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Schmidt presents new generation of jet sweepers

Premiere for new Schmidt CJS and TJS at the conference “professionals on the airport”

It all begins with a decision. The decision to create a new generation of jet sweepers which is one of a kind in terms of functionality, operation, serviceability and design and which enthrals customers with a new, innovative overall solution. 1,202 more words


New Criminal Law Topics for C.J.S.

Being dropped this month are the new substantive and procedural criminal law topics for Corpus Juris Secundum. Spring, and change, are in the air. Of course, yours truly co-authored the “substantive” criminal law article.


The Original CJ's BuTTer Spritz (PLUS) 4 oz.

A special blend of oils that is conveniently applied with a fine mist spray, beneficial in healing skin and treating hair as a leave in conditioner, for taming flyaways, and for defining curls. 23 more words

Stampers and Decal mat

This started out as a stamper comparison-post, which it still is, but I realized something else while working with my Messy Mansion mat.
So, is my go-to stamper the best for me of do I have a better one in store? 1,110 more words


Why Prisons Don't Work

The easiest way to start this off is to layout what the Criminal Justice System supposedly does for our society: incapacitates offenders, deters crime, and rehabilitates those who enter the system. 1,449 more words


Being separated from my children

There is not a mother in prison who has not had thrown at her “she should have thought of her children in all of this” 2,157 more words


Pitfalls of the CJS

I have recently been asked on my views following my experience of the Criminal Justice System involving a serious sexual assaults case. More specifically: