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Joe Biden and John Boehner: Our Faith Inspires Political Compromise

Millennial co-founder Christopher Hale has a new article at Time. He writes:

Biden and Boehner’s invitation to Notre Dame wasn’t without some controversy. Both have political positions that stand in profound contrast to the Church’s teachings, including Biden’s support for abortion rights and Boehner’s support for budget cuts for programs that serve the poor. 219 more words


100 Cars!

100 cars and counting. One of the more significant problems in Eureka is blight.  A broken and abandoned car here and graffiti there.  Shopping carts tipped over and lying in the street and trash heaps piled sporadically around town.  187 more words

WWGT? What Would George Think?

Okay, so I know George Washington died in 1799. I’m also aware that it is now 2016 and life has changed exponentially since his passing, but I wonder… 244 more words

21st Century

What Happened to the Wonderful World of Tact & Diplomacy?

Youth Get a Bad Rep

As I was sitting in a meeting about a new program that was coming to the educational institute I work for, my attention was peaked when I heard the coordinator say that there would be a class to teach “tact and diplomacy” as a part of the course requirements. 806 more words


Respect, Specifics, Solutions. Trump Provided Insight Into a Shared Problem, Felt in Different Ways.

At first. I snickered and assured concerned friends in Europe and Asia that Trump was an errant blip. Disturbingly self assured, if not smug.
Lies, outrageous distractions and bloviating bravado each more astounding seemed to do nothing to dominate and diminish the Republican Primary. 370 more words

Shared Destiny

A fitting tale

Last Thursday, I ran down the stairs of the foot-over bridge to make it in time for the Great Jump. The Great Jump can be defined as the jump into a train compartment before the local train comes to a halt. 360 more words

Aamchi Mumbai

Another Civics Lesson from President Obama at the Illinois General Assembly

On February 10, 2016–the ninth anniversary of his announcement that he was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination[1]–President Barack Obama returned to the Illinois General Assembly, where he had served as a state senator. 2,010 more words