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....of 'gusty winds' & cities...

…”Gusty winds: order of the day”….”Unexpected, unpredictable, ultimately fascinating things about cities”…

SOMETHING ABOUT…..“from the UK to North America, gusty winds seem to be the order of the day and blow warnings of caution and take care”. 187 more words

Catholics and Immigration: Kneading the Dough with Pope Francis


Few topics have so occupied the fears and attention of so many in recent months than the issue of immigration.  I almost wrote “in the United States” but caught myself in time: this is a global phenomenon, which some observers state is at its worst since 1945 and the end of the Second World War.   2,196 more words

Pope Francis

Lashon Naki: Bringing JewishValues of Speech to our Civil Discourse

“Although the House of Shammai and the House of Hillel disagreed, the House of Shammai did not, nevertheless, abstain from marrying women of the House of Hillel, nor did the House of Hillel refrain from marrying those of the House of Shammai. 514 more words

Classifying News Sources With a Venn-Diagram Mapping Strategy

How to scrutinize, classify, organize, and evaluate today’s media — as much as possible, online and off? That’s the question.

As we search for ideas that can help young people explore news sources, evaluate their preferences, examine how the media outlets identify and share facts, we mustn’t forget incorporating the the opportunity to talk with one another about the perspective that each source brings to its news-sharing. 287 more words

Parents And Technology

The Culture of Nastiness - The New York Times

Good reflections and commentary by Teddy Wayne:

Social media has normalized casual cruelty, and those who remove the “casual” from that descriptor are simply taking it several repellent steps further than the rest of us.

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Obama ranked 12th best president by historians in new C-SPAN poll

Often history, and in this case, historians are kinder to past presidents than their contemporaries are while they are in office. 1,463 more words


Conflict, Disagreement, Kindness, Respect

I have chosen a profession in which disagreements abound. The conflicts I see in mediation are often fueled by high emotion. In the words of William Butler Yeats in… 422 more words