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Links I liked, 5/18/2015 – 5/24/2015 (Economics, Superconductivity, Classical Liberalism)

1. EconPop – The Economics of Elysium

Actually I enjoy all these EconPop videos – brought to you by the same guys as that (more famous) Hayek/Keynes rap battle. 504 more words


High School Teaches Us to be Constipated

There have been a number of recent discussions in my household regarding the toilets in my son’s school. I know this isn’t as cool as talking about the school’s football team or as academically proper and intellectual as talking about math or science or history, but this has been a real issue recently. 736 more words

Education & Teaching

"Discrimination in the Marketplace" by Jonathan Newman

I read this article not from the linked source, but in the Mises Institute’s bi-monthly publication The Austrian. I didn’t have time to wow my readers with another amazingly fantastic post this week so I thought I’d give you something to ponder instead. 1,207 more words


Chivalry and Southern civilization

The code of conduct called chivalry developed during the same period as did the roots of the plantation civilization in the Mediterranean basin (which was quickly spread by Iberians and Italians to the islands of the Eastern Atlantic and later to Brazil, Barbados and Dixie). 116 more words


Dining Al Fresco

Sitting at a proper table, across from your dining partner, elevates the experience for me.  We had been taking our meals on the deck in Adirondack chairs, both facing forward, toward the ocean, and thus seated seemed to have little need to make small talk.   47 more words

Summer Meals

Can Civility Return?

A recent post on my facebook feed showed Bernie Sanders asking a reporter if the media will allow “civil debate” between him and Hillary Clinton. Why does a presidential candidate need to make the assertion that mass media has become so sensationalist that all “they want” are confrontational soundbytes? 1,004 more words

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