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Grave of the Fireflies

The night of March 16th, 1945 the United States Firebombed Kobe, Japan killing 8,841 people.  Another 650,000 were left homeless.  These were not soldiers, they were civilians.  330 more words


Israel and the US.

The US continues to send our tax dollars to Israel at a rate of over 3 billion dollars per year. We send money and arms to a country that has shown disdain for the US for years. 878 more words


Some deaths by drone are more disturbing than others

In January, news of the six lethal drone attacks, condemned by Pakistan’s government and recorded by the Bureau of Investigation, was not found in Western media. 324 more words

Drone Strikes

Drones? The ‘chattering classes’ ignore ongoing execution without trial

On Sunday in the FT magazine, Gillian Tett wrote an article flippantly headlined: “You’re never alone with a drone”.

She added, “Enthusiasts want fewer controls; privacy groups want tighter rules”. 303 more words

Drone Strikes

The CIA-run drone campaign: no judge, no jury, just summary execution

Reuters reports that Mohammed Saleh Qayed Taeiman, a sixth grade student aged about 12, was one of three people killed in the latest U.S. drone strike east of the Yemeni capital Sanaa. 187 more words

Drone Strikes