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The Dove

Nights’ re when I see him.
Tuesdays mostly.
A drink, maybe a toast-
’bout an hour at most.
(he ain’t got much to boast)
And when the deed’s done, 9 more words


PSA: Public Restroom Etiquette

I don’t expect public restroom’s to be as clean as mine at home. If I could go without using them, I would. Thing is…I’m pregnant. Pregnant women pee….a lot. 260 more words


Human…be Humane

Human being is considered as the most beautiful and the most advanced creation of Nature. Moreover, human brain is said to be most superior in the entire animal kingdom and is said to be the reason for its dominance on planet Earth. 781 more words



As I drove over the roads that led me to the workshop the next day, my tires were hugging the curve of the road underneath an openness of sea, sky, and landscape that was a broken-open somewhere between the beautifully poignant that fills us up, and the achingly small that leaves us feeling like we are entirely only this very moment. 465 more words


Street Beggar - A Life of Fancy !

Does anyone aspire to become a street beggar? Another crazy question. No normal person would expect this. You have your own dreams of leading a luxurious, prestigious life – becoming a leader, teacher, professor, business tycoon, model, actor…But to want to become a street beggar…? 279 more words

Tread Wisely

Writers must be careful when approaching their unedited manuscript.

They must be smart. They must be considerate of trivialities, open to differing views, confident in purpose but soft as to means. 132 more words


No airs.

Civilized people must, I believe, satisfy the following criteria:

1) They respect human beings as individuals and are therefore always tolerant, gentle, courteous and amenable … They do not create scenes over a hammer or a mislaid eraser; they do not make you feel they are conferring a great benefit on you when they live with you, and they don’t make a scandal when they leave.

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Growing Into Me