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Syria, July 2015: At least 6,673 air strikes were recorded during the month.

At least 791 civilians were killed due to these air strikes.

Think again.



Marinka is small town from Ukraine. Population: 9000.

Marinka is being shelled since 2014 and has been occupied by both Ukrainian and rebel forces.

Summer is different in Marinka. Think again.


-A Song With A Meaning-

It’s about two o’clock in the morning, and I (being the insomniac that I am) decided to clean my room because I couldn’t go to sleep. 601 more words


Name Change Alert!!

I know it is politically incorrect nowadays for a woman to take the name of the man she marries (or whatever!), but I am formally–OK–informally!–announcing that Robert Groeling and I got married on July 4 of this year. 371 more words

Emerging Civil War

Chapter 20: The Nighttime In Palermo

Dear readers,

Wits, composure, gut instinct & nerves of steel are the ingredients to success. The success you ask that I am talking about, well allow me to elaborate. 830 more words

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