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October 23, 2012 Redux in 2016

Oct. 23 ~ Civility allows for change to happen. #civility

What do I mean? Am I saying that no one should be challenged for ever-shifting stances on issues? 196 more words


October 22, 2012 Redux in 2016

Oct. 22 ~ Civility is humility on parade! #civility

Because humility, like civility, is one of those strengths that never gets old, never fails you, never goes wrong! 23 more words


Being a Nasty Woman Is Not Good

During the final debate, Trump told Hillary, “You are a nasty woman” after she delivered one of several low blows during the event.

Not surprisingly, women on Twitter took up the torch, claiming if being a nasty woman meant smart, confident, and powerful count them in. 375 more words

Red Pill

The Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

For the past week I’ve been recovering from watching the last Presidential debate. The tenor of the entire presidential campaign has me worried about the great divisions in this country and how it’ll affect the health of the democratic republic. 616 more words

October 21, 2012 Redux in 2016

Oct. 21 ~ Civility, like any good habit or reflex, requires practice. Start small, work your way up. Don’t give up. #civility

Civility is not just for disagreements, but it can shape all our discourse, from simple… 28 more words


Critical Thinking

In the aftermath of last evening’s debate, as well as the two prior debates, I was appalled. I was not surprised, but it was blatantly evident that our society has lost much in simple courtesy and civility. 220 more words