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Where did Tyre City come from?

Yet another surprise, as I made one of my random route changes.

This used to be Kwik-Fit. It’s been Kwik-Fit for years. It’s been a regular waypoint on my wanderings. 97 more words


Today is Ravioli Day

20 March is Ravioli Day.

Not a lot you can really day about this, if you like Ravioli.

I’ve always liked this as a handy, quick filler as it can its own tasty filling, and rounds it off with the handy packaging, and a nice sauce. 195 more words


Sometimes English are smarter than Scots

In Scotland, it seems to the ‘In Thing’ to whine about so-called child poverty, and rather than do anything about it, keep inventing new definitions so that more and more occurrences can be claimed (and political Brownie Points scored). 23 more words


Now Lidl joins the Baillieston closures

Don’t panic though…

This closure is just for refurbishment.

This was notified last week, with the store closing on the 18th (March) and planned to reopen on 17 May, a Thursday, which is handily the day Lidl usually throws out some extra offers. 16 more words


Busy Baillieston

I hadn’t planned on taking a look at Baillieston last night, but when the weather held up I decided that I needed the walk.

They’ve been busy with the work on the old Airdrie Saving Bank, and have sadly scrapped the novel original front window with its featured zig-zag glazing, now replaced with conventional flat glazed plain windows. 149 more words


Flat earth fun is back - meet the Flatards

After having a bit of fun, the only response one can reasonably have when the flat-earthers insulted the whole of Scotland when they reportedly took over a shop unit in Inverness, is a quick burst of hysterical laughter. 34 more words


Inversnecky wit nails it again - this time, winter!

I’ve mentioned some of the fun shared from the Aberdeen’s Inversnecky cafe sandwich board in the past.

This time, they’ve nailed the departure of this year’s winter, or the Beast from the East.

Nice :)