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General Oracle Soul Coaching 8.22 thru 8.28

Greetings Loves, This is a GENERAL ORACLE SOUL COACHING READING For The Week of 8.22 thru 8.28. All, Some or None of the messages may resonate with you. 1,308 more words


When your Intuitive Gifts come in and Your Reality Check Bounces

Am I crazy? Maybe I’m Schizophrenic?

This from a client a few weeks ago. Her intuitive gifts are surfacing. She is clearly, incredibly clairaudient.

Do you see the lights? 390 more words

"Feeling Stuck? It's a Wake Up Call." - Danu

“Is there part of your life that just feels stuck?  Almost everyone has that problem.  It isn’t because one is stupid, ugly, boring, or whatever criticism one would like to insert here, it is because one is ignoring some thing important in their life.   405 more words


"Energy Shifts are Times to Heal" -Danu

“The energy shift currently happening is causing the majority of sensitive people to be ungrounded. People are dropping things, zoning out, and unable to focus for an extended period of time. 75 more words


"Manifest Wisely Instead of Threatening the Divine if the Outcome Isn't Exactly What One Wants" - Chang O

“Do not make demands or ultimatums to any aspect of the Divine All. ‘Prove you love me God by giving me ____ or else I will refuse to worship you’, is childish. 387 more words


Why Asking If You will End up With ___ Makes for a Terrible Tarot Reading

“When one keeps the focus on their goals and dreams, truly on themselves in the present moment, the Universe will shift to accommodate them. When one focuses on others and orchestrating the future, the Universe will shift to frustrate them until they have learned their lesson about manifestation.” – Chang O… 887 more words


"Reality is a Mirror, Change Where You are Pointing It" - Chang O

“Reality is a mirror of how one views themselves and the world.  What one might look into the mirror and judge bad, another might judge as good.   353 more words