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Talk is ... A Presidential Debate

Talk Is ….

Pentecost 127


“Talk is cheap.”  Some call that saying an idiom while others classify it as a proverb.  That brings to light a question.  647 more words


Mathematics is Knowledge

     In ancient times, mathematicians experienced difficulty when dealing with a process of division carried on infinite series, limits, transcendental numbers, irrational quantities, and so forth. This provides an example of great social truth of the whole history of human knowledge >> “pfffft! 235 more words


2016, September 7 - 1889 - Greeks

dark days have fallen (5)
many times, then repeated (7)
on each great empire (5)


Hrytsak on Ukraine

Samuel Huntington thought that Ukraine was a country divided by “the clash of civilizations,” and this notion lies behind both the actions of Vladimir Putin and the current understanding of many in the West.

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Hot weekend

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Today was for a run in the coolth of the morning, then a mid-day event,  Mid-Peninsula Open Space District volunteer recognition day, at… 541 more words