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Lessons Learnt

When things go wrong within cases involving the Criminal Justice system and/or multi-agency involvement, we often hear the phrase “Lessons will be learnt”. Having heard the same words utter in my case, I’ve often wondered exactly who is learning these lessons? 457 more words

We need to think bigger than prisons

I doubt many would disagree that our prison system is seriously flawed on many levels. Whether your interest is in punitive retribution, prisoner rehabilitation, safety of inmates and staff, desistance or privatisation, it is clear that our prison system isn’t working and serious reform is urgently required. 1,556 more words


Mental Illness and the CJS

Just a quick note, my blog is primarily based on personal views and experience, sometimes referring to research and some background information, with the aim of helping anyone who may be suffering, or know of anyone suffering from a mental health illness. 615 more words

Criminal Justice Leadership

Hello Pals

It have been a while. Today I’m writing about Criminal Justice Organization Leadership and bit of Prison overcrowding. Hope you will enjoy it!!! 501 more words


Reporting of Crimes - CJS or Media

Events this week have once again opened up the long standing debate on whether victims of rape or sexual assault, whether recent or non recent, should speak out about their assaults by reporting them through the Criminal Justice System or talking to the media. 1,610 more words

The Original CJ's BUTTer Oatmeal, Milk & Honey 2 oz stick

The glide-on version contains the same ingredients as the original BUTTer (in different proportions), except there is no lanolin. This is an easy and convenient new way to apply your CJ’s BUTTerTM The small size comes in a handy 0.75 oz ‘propel’ (screw-up) tube and the Large Stick o’ BUTTer comes in a 2 oz screw-up tube! 169 more words


The U.S. Criminal Justice is plagued with disparities.  Form poor minorities that simply cannot afford proper legal council, or the whopping crack v. powder disparity that exits.   35 more words