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Civilizations have two important properties:

  1. they are dissipative systems, and
  2. they are creative systems.

A dissipative system is a physical system that maintains its state by turning resources from a usable form into an unusable waste form. 2,553 more words


Do Unto Others

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” at first pass, sounds golden. Many go so far as to call this phrase the golden rule. 584 more words

Living Above Our Emotional - Astral Passions. By- Mike j Hughes

Living Above Our Emotional Passions By;- Mike j Hughes.

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The most powerful and effective method of service an aspirant can offer in leading humanity out of it`s self created hellish nightmare is to empower themselves with absolute determination to set one’s goal to tread the razor edge Path to Self –Realization. 634 more words

Response to article on information security stance by Internet companies

This “article” appeared on LinkedIn Blogs.. written by Ravi Krishnappa , entitled Today Ransomware – Tomorrow Haramware

It showed up on my feeds, I felt compelled to reply.. 909 more words


Interview with historian Luo Zhitian (罗志田) on intellectuals on the occasion of the publication of his biography of Hu Shi




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The "Good Black Man" Label is Pasteurizing

I’ve always cringed at the “good black man” label for a variety of reasons. It proves just how dependent men are on women to seek validation. 1,312 more words


Wildlife Services makes 2014 report

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Hello, subscribers, let me apologize for not updating in awhile.  I have multiple new projects going on, including the Restoring Sanity essay series (with Susan Hyatt) and a new book.   544 more words