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Scottish Stonehenge, Clava Cairns Scotland

Built in 2500 BC, the Clava Cairns, like Stonehenge, is another location deeply related to the movements of the sun, the moon and the stars. 156 more words


Time to Civilize the Muslims

Inspired by the Draw Muhammad Contest in Garland Texas, where two Muslims tried to gun down the attendants and were killed by the police a new draw Muhammad rally was organized in Phoenix Arizona in front of the same mosque the Garland gunmen used to attend. 1,382 more words

Our Journey

Maybe we have gone too far with the beautification and cosmetic enhancements of this planet. We all had imaginations and lofty ideas to transform the beauty of this planet. 348 more words


Halfway done

Six months down, six more to go. I am not playing any MMORPG for the moment, so now I’m looking at my library of games more often and more closely. 448 more words


Author: Paul Fleischman

Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes

My rating: 5 of 5

Wesley’s always been, well, different. His parents worry about him; the other kids pick on him; he just doesn’t fit in anywhere . 248 more words

Book Review

Shepherd of Hearts

I tread the lush green pastures of God’s provision. He calls me to His mountains and teaches me how to make the wild waters run still so others can drink. 611 more words


No internet?

Yesterday for whatever reason there was little or no internet. It wasn’t just local service, friends of mine all over the country and in other countries reported the same thing. 318 more words