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Intertemporal Division of Perception

In truth, all *three* of the principal western political orientations are profoundly and fundamentally individualistic.

Leftism is individualism for those with instantaneous time horizons. Food and shelter and college and debt forgiveness and status and orgasms for ME, right now, regardless of the costs to others, to society or to my future self. 157 more words



Most civilization-building games are bittersweet. On the one hand, they provide players with rich, fulfilling and productive experience, while allowing for deep, strategic choices to be made. 1,088 more words


Beauty and Civilization are One and the Same

Beauty is an investment that will yield dividends as long as it inspires the generations that follow to keep up their inheritance, to add to it, and to fight to defend it. 362 more words

Get Real With God

When the antichrist achieves power he will no longer need the “Christian” church.  He will always hate / has long hated the conservative Christian church but he will veil his hatred somewhat until it is no longer of any use to him.   57 more words

America Awake Again

Pastor Mark Burns said bringing people in the country together means focusing on the colors that unite us, not divide us, and has “to first start with the leaders.”

Pastor Ward Clinton

The Righteous Way of Life

Let’s sit back, relax and think for a while about the creation of the universe and how we are actually meant to deal with it. Let’s venture through a unique point of view on it. 1,363 more words