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Art and Otherness by Thomas McEvilley

How can we work today to get the “silenced cultures” to start speaking (p 46)?  How can Westerners make strides against the “sterilizing eye” (p 34) and stop rejecting the Other’s fully human and real approach to civilization, art, and religion? 18 more words

Unit 1

Staying on track

The train is slowly pulling

away from the station,

an agreement of nations

signed and ratified,

a journey of transformation

to be delivered

after decades of labor. 319 more words


Let’s Play Civ 6 Poland Part 1

Welcome back to Civilization 6! In this let s play of Civ 6 we will be playing as Jadwiga of Poland in our quest to achieve victory against the other civilizations. 30 more words

Nothing to Fear

We are taught there is something to be feared

in the beast which loses fear, which wanders

daylight and asphalt, even under baking skies.

If man has not tamed it, such fearlessness… 90 more words


Civilization and Vices

What’s Civilization?

Civilization is a stage or system of social, political or technical development often on the scale of nation or people

What are vices? 122 more words



The advent of the technological age will bring great wonders to our world. With it will arrive a force so powerful it will fundamentally change human existence. 207 more words


 Intra-Elite Competition: A Key Concept for Understanding the Dynamics of Complex Societies 

Moderate intra-elite competition need not be harmful to an orderly and efficient functioning of the society; in fact, it’s usually beneficial because it results in better-qualified candidates being selected. 273 more words