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The Definition of “Civilized" And How It Seems To Me That American Society Falls Short

I recently overheard someone say, “aren’t we so lucky to live in a civilized society?”

My critical mind decided to pick this one apart, because from my seat at the table, I fail to see many aspects of this American society as civilized. 1,047 more words

The Biggest Jungle

Hunt or get hunted
That’s the motto of corporate world

You have to do beyond your best
Or else you will not survive 27 more words

Thoughts & Feelings

Birth, War, Death

Every culture has a Genesis story, most cultures have its shadow the Genocide. Those that don’t, have a fascination with their own destruction. There is romance in death and a pedestal for those that cheat it. 116 more words


OPTICC 5th 6th Weeks, 1900-Present

OPTICC 1900-Present

Krysta Herrera

Barbarie — Civilisation by René Georges Hermann-Paul

Full caption: “It’s all a matter of perspective. When a Chinese coolie strikes a French soldier the result is a public cry of ‘Barbarity!’ But when a French soldier strikes a coolie, it’s a necessary blow for civilization.” 966 more words

Gear Grinding: Turn Signals

You know what grinds my gears? Turn signals. More accurately the absolute lack of them.  I’ve been driving for a couple years now and I don’t understand how one can turn or change lanes without warning the surrounding cars/people. 284 more words

Gear Grinding

Cabin Fever

There’s something about food that makes the vinyl experience even better. The smell of coffee. Nice baked goods and treats on the counter. People chatting at the tables in front. 104 more words

Come together!

There’s no reason why people should be starving in the world today!  There’s enough land, to provide every person on Earth with two acres!  All you need is a hand full of seeds and a fork!  668 more words

Behaviour And Conduct