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River and Flood Analysis 2018 - Good Fixes!

The Autodesk River and Flood Analysis Module 2018 (aka River Analysis) has just recently been released and has some major fixes that will be very welcomed by anyone who uses this program. 463 more words


Elevation Adjustments on Points

This came up in the discussion groups today, a user has a set of points that he needs to create a surface from but the points also have a depth value. 531 more words


A Replacement for Part Builder? We'll see...

Creating custom parts for your storm sewer or sanitary sewer networks in Civil 3D is not fun. If you’ve ever had to go into Part Builder, you know what I’m talking about; secret variables, odd objects (what’s a COL object anyways?), and sometimes things just don’t work (haven’t been able to create a cut plane in Part Builder in almost a decade). 501 more words


What classes do you want at AU 2017?

Things are a bit different this year with how classes will be chosen for Autodesk University 2017, you get a say in it! All the proposed classes are up on the Autodesk website for you, yes you, to vote on! 121 more words


Profile Grade Labels? Yes, I want them to always show!

Here’s an issue I ran into recently. A client of mine was creating profile views for his sheets and noticed that the grade labels where always at the midpoint of the line. 407 more words


About Us, About Civil3D

Civil3D is a software that looks like Autocad. It’s actually an Autocad with more options so you can work on your road project inside Autocad environment. 135 more words