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Better than dispelling the 'Christian America' myth

You’re right. It’s a myth that America was founded as a Christian nation, in the sense we think of Christian faith today. But it *was* founded on principles utterly dependent on a Judeo-Christian worldview. 114 more words

Social Ethics

UFO Theorist

All you have to do today is mention the word UFO and you end up with a bunch of conspiracy theorist and denial enthusiast pouncing on your every word and image/video.  363 more words


Being Civilized in Civilization

I was sitting on a plane from New York JFK to Los Angeles a few weeks ago.  We were at the gate, and passengers were still boarding. 473 more words

America, it is time to wake-UP!

This page was created as a forum to be used by myself and others; of righteous natures, to try and use this massive beast of technology; we have all grown accustomed to use, to replace our needs as humans, to have human contact.Who knows, maybe, we can all learn something new. 299 more words

The Definition of “Civilized" And How It Seems To Me That American Society Falls Short

I recently overheard someone say, “aren’t we so lucky to live in a civilized society?”

My critical mind decided to pick this one apart, because from my seat at the table, I fail to see many aspects of this American society as civilized. 1,047 more words

Think About It

The Biggest Jungle

Hunt or get hunted
That’s the motto of corporate world

You have to do beyond your best
Or else you will not survive 27 more words

Thoughts & Feelings

I said I was from Bloemfontein, not backward

Ever since moving from Bloemfontein to the “Mother City” there have been many misconceptions that I have come across. These often false impressions  of what the place is like and how the people who live are like are often unsaid, but definitely implied. 366 more words