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Examination of Pro Assad Attitudes in Briefing Paper for UK Labour Party MPs.


A copy of the UK Labour Party briefing paper for MPs before the Syria debate in Parliament on the 11th October 2016 was leaked. The document is seriously flawed. 3,212 more words


Devastated City

Until May, 1940, Rotterdam was an elegant city of canals and stately historic houses in the Amsterdam style. It was a fine example of the Dutch genius for constructing beautiful cities where once, there were only water and swamps. 595 more words

The Netherlands

The US continues its mission: bringing peace, democracy and death – this time in Africa

The Washington Post reported in 2014 that the U.S. military wanted to increase reconnaissance flights over Libya assisted by a drone base in Agadez; this would make it easier to reach the southern Libya desert, where security analysts believed that many itinerant Islamist fighters regrouped after being expelled from Mali. 580 more words

Drone Strikes

Pakistani Journalist Sues US Over Drone Strike Deaths Of His Family

Pakistani journalist Karim Khan has sued the US government for the death of his son and brother, claiming that the CIA killed them both in a New Year’s Eve drone strike in 2009, in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region. 479 more words

North Korea - Massive Flooding

A Week-Long deluge in the NE of the DPRK has caused widespread damage, soldiers have been mobilised to help assist and repair, rescue civilians.

Tens of Thousands of buildings, at least 60 deaths, and at least 50,000 homeless in the North Hamgyong province along the Tumen River, which is near the border with China and Russia. 192 more words

Meditations on War - Part 5: Weapons Free


If WWI taught us anything it’s that unlearning a lifetime of training and indoctrination is incredibly difficult. Even when millions of men and the best and brightest soldiers and military institutions in the world are involved. 2,469 more words

The Faceless Targets

The release of documents these last few days about the rules of engagement specific to American airstrikes on terror suspects has initiated little national discussion. Or outrage. 641 more words

Glenn Cunningham