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Storytime: You Can't Buy Manners

I’ve always been interested in all things etiquette and manners because I think its becoming a lost art in our world. I don’t consider myself a snob about it and I understand that a lot of people don’t find it important enough to understand the value of a handwritten thank you note, know which direction to pass the bread, or if its appropriate to use your cell phone at the table. 1,014 more words



pain or pleasure
or both in equal measure
hurt for want
you’ll get what’s coming to you

love or madness
or maybe they’re both the same… 60 more words



Your tiny piece of heaven
Spread your message and keep dry
You’re always right, I know
We need to follow
p.s. space is endless

Every open grave will witness… 49 more words


Sinking Teeth

Barracuda Barracuda
Answer the phone sweetly
Shaven ice toothpick
Facilitate smooth consumption of bile
Digging ditches with a trainwreck
sinking teeth, I dig it… 52 more words


Better than dispelling the 'Christian America' myth

You’re right. It’s a myth that America was founded as a Christian nation, in the sense we think of Christian faith today. But it *was* founded on principles utterly dependent on a Judeo-Christian worldview. 114 more words

Social Ethics

UFO Theorist

All you have to do today is mention the word UFO and you end up with a bunch of conspiracy theorist and denial enthusiast pouncing on your every word and image/video.  363 more words


Being Civilized in Civilization

I was sitting on a plane from New York JFK to Los Angeles a few weeks ago.  We were at the gate, and passengers were still boarding. 473 more words