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NEWS: Grimes Has Written Her First Glam Rock Song

Grimes is a badass. The electronica/experimental/psychedelic artist has been making waves in the music biz ever since her critically acclaimed Visions was released back in 2012.   122 more words


What Happened to Ariel Pink?

To be fair, I’m not completely up on his history. BUT, that said, I don’t understand what happened that made this guy start being such a dick. 397 more words


Hear the Demo Version of Grimes' "Go"

Grimes has shared the demo of her track “Go”, which was released back in June featuring Blood Diamonds, on her Tumblr. Here is what she said on the post: 139 more words


My New Favorite Shirt

I feel like a nerd creating a whole entire post because I got a shirt I’m obsessed with. But that’s what going on here. Deal with it. 124 more words


4-Eye Envy

I know I’m actually really really lucky I have perfect eyesight and I’m really really being a brat every time I say this, but I’ve always wanted glasses really really bad. 585 more words


Thoughts on the bus


All about the human experience + the synthetic (man made?) experience we create for ourselves with buildings, music electricity, substances inside us. It all comes together in one ‘night’. 249 more words


Influence: Grimes

I have always listened to music a lot, every day, walking places, in my room, etc. I guess I have thought about its relation to visual or fine art before, but not in much depth. 229 more words