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"Anything Your Fellow Loses"

Within the seventy-two mitzvoth in this week’s parsha—between the commandments regarding divorce, loans, vows, parental guilt, charity, and defiant children—is a verse that at first glance doesn’t seem to apply to us: 1,867 more words


Alternative Universes

I have a friend who believes in a theory of alternative universes. At any given time, he says that he is existing in an untold number of parallel realities, where he lives different kinds of lives. 1,361 more words


The price of civility

I was bred to be polite. If there were a thoroughbred stable for polite people, I would have been a Kentucky blue blood despite my Ohio roots. 889 more words


Mediation Creates a Space/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Attorney/Mediator Michael Aurit added his name to the many who have written articles on how to select a mediator. Attorney Aurit acknowledges the fact that his topic selection, is neither novel nor unique. 294 more words

Civil Divorce

How to Heal a Nation

We lament the loss of civility in our culture.   Our current political season offers many examples but is not an outlier.  In the early days of our nation John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were locked in a particularly nasty campaign for president.  307 more words

Workplace Civility: Absence of Conflict is Unrealistic

“Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means”

_~ Ronald Reagan

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Dabo Swinney and Civility

All of a sudden I like Clemson football.  I had never heard of Dabo Swinney until a few minutes ago, and it is dangerous to support a stand when you know little of what is behind it, but Dabo made it clear.  304 more words