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Today is Cat Herders' Day

15 December is Cat Herders’ Day.

No, I didn’t believe it either, but it is.

While ‘like herding cats’ has become a popular saying (amongst some) it seems to be a recent creation. 45 more words


First Christmas tree got an upgrade

Well, if the first Christmas tree I spotted gets an upgrade…

The least I can do is feature the effort…


An interesting Christmas

I like to collect some of the (illuminated) garden displays that pop up around ‘my’ streets at this time of year.

Pickings have been a little sparse, thanks in no small part to me being grounded, but also due to the extreme cold snap that hit (and presumably scared folk back indoors for a few days). 693 more words


The Legacy Hub at night

This is unusual. Evidence of life here.

I generally walk past this – The Legacy Hub – during daylight hours, but must do so on the wrong days as it always seems to be closed and deserted. 304 more words


Restored Campbeltown Picture House reopens on 22 December 2017

I’m tempted to be naughty and say the picture house will open just in time to close again, for Christmas holidays.

However, I’m sure they want to give the fixtures and fittings, and all the toys, a trial run without any hiccup causing them to close for a day or two for snagging. 75 more words


War Comes to St. George's (part four)

(part four in a series)

After the battle of Fredericksburg and before the battle of Chancellorsville, the Confederate army used St. George’s for services and revivals. 1,157 more words


My neighbours are weird

So, it’s almost the middle of December, we’ve just enjoyed nights that have gone down to at least -9 deg C (no snow so far though), and… 17 more words