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Down With Opinions!

I decided some time ago to give up having opinions. It was tough at first. I’d formed the habit ridiculously early in life, at a time when I wasn’t even slightly ready. 1,332 more words



“Oh, I understand you completely madam, but, perhaps not in the way you presume I do. You see the thing that may disturb me the most, it certainly repulses me the most, about you supposedly ‘ 219 more words


Do we Live in a Civilized World?

by John Brian Shannon

Are we a civilized people or are we merely making a pretense at being civilized?

There are many factors at play here, and two of them have a major impact among the various peoples of this Earth. 1,446 more words

God's Words

Finding Osceola

I spent a few hours this week looking back over some old articles I had written for the Seminole Tribe of Florida’s publication, The Seminole Tribune… 2,123 more words


The Good New Days

Have you ever heard

one civilized person

whose opinion you


at any time, anywhere,

in any civilized

country anywhere,

say the good new days? 96 more words


Is'civilized' just imagined superiority?

Last week I was reading a book called Danubia, which is all about the Habsburg empire. Like most of the old empires, you won’t find it on a modern map anymore, but once upon a time is was the leading force in Europe and leaves its distinctive mark across Central Europe to this day. 878 more words