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US Africom To Investigate Civilian Deaths in Raid In Somalia

The US Africa Command (Africom) is launching a second investigation in a raid in August in Somalia in which it was reported that 10 civilians in the northeast African country were killed. 385 more words


The Uncounted: debunking Pentagon claims that few civilians have died in airstrikes

 Alex Ward, in a Vox.Com article, presents and comments on the New York Times’ almost unbearably detailed November report.


The Pentagon claims that its air war against ISIS is one of the most accurate in history and that the 14,000 US airstrikes in Iraq have killed only 89 civilians – those not listed are here called ‘The Uncounted’. 332 more words

Civilian Deaths

US-led anti-ISIS coalition under-reports civilian deaths - and the media lets them get away with it

The US-led coalition against ISIS has vastly played down the number of civilians that have been killed in Iraq as a result of their own airstrikes. 1,095 more words


After Daesh, ruined Raqqa fears new strife

Rebuilding city to take years

By Reuters – Oct 26,2017 -JORDAN TIMES

Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces dance along a street in Raqqa, Syria, on October 18 (Reuters photo) 896 more words


The US Is Bombing the Syrian City of Raqqa Into Complete Devastation

The surgery was a success but the patient died.


(ANTIMEDIA) — The United States has been bombing the Syrian city of Raqqa into complete devastation at the rate of at least one air-delivered munition every 8 minutes, according to… 587 more words

Can Donald Trump really believe this slaughter will “make America great again”?

Britain’s special friend: NATO Watch’s grim update of US ‘defence’ developments

The emphasis on air power by the Trump administration has led to an unprecedented 20,650 bombs being dropped on seven countries (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria) during his first six months in office and a large increase in the numbers of civilians being killed. 328 more words

Civilian Deaths

Lest we forget: yesterday alone, 44 airstrikes were conducted by US-led coalition military forces

Airwars is a collaborative, not-for-personal-profit project tracking and archiving the international air war against so-called Islamic State and other groups in Iraq, Syria and Libya. As nine Coalition nations are bombing in Syria alone – along with the air forces of Russia, Iran, Israel and the Assad regime – there is a pressing public interest need for independent, trustworthy assessments. 389 more words

Civilian Deaths