Pathtub: Kayo na Magaling! #pweh

Self-righteous ELITISTS in cyberspace have no sense of values!

They hate the likes of Ricky Lo, Yeng Constantino and former Chief Justice Renato Corona.

That is why I hate them in return! 62 more words


Something I made ages ago (3rd)

I originally made and posted this on my facebook account last December 18, 2011. I am re-posting it here. This was during the height of the antagonistic mumbo jumbo between the President and the Chief Justice (now ex-Chief Justice). 17 more words

Politics=Shit, Society And Whatnot

A Review of Enrile's Memoir By Installment...

JPE’s  Memoir, is a narration of  political events that bedevil  the nation beginning  1924, when a poor boy, Juanito Furagganan, JPE’s  childhood name,  was born in  barrio Mission in the town of Gonzaga,  a sandy, coastal, fishing village situated at the mouth of the Mission River, Cagayan, up to the historical impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona of the Supreme Court  this year (2012). 2,712 more words

CJ Corona

CJ Corona guilty beyond UNREASONABLE doubt

Chief Justice Renato Corona is undeniably guilty for functioning as human shield for former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo against cases filed against her after her term. 1,191 more words


Leila de Lima as the next Chief Justice

We don’t want a Chief Justice who is too close to the President. Of course, we don’t want a Chief Justice who is a Doberman of Malacanang. 331 more words


How our Senators sold their legacy to the will of President Noynoy Aquino

I have understood that most of the members of the House of Representatives would blindly follow the will and desire of the President. The lower house has the reputation to do what the President wants – no matter what. 280 more words



Forgiveness has been a running theme of Filipino novels, movies and telenovelas that it was not a big surprise that a number of bleeding hearts beg that the convicted Chief Justice be spared from further punishment.  335 more words