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All About Annapolis Rock

Annapolis Rock (and nearby Black Rock Cliff) is one of the most popular sections of the Appalachian Trail in Maryland, making it a good introduction to the AT. 303 more words


Two Classics Express the Human Condition

A woman loves two men and loses them both amidst a catastrophic war which sweeps away an entire way of life. A man loves two women and loses them both amidst a war and ensuring revolution which ushers in a world unlike that which existed before. 578 more words


...and a Soldier Died Today...

World War II

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Koji Kanemoto has started our Memorial Day weekend off with the proper remembrance and respect that our now gone veterans deserve.

Road Trip

Last Wednesday, we returned home from a road trip. It was both tiring and great fun. The road trip started two days before the real driving started when I took Dianne to the airport, so she could fly off to Milwaukee and have more time for family and friends. 2,264 more words

Memorial Days in early 20th Century Florida

Memorial Day means different things to different people. For many, it is the unofficial start to the summer season filled with grilling and celebration. For others, it is a day to solemnly reflect on the sacrifices made by those fighting in the Armed Forces. 1,285 more words


Celebrating Memorial Day at Laurel Hill

As you can probably imagine, Memorial Day is an especially big deal for cemeteries. Here at Laurel Hill, we have an even stronger connection with the day than most, as this was the site of the first Memorial Day observance in Philadelphia. 613 more words

Civil War

Episode 46: Bailey's Dam

Here’s a fun fact about the United States you might not have learned in school: for a brief time in the 1860s, part of the country wanted to be ITS OWN country! 99 more words