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Oops, dearest, shall we speak candidly?

I’m a little hesitant! But, OK; go ahead.

To blaspheme, dearest, is to take the Lord’s name in vain. 438 more words

Collective Consciousness

Mind's Eye

Jessie: In New Hampshire where ice is out of the lake and robins are flitting round the garden!

To quote The A-Team, don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? 375 more words

Day 67 | March 10

In another life, which really wasn’t that long ago, I used to work with a group of Indigo children. The group, Blue Papaya, was founded by a group of Indigo and crystal children. 1,460 more words

2016 Diary

Q&A: What are those words on your cards?

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To Hear Or Not to Hear. . .

A few years ago, I heard what I thought was a disembodied voice. The only thing that I never paid attention to, until now, was that no one else seemed to hear that voice. 332 more words

Did you hear that?

As I type this I am having a ringing in my ears, this is a sign that you have a connection to spirit.  “But everyone hears a ringing from time to time” You are correct my dear Watson, but this is different. 723 more words


Having trouble finding your way?

If you’ve ever had a reading with me, I often will say “so and so archangel (AA) is with you”, but what does that mean exactly?  506 more words