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Rare electrical porn

One for my electrical engineering mates.

I spotted this freshly dropped, clean, shiney, transformer for a small substation on a nearby new build.

It will no doubt receive an enclosure soon, so this is probably a rare chance to catch an exposed transformer – although compared to older builds, it’s already pretty well enclosed. 256 more words


Polish on the Clyde

It’s funny how some spots of the River Clyde’s banks seem to collect rubbish, while others seem to stay clean, and the odds of finding something interesting (carried along and dumped by the river seem to be low. 236 more words


Today is Quiche Lorraine Day

20 May is Quiche Lorraine Day.

The humble quiche is one of the tastiest dishes you can have. Served either warm or cold, and packed with ham or veg, this is a super versatile┬ámeal that goes with all sorts of sides, and it’s even simple to make (but I never have – I really really should). 206 more words


Today is Weights & Measures Day

20 May is Weights & Measures Day.

‘Weights & Measures’ covers a vast field in which standardised, legal, fiscal measurements are made, and standards are agreed nationally and internationally. 577 more words


New Tollcross Road flats

I’ve been waiting for this new build to get to the stage where it becomes recognisable and worth a pic.

The site originally had what I refer to as ‘grey’ tenements running from Tollcross Road into Dunira Street, as opposed to Glasgow’s original style of sandstone tenement. 386 more words


Today is World Whisky Day

19 May is World Whisky Day in 2018.

But be careful, since not only may partaking of too much whisky in celebration cause the date to move around, the fact that it takes place on the third Saturday of May means it really does move around from year to year. 318 more words


Parkhead Cross commemorative stone - where it's hidden

I mentioned a commemorative stone I tripped over at Parkhead Cross not so long ago.

It was quite busy at the time, and there were too many bodies staggering around to get a clear pic, so I couldn’t show the location, or maybe even prove it really is there. 47 more words