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A Kid Like Jake doesn’t quite know where to go

Things are going quite well for this urban family in the Big Apple as psychologist dad does his figuring out at the office, former-attorney mom happily stays home to raise their son and said kid Jake has a fine time creatively dressing up as his favorite story characters, in his room and with the other children in his preschool. 234 more words


Understanding a kid like Jake


What do you get when you put the stars of Homeland, The Big Bang Theory, and Insurgent in the same movie? Two parents and a preschool director. 383 more words


beastsboy:“I just want you to know,’ said the girl, coldly,...


“I just want you to know,’ said the girl, coldly, ‘that whoever you are and whatever you intend with me, I shall give you no aid of any kind, nor shall I assist you, and I shall do whatever is in my power to frustrate your plans and devices.’ And then she added, with feeling, ‘Idiot.” —Neil Gaiman…

7 more words

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003)

Directed by Jonathan Marstow

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is an entertaining enough action movie, but it falls flat when inevitably compared to the previous two… 684 more words

Homeland's End Game: Carrie Returning to [Spoiler] for Final Season

For its swan song, Homeland is sending Claire Danes — and Carrie Mathison — back to the front lines of the War on Terror. 310 more words


Flashback Review: The Family Stone

Greetings & salutations fellow movie goers from around the world. Today’s Flashback Review is a Christmas Comedy-Drama my aunt & uncle took me to see when I was a pre-teen is one of my personal favorite Christmas movies called, “The Family Stone.” 675 more words