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Question of the Week: 6/26-7/2/17

A couple weeks ago we asked if you had just one favorite historical person from the Civil War era. As our blog series continued and we read the comments, we realized that was sort of an unfair question! 67 more words


Giant hogweed - not so cocky after three weeks

I passed a recent acquaintance last night, not seen for three weeks.

Straying from its usual home of the riverbank, it looks as if the… 99 more words


Clara is missing in Sandyhills

Another set of posters in the area tells of another missing cat.

Having been sort of housebound for a few weeks, I kind of snapped and just went out for a mindless wander to cover a few miles, and was disappointed to find that another appeal to help find a lost cat. 91 more words


Another painted footpath appeal

While I’ve yet to come across any of these ‘Public Warning’ signs in my own area, I do seem to spot them while wandering elsewhere. 141 more words


Peacock's Tearooms

Oddly, this post isn’t actually about the subject (or some such confusing thought) – but more later.

I always have to stop and look at the derelict building shown below, and it’s only recently I learned it was originally Peacock’s Tearooms, with a glazed shop and entrance on the right, and another shop occupying the left third or so of the ground floor. 284 more words


Chevrolet and Reliant finally tidied away

I have to say that the hysterical ‘tidy’ of the east end of Glasgow that was associated with the 2014 Commonwealth Shames was a another ‘shame’, as it meant that a lot of old sites and buildings were cleared away for no other reason than clearing away something embarrassing to the council. 180 more words


My Favorite Historical Person: Changing Favorites?

As we were working on this series and chatting about favorite historical figures, it prompted memories of how my “favorite historical person” has changed through the recent years. 699 more words