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Love everyone, tell the truth…and bake cookies

Picture in your mind-India, 1970. Young Americans in the prime of life have arrived in droves to a foreign land with hopes of finding a guru who will give their lives meaning. 690 more words

So Much For Trying Hard

I smell of alcohol and nicotine; and the taste of the cough syrup lingers on my tongue.
I don’t want to go on and do another stupid thing. 132 more words

Next Week

Next week we will continue to apply our Letters and Sounds to reading and writing .We have two new tricky words , are, all .The children will write the second part of our Talk for Writing story ‘Whatever Next’.Ask your child to tell you the story using the story maps.Ask your child to tell you about our writing target stamps .

[ARTICLE] It’s all K on the f’row: How Korea Became Fashion's New Fraternity

The might of a fashion designer could once be judged by the number of times Alexa Chung has sat front-row at his show or how long it took for Cara Delevingne’s dog to grace it with its presence. 395 more words