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Drone warfare dehumanises those doing it and the people they kill: the collateral damage

In 2013 Lesley Docksey wrote ‘Old and New Wars’ – an article published in Global Research. After analysing the complexities of the ‘new wars’ she moves on to stress that the tools and training of modern warfare are dehumanising combatants – and those they kill:  445 more words

Drone Strikes

SS Sussex Torpedoed by U-Boat 24 March 1916

In February 1916 Germany announced that from 1 March its U-boats would sink defensively armed British merchant ships without warning. Germany had, under pressure from the USA, abandoned unrestricted submarine warfare in September 1915. 794 more words

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Our government continues to support Saudi Arabia despite its 'crimes against humanity' (UN), challenged by US Senator Chris Murphy

The global charity Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) told Reuters news agency that more than 40 civilians, including an eight-year-old in a critical condition, were admitted to Abs Hospital after an air strike in the Mustaba district, … 251 more words

Civilian Deaths

UN slams Saudi-led offensive in Yemen -- U.S. Welcomes Saudi Announcement That The End Is Near


© AFP | A Yemeni family stand outside their house in Sanaa which was damaged in an air-strike by the Saudi-led coalition

GENEVA (AFP) – The United Nations on Friday decried the “carnage” caused by recent air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, saying the alliance had caused the vast majority of civilian deaths in the conflict. 757 more words

Frederick Joseph Edmund Carter: Ham's young Home Guard

Frederick Joseph Edmund Carter (c. 1924–1942)
Home Guard,
Drowned, aged 18, while carrying out his duties, 19 March 1942,
at Teddington Lock.

Followers of Pike in… 1,180 more words

The defeat of the Syrian Revolution will create shocks in the West that dwarf extremist terrorism.

[Update 15th March 2015 …. Three recent developments may well put a different spin on the way in which the defeat of the Syrian Revolution is being planned. 1,320 more words


FT: “A part of the civilisation process” - air-strikes kill over 148* in Pakistan/Afghanistan last month, Cameron undeterred

Incredibly, “the steady withdrawal of actual human flesh from the battle zone” is described as being a part of the civilisation process

According to the un-named writer of… 143 more words

Drone Strikes