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good v. Good (People != Depraved)

I believe that people are good by nature. I believe that a person can live a good, charitable life regardless of creed (or lack thereof). I also believe that there is Good. 653 more words


freestyle: Freedom Response

They get us to believing

That our responses should be



Within reason.


The treatment endured,

Was none of those things.


Would the response be as such… 19 more words



We depend on words
Assembled into language
To stay civilized


Traveling by Train is So Civilized

By Dom Nozzi

September 7, 2017

Train travel is so civilized.

Car travel in a car-dependent society is barbarism. And a symptom of a society without a future. 487 more words


A Nation in Great Need

I have an American friend who lives in an African country where he teaches school. He is not a Bible believer, but he asked for my help recently in constructing a Biblical argument that he could use to persuade his neighbors to stop brutally beating their children. 555 more words


Humans are not Predators (wink, wink)

“A name.¬†A name! What’s in a name?¬† A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.”¬†Basically, what the Shakespeare guy was trying to convey is that a thing is exactly what it is regardless of which hashtag humans assign to it. 567 more words