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Inside of a huge awning,

Of steel and glass, I stand yawning

With morning jitters

Bird twitters

Accompany rainy day’s dawning.

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Caswell Poetry

Ten reasons you aren't as civilised as you pretend

1. In company you will carefully scrape off the yoghurt stuck to the lid with a spoon, at home you’ll just lick it off.

2. You tell people you joined a martial arts class because you like to try interesting things and wanted to meet new people, but really you just like having an excuse to hit other people without getting in trouble. 396 more words



As I watched the constant parade of campers and boats streaming south past work today, heading home after a weekend at the lake, I recalled a thought I saw online not long ago. 272 more words


"City Slickers"

“The wage slave, the Debtors, and the scam artist who don’t know they are scam artists! What amazing talents to ignore the obvious they have! 650 more words


The Readers

From Kemet to Kennesaw
The cool kids read things
While the elders danced.
Dance, did they, for knowledge.
Once the rains came,
We all benefitted from the reaping.

Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune…