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"Early Doors" by Not Too Tame

“Are you on the list pal?”

I was greeted at the door of Moran’s Bar in Clonmel by a big (and fairly handsome – let’s be realistic here) bouncer who asked each individual for their name to see if they were on the list. 419 more words


Vitamin by Carlo Jacucci

Vitamin by Carlo Jacucci graced the White Memorial Theatre’s stage in Clonmel for just two performances. Travelling all the way from Italy, this piece of absurdest theatre truly stuck to the genre from which it was created. 539 more words


Weekend Report - Does Working Cowboy Mounted Shooting Count as ET?

No, not really.  We had to miss the party lesson and spend 2 days blowing up a gazillion balloons at the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Regional Championships.  157 more words


La Cloaca Judicial.

Uno de los pilares fundamentales del Estado Moderno en cuanto hace a la determinación de sanciones por la comisión de algún ilícito es el principio de presunción de inocencia: toda persona acusada de delito tiene derecho a que se presuma su inocencia mientras no se pruebe su culpabilidad, conforme a la ley y en un juicio público en el que se le hayan asegurado todas las garantías necesarias a su defensa. 1,209 more words

Aarón Segura

Your Smile

Your smile has drawn me
To you from the first
It tickles my heart
Your smile has the special
Power to enchant me
And makes my anxieties depart… 71 more words

When I met you

I met you once
A long time ago
But you didn’t see me
I met you again
Much more recently

When I met you then… 72 more words

A night with Colin Farrell

He walked into her room wearing her apron and nothing else, carrying a tray laden with wonderful smelling goodies. He planted his tall frame on the side of the bed and presented the food to her as if in sacrifice at the foot of a sovereign. 1,394 more words