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Coincidence? Two CRT posts in a row!

I should plan this stuff, it would be easier than finding subjects.

Yesterday saw mention of an odd CRT abandoned outside a house, and suggested that while I had no idea why it was lying there in these days of LCD, if it was mine, I WOULD (know). 406 more words


People are seen amid debris at a damaged site in Arbin

People are seen amid debris at a damaged site in Arbin, a town in Damascus countryside, Syria.

Bashar Al-Assad

Scotland's weather in 2107 so far - glum and damp

I don’t usually stoop so low as to use the weather as inspiration (it’s too soft a target to be fair in Scotland – favourite joke: “ 296 more words


That's odd - a dead CRT

I know why I might have a CRT lying around on its own (being a tech of sorts, and trying hard not to spend on LCDs for as long as possible), but I can’t really think of any good reasons for ‘normal’ people to have a bare CRT lying near their front door. 82 more words


“I hope my visit to Boston will do good…” Confederate Colonel John S. Mosby and American Revolution

A version of this post appeared in the Emerging Civil War blog on August 17, 2018.

Those who know me know of my “interest” in famous Confederate partisan, John S. 1,349 more words

Eye see not every picture turns out as expected

I doubt many who have only ever used digital cameras have any REAL appreciation of the ‘smarts’ built into their little ‘Point and Shoot’ marvels, especially camera phones, which I regularly see taking pics under circumstances I would have struggles to record a black and white images, let alone a reasonably rendered colour version (doubt anyone remembers, but colour film could suffer colour shifts under various circumstances). 396 more words


Two letters and two number still look good even if squinty

This was a nice surprise, spotted almost immediately as I stumbled out of Partick station recently.

68 NC on a trimmed plate fitted to a nice shiny black Mercedes-Benz C250 D AMG Line Premium + (as registered). 209 more words