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Famous Battles of Civil Warships

CSS Virginia

For its time, the USS Monitor represented cutting edge technology and was the mother of the monitor, a shallow draft ship that rides low in the water making a difficult target for enemy guns. 569 more words

CSS Virginia

Famous Battles of the Civil Ships

During the Civil War, both the Union and Confederate Navies have been better known in history for their technological advances in ship building rather than their military strategy… 653 more words

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USS Monitor/History

History: » USS  Monitor

The USS Monitor was the first commissioned ironclad ship by the United States Navy. Her fame comes mainly from her participation in the naval battle between two iron warships. 1,264 more words

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Civil War ship CSS Virginia

History: CSS Virginia

The hulk of the steam frigate USS Merrimack was found on April 20, 1861. At that time, the Norfolk Navy Yard was evacuated by Federal forces and Virginia authorities took over it. 477 more words

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If you love the sea and boating, why not bring your passion into your home with a nautical decor scheme?  However, nautical decor isn’t just for sailors. 391 more words

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CSS Alabama Warship


Warship CSS Alabama

CSS Alabama was a screw sloop-of-war built for the Confederate States Navy at Birkenhead, England in 1862 by John Laird Sons and Company of Birkenhead. 953 more words

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USS Constitution Frigate, History

History: USS Constitution Frigate

Frigate: displacement: 2,200, length between perpendiculars 175′; beam 43’6″; depth (in hold) 14’3″; speed 13 knots; complement 460; armament 28 24-pounder, 10 12-pounder. 1,767 more words

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