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Manliness Is Not Dead...Yet

By now you have certainly heard that last week three American friends and a British man acted courageously to thwart a deadly terrorist attack on a train in France. 370 more words


The West is Europe... and Europe is the Empire

The broad modern mind will often narrow or even restrict ideas. I suppose it is a natural consequence of trying to cram all ideas equally into one’s head. 393 more words


Latest Edition of the Tower of Babel

I’ve noted often that if you evaluate Western Civilization by Western values, it’s hard to notice the flaws. There are different kinds and levels of systems, but Western Civilization as a system is devoted to proving the system is right. 1,350 more words


Why We Need an Alternative History of the 20th Century 

The 20th century – like most centuries, I suppose – was an eventful one. It had a couple of world wars, the advent of pop music, inconceivable technological advancements, huge advancements in human rights, unprecedented population growth and the relentless draining of our planet’s resources. 84 more words



There is no place for me here
Watching the evil accumulate
Turn back on itself and reproduce
Exponentially, overloading the senses
Until some days I wish it would all simply split apart – 159 more words