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Best psychics in Los Angeles


Lady Persephone psychics give you quick Love and Relationship Readings through phone, email, or chat. Choose any of the option and we are available for you. 461 more words



A few months ago, I posted a vision I had about rainy weather in London.  I think I may have gotten it wrong because I was connecting the previous vision on 12/26/16 to this one.  283 more words

What The Mind Wants

My mind and my body have different types of romantic partners it is seeking. My mind looks for partners that are filled with anger and self-loathing and view me as an object, and my body is looking for a partner that is supportive, secure and safe, one that is filled with self-love and has respect for me. 802 more words

Manifesting Generator

So, Talk About Intense!!!

I’ve started this post several times and have found 4 unfinished copies in my “Drafts” folder, and somehow, even now, I’m struggling to get the words down  in “ink”, because there is still this huge fear of judgment or of getting called crazy, but I think I’ve had plenty of validation in the past few weeks to really start talking about some of these things that have been occurring… 1,791 more words


One of the things that I have heard and read a lot about in the spiritual community, is about the balancing, clearing, and opening of the main 7 chakras in order to be able to communicate with your Higher Self better, or in my case, my Spirit Guides.  642 more words

2 Different Worlds

There has been so much going on in the world lately, particularly the USA. EVERYTHING about these past 2 weeks have been so incredibly energetically charged, and for anyone that is in this awakening process (because there are LOADS of us!), you can only image the INTENSITY behind all of these feelings. 1,103 more words

General Love Soul Oracle Coaching Reading 1.16-1.22, Your Luck Is Blooming, Transformation thru Death, Soul Mate Connections

Greetings Beloved, This is a General Relationship Oracle Reading. Some or All messages may resonate with you. If desire a Personal Relationship Reading, directions on how to do so will be listed at the end of this reading. 721 more words