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What Are We Missing in the Gun Debate?

Like many Americans, I have been following the conversation on the most recent mass shooting in Oregon.

Many helpful perspectives have been offered. And if I could, let me begin this post by recounting a brief personal story. 1,513 more words


The Niceness Lie

It’s peculiar to Western social mythology that we are supposed to be “nice.”

While the actual definition is contextual and all over the map, we all have learned to recognize that undertone — “you’re supposed to be nice” — in much of today’s verbal noise. 823 more words


WHoly Christian, Wake up Call part two

Excerpt from my book “WHoly Christian”:

Pray for wisdom.  We are once again living in a time when it is not particularly popular for people to speak up for their faith in Christ Jesus or be so audacious as to say the Bible is true and it is God’s message to humanity.   592 more words

Calm your tits.

So we’ve all heard the complaints that the Social Marxist Feminist Language Police or the Bureau for Ideological Purity, Intersectionality, and Social Justice or the Witch of the Week Perpetual Outrage Machine has over-reacted recently. 989 more words


WHoly Christian, Wake up Call

From my book “WHoly Christian”:

Man is but a reed, the weakest thing in nature, but he is a thinking reed.  It is not necessary that the entire universe arm itself to crush him.  

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Settle Down, People! American Christianity Does Not Want A Theocracy.

The ongoing accusation that the “religious right” wants to impose a theocracy is so wildly ignorant that it has to be another political tactic. Like the political tactic of painting anyone who opposes redefining marriage as being hateful and anti-gay. 1,605 more words


On Civility and Understanding in Politics

No man is good enough to govern another man without the other’s consent.

  • Abraham Lincoln

So let me put my cards on the table. In 1993, when I lived in Toronto, I joined the Ontario Liberal Party and the Liberal Party of Canada.

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