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Apocalypse as Praxis 

What is the enemy in a metaphysical war? For us it is the religion of the Antichrist, but what is the true religion of the Antichrist? 39 more words


Let’s Play Civ 6 Sumeria Part 3

Civilization 6 is finaly out! In this let s play of Civ 6 we will be playing as Gilgamesh of Sumeria in our quest to achieve victory against the other civilizations. 19 more words

Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 3: Rice or Sugar?

In this episode I learn to tell the difference between rice and sugar! We continue exploring and prepare to settle our second city. I realised after recording that I’ve been able to change social policies but haven’t been doing so! 8 more words


Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 2: Barbarians Approach!

In this episode, we continue exploring in search of other civs, and fend off barbarians. Unlike the first episode, I wasn’t recording at four in the morning, so hopefully it shows in my commentary!


Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 1: Release Hype!

Civilization 6 has finally been released and I am playing my first game as Saladin, leading Arabia. I am playing on King difficulty and a standard sized Pangaea map.


Team Liquid Signs The First Pro Civilization VI Player

(Source: kotaku.com)

Stephen ‘MrGameTheory’ Takowsky will be Civilization VI’s first professional player. That’s according to an announcement Team Liquid made yesterday stating it has signed MrGameTheory to head up their new Civilization team and was embarking on “an initiative to launch Civilization VI into the world of competitive esports.” 402 more words


Civilization VI Review: Similar Journeys with New Approaches

Civilization VI, is the latest in a long line of 4X strategy games that have we’ve spent countless hours (or days) playing. What can we say when we reach this far in the series? 997 more words