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Barrowland neon does light up

There’s a definite downside to being forced off the road (aka not driving) in that you lose the desire to go to risky places carrying camera gear that might look expensive. 371 more words


Architectural event set for Glasgow in June 2017

The Society of Architectural Historians has selected Glasgow for its annual gathering when it will pay its respects to Mackintosh and to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Alexander “Greek” Thomson, the city’s other pioneering Victorian architect. 304 more words


President Buhari Regrets Accidental Bombing of Civilians In Borno

President Muhammadu Buhari has received with deep sadness and regret, the accidental bombing of a civilian community in Rann, Borno State, by the Nigerian Air Force, engaged in the final phase of mopping up insurgents in the North-east. 60 more words


How being careful bent a bike rack

It’s not often you actually get to watch an ‘accident’ develop, but I did see such a thing happen, and the irony of the whole thing was that those involved were doing thing the ‘right’ way AND trying to be careful. 263 more words


Bentley Continental GT Speed

I don’t know if she did it deliberately, but while I was trying to get an unobstructed view of this car a fat woman decided to perch her jumbo-sized posterior on the bike-rack just in front, and give her over-stressed and over-worked heart a little bit of a rest while she made a phone-call and eclipsed the view with her bulk. 180 more words


Dim car lighting advert

In the ‘Good Old Days’, when car makers fitted the cheapest candles to their offerings, I used to enjoy the challenge of finding an after-market replacement for each car I was ‘gifted’, and fitting it to provide decent illumination of the road ahead. 237 more words


STRICTLY NO PHOTOGRAPHY at this Photo Experience

I’m almost tempted to leave off the ‘oxy’ when noting the funny oxymoronic ‘Photo-Experience’ signage I spotted in the St Enoch Centre (and had all but forgotten until I started indexing some of my recent pics). 109 more words