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Meet Joe Black (1998)

I don’t exactly have strong feelings one way or the other about Meet Joe Black. Some despise it for being overly long and uneventful, some enjoy it as a meditation on death and love and living a fulfilling life. 1,065 more words


"Antitrust" Blu-ray Review

Antitrust is often chalked up as being a teeny-bopper ripoff of All the President’s Men. While there may be some truth to that analogy, it implies that there’s nothing of merit to Peter Howitt’s early ’00s paranoia thriller—which is most definitely not the case. 371 more words


FrightFest 2015: Another Me

It’s the stuff of nightmares. You return home, only to discover that you are already there: a facsimile is duping your loved ones and taking over your life. 376 more words


Mystery Men (1999)

How many movies can it be said are actually so bad they’re painful to watch? There have certainly been quite a few throughout film history, but I tend to watch movies that I like, or at least can tolerate. 608 more words