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My Firaxicon '15 eXperience

It’s 3 am EST. Why are my eyes open? Everything is fine at home, but I’m awake. Why? It’s quiet, I should be asleep for another 2 hours, but it’s just not happening. 1,368 more words


Bronze Age ‘sauna house’

Possibly built to serve a ritual purpose, this is an extremely rare and unusual find, an continues to create a mystery around the different rituals and practice’s that we see In Bronze age culture. 6 more words


Quote for the day - October 9

“If we squander our fossil fuels, we threaten Civilization; but if we squander the capital represented by living nature around us, we threaten life itself”. 22 more words


The Red-Headed Bug

The car kicked up a cloud of dust as I hurtled down the long driveway. In my rush, I turned onto the county road and traveled another half mile before I noticed the creature that furiously held on just outside my side window, some kind of small waspish fly, its bulbous eyes perched like wire-rimmed glasses on its orangey-maroon head, its tidy black veined wings tucked sleekly along the sides of its narrow black thorax. 830 more words


Archaeology in African Tropics

Something a bit different. This is a interesting little read about the archaeology of the tropical forests in central African. GA



Civilization: Beyond Earth review

Developer Firaxis Games
Publisher 2K Games

Have you played Civilization V and thought wouldn’t it be cool to play Civilization but in space? Well good news because now you can thanks to Civilization: Beyond Earth. 3,053 more words

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Very Semi-Serious - VIFF 2015

Very Semi-Serious is all about the New Yorker‘s Cartoonists and gives us a glimpse into the lives of a few of these specific artists and social commentators. 189 more words

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