercast Special - Captain America: Civil War

This week, the Bastards go to WAR! JC and Foster discuss their thoughts on Captain America: Civil War, with spoilers and all the trimmings. Whose side are YOU on?


@HoltonsHorror reviews #CaptainAmericaCivilWar @Marvel

Okay, so this movie isn’t horror, but who would I be if I didn’t devote a blog post to the heroes I’ve come to know and love? 1,088 more words


Captain America Civil War

Hey everyone!

So recently I went to see the new Captain America film, Captain America Civil War. It was  an amazing film and I highly recommend it! 344 more words