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Militaristic nations.

Having a massive arsenal and army is the need of the weak for only the strong are civilized.


A practical example...

this post relates on my entry in the artblog. Where I wrote: The main competence You can await in these fields.

These competences logically may not even be my main highest competences in general. 461 more words


how a supervisor is in twowaycomm with his audience

A supervisor includes here any teacher or similar too. For example a guy, which preachs or makes an event.

We talk about the basic form. Despite some discussion interaction or similar. 299 more words


for this page I introduce specialized conventions...

thus I take it for granted, that we stay here in another way in twoway comm. Logically I not wanna relinquish on these civilized values. But to throw anything else into the dustbin. 10 more words


Do We have a Moral Right?

Since the 1950s we have had political/economic interests and a military presence in the Middle East.  It is no secret now that we are there because of Oil.  874 more words

Foriegn Policy And War

"We Are Not Civilized. We Are Domesticated. Big Difference."

The following video reinforces every point I, and many others, have been attempting to make for the last year. And it does this in a mere thirteen minutes: 465 more words




Let’s be honest for a minute. I don’t know the majority of the readership of what I post, but when I post, if I have something non-specific to write, I generally write as if my readership is similar to myself. 609 more words