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Cultured Or Civilized?

Whenever I try to introduce myself, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is my name. Then follows the tag I carry along with me that connects me to my parents and ancestors. 636 more words

Awareness, Education

Civilized savages and the lessons they teach

Tel Aviv, British Mandate Palestine:

Heart pounding, a 12 year old girl Jewish girl runs down the street. Her legs pumping as fast as they can go. 876 more words



Just a quick disclaimer. I don’t wish to offend anyone.

I live in India. But the issue on which I’m going to talk about is for all the women out there. 562 more words

Up Close And Personal

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A man with his own opinions is an intellectual; while a woman with her opinions is a bitch! Ughh! Is this the civilized thinking.. This is definitely not a generalized post and not at all trying to crucify the entire male generation. There are adorable men too in this “awesome” world. And with due to respect to them, let me share this painful female voice for you.

Anyone can be polite to a king, but it takes a civilized person to be polite to a beggar.



When blood flows free
Corpses piled high without identity
When babes are left on porches
Children sold to brothels

When saints preach division
Free speech considered treason… 60 more words



WHEN I get to the bar Wednesday night, it was just staring to spit outside, but since it had rained earlier, I know the weather wasn’t serious about doing so again. 566 more words