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Heart to Hearts

Cynicism is amplified within my being.

Stupidity is rampant, and I believe that’s due to way too many people (for way too many generations) allowing themselves to be somewhat stupid as a compromise for modest gain — and all of the monstrous rippling effects from that compromise to form a strong stupidity modulation throughout society that cycles those ripples perhaps even to the volume of extinction. 509 more words

Entrepreneur: Cultivating Your Customers

It isn’t kind to cultivate a friendship just so one will have an audience.

~ Lawana Blackwell, Author 30 more words


Religious Freedom and the Gay Birthday Cake

Wrong is wrong, no matter which side does it.

Recently I saw a news story about a baker who refused to make a birthday cake for a gay person. 1,129 more words


You'd Never Day...

“You’d never say ‘it’s just cancer, get over it’. So why do some say that about depression?”

Actually, I just might. Not because I “don’t understand” either, but because this is life. 437 more words

Streams Of Thought

Week 1

Hello! This week during Civility, we’ll be starting to discuss the first pillar of of character, Respect. We’ll get the opportunity to find examples of respect in our lives, and will also discuss how we can show respect by following our school rules.


Violent Rhetoric and Politics

Here’s some noteworthy reading while I’m floating around in a few math problems.

A recent New York Times video compiled over a year of reporting at Trump rallies revealed the degree to which many of Trump’s supporters unapologetically express violence and hatred—for women, immigrants, and people of color.

666 more words

Politics -- Politely?!

Well, the stakes this year are too high to just sit at home, listen to the news and fret. I am disappointed by the shortage of rational, factual, civil discourse coming from any side. 94 more words