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Civility, Where Art Thou?

Civil conversation seems to be in short supply, especially along political lines. More than ever people self-identify via their politics very much in the same vein as they would with their religion or ethnicity. 235 more words


Respect as an Imperative

I have decided to use my Audible account to listen to books that I typically would not read, but would like to read. Audible is a great way to consume those books that can be a challenge for ‘before bed’ readers such as myself. 1,234 more words


A Different Kind of Inconvenient Truth

“Be kind to everybody. Make art and fight the power.” (Colson Whitehead)

Every day, there’s a new one, a new allegation of sexual harassment, abuse, or misconduct, by a person in a position of power toward someone he holds power over.

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You think?

I used to enjoy watching those political debate shows on television. You know the kind; the ones where they line up people on the right and the left (literally and politically), and they proceed to yell at, through, and around each other. 946 more words

How to remain civil in an uncivil world

Two years ago to this very day, I wrote the following story. I can only say that rather than improving over two years, things seem far worse. 673 more words

Social Media

Preview: Upcoming Kids' Storybook

This month I want to give you a glimpse of the new kids’ storybook on which I’ve been working.

But first, you may have noticed that it’s been well over a year since I’ve released a new storybook, so here’s a brief personal update: 812 more words


Suggestions for Improving Our Primary and Presidential Elections

HM feels guilty about providing explanations of problems without offering solutions for them. One suggestion is to submit anyone who is running for national office for background investigations. 415 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data