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I walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). That is what I tell myself to brush off comments that associate my gift as black magic, lump it with “other religions,” or assume I am just playing off peoples’ emotions. 1,110 more words


Angel Messages with an Angel Blessing of Light

The angels are guiding me to write a message about our clairaudient chakras . Clairaudient chakras are sensitive to sound. The word “chakra” is  a sanskrit word meaning “wheel “~ each chakra is a like a spinning wheel of light, color, love and energy. 1,570 more words

Daily Angel Message

Randy Aalbregtse - Classmate & Neighbor

His name was Randy.   He was and still is, despite his far-too early death, a beloved classmate.  He was positivity personified, and he always had a smile for everyone. 1,544 more words


Understanding Who Are Clairaudients

Similar to how a clairvoyant is able to “see” things, clairaudients can uncover the answer to some of your most pressing questions. Clairaudient means “clear of hearing.” They can hear the voices of spirit guides and otherworldly beings, otherwise not audible to other people. 92 more words