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Dolly bird Barbie was a spy who even had her own little Enigma machine

I chanced across this little gem about Barbie and her typewriter, and thought was something that was probably little known, and worth sharing with those who like secrets. 497 more words


The Illegals - EG06 ONE

Having seen the zeal with which the English Police Interceptors (seen on TV) seem to pull over illegally formed registrations/number plates, it seems very much to a casual observer that Police Scotland don’t see this as an offence worth dealing with on this side of the border. 29 more words


Porsche and bonus Porsche

Getting into Glasgow a bit more often is helping compensate for my neighbour’s new fascination with Q-cars and aversion to buying ‘interesting’ cars, and I can still collect some more attractive vehicles, and their registrations. 290 more words


Daffodils and snowdrops arrive

Just a silly observation, but interesting nonetheless.

A keen photographer I know always annoys me (unintentionally) by posting pics of flowers such as daffodils and snowdrops in his area, often many weeks before I even have green shoots poking through the surface, let alone any flowers, yet he is only a few miles away. 198 more words


Dead ratchet

Just a bit of fun, noticed while I was walking near Bridgeton.

I was semi-lucky a while back – while waiting to cross the road I happened to look down and was surprised to see a bundle of assorted ½″ ratchet drives and extensions. 249 more words


Carntyne bridge works - not so impressive

When I saw all the diversions for the recent works on the stone-clad hill that use to support the bridge over Carntyne Road at Todd street, I was expecting to see a lot  more changes made by the time they were finished. 51 more words


Jim Clark Museum granted planning permission

It feels as if I’ve been watching stories about plans for a museum dedicated to racing driver Jim Clark for years, but it’s not really been that long. 149 more words