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The Faceless Targets

The release of documents these last few days about the rules of engagement specific to American airstrikes on terror suspects has initiated little national discussion. Or outrage. 641 more words

Glenn Cunningham

Medact research and report into the health impact of armed drones

News of this 2013 report is being reported now for those who – like the writer – missed it at the time. As this site was set up in 2014, there is no reference to this significant work apart from a reference to the fact that… 474 more words

Drone Strikes

Why Obama’s Drone Strike Civilian Death Count is WAY Too Low - YouTube


The Obama administration released a civilian death count for drone strikes, and the numbers estimated are shockingly low. With 64-116 estimated dead–a figure that is less than half of the lowest independent estimates–the administration claimed responsibility for 473 strikes, which also killed 2,372 to 2,581 “combatants.” One reason for the low casualty figures is that Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq were not included in the calculus as they were considered to be active fields of battle. 58 more words


Body Counts in Iraq

One web site says 251,000 have died in Iraq since America was fooled into invading. Another (click here) says 500,000. Both of them say that most of the dead are civilians, and neither counts the number of maimed and crippled, not to mention the ones driven crazy, some of whom are running around on the streets here at home. 211 more words


Fallujah, Chilcot and the right to silent protest.

Fallujah. First time round.2004

When Fallujah was attacked and bombed by US forces in 2004, I later joined a friend in standing outside the House of Commons on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 152 more words

US says up to 116 civilians killed in counterterror strikes

WASHINGTON – Peeling back some of the secrecy of America’s drone strikes on suspected terrorists, the Obama administration on Friday said it has killed up to 116 civilians in counterterror attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and other places where the U.S. 764 more words


Syria at our crossroads.

Reading a review of Adam Hochschilds’s “Spain in Our Hearts: Americans in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939” I was shocked again by the parallels with the “orphan” revolution of our times in Syria (see: Rich Benjamin’s review in the Guardian 14/5/15… 2,802 more words