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New Option: Audio Readings

This is a short 3-Card-Spread to introduce you to a new option at my tarot site: Audio Tarot Readings. All audio readings for clients will be done as an… 24 more words


How the Angels have saved my life

In 2007 I met a woman on myspace at the time that claimed to be an Earth Angel. I was open minded at the time, and thought she was crazy, because she offered no proof or anything. 1,408 more words


I walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). That is what I tell myself to brush off comments that associate my gift as black magic, lump it with “other religions,” or assume I am just playing off peoples’ emotions. 1,110 more words


Angel Messages with an Angel Blessing of Light

The angels are guiding me to write a message about our clairaudient chakras . Clairaudient chakras are sensitive to sound. The word “chakra” is  a sanskrit word meaning “wheel “~ each chakra is a like a spinning wheel of light, color, love and energy. 1,570 more words

Daily Angel Message

Randy Aalbregtse - Classmate & Neighbor

His name was Randy.   He was and still is, despite his far-too early death, a beloved classmate.  He was positivity personified, and he always had a smile for everyone. 1,544 more words