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Mass Extinction in the West Asian Cluster


The “West Asian Cluster” is a term that I use to identify the several early civilizations that emerged in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Anatolia (cf. 1,015 more words


What's the Right Way?

What’s the right way to challenge someone you know…someone you love or respect…when something that person says makes your bullshit meter twinge?  How do you behave when someone you know…someone you love or respect….announces something that you know is based on air and ego? 546 more words

Life Decisions

Let’s Play Civ 6 Poland Part 25

Welcome back to Civilization 6! In this let s play of Civ 6 we will be playing as Jadwiga of Poland in our quest to achieve victory against the other civilizations. 30 more words

"1945-1998" by Isao Hashimoto

This is an old one, and the video has been linked to by many people in the past. I am providing the link just in case you have missed it. 46 more words

Life As It Is

100 Years

She watched them on the treadmills
and stairmasters
jaws set and eyes fixed ahead
moving rapidly nowhere
hoisting weights and snapping ropes
rowing in place on the cement floor… 115 more words

Julie Ayers

How Islamic scholarship birthed modern astronomy

Source: Astronomy Magazine By Shannon Stirone

“There were so many contributions over a millennium that it’s impossible to pick just a few.”

Astronomy may be the oldest natural science in the world. 186 more words