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New Trailer: Precious Cargo

The official UK trailer for new film Precious Cargo has been unveiled, ahead of the film’s release on July 15th. 

Starring Bruce Willis, Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Claire Forlani, Precious Cargo is directed by Max Adams. 245 more words

Coming Soon... Precious Cargo

Bruce Willis, Claire Forlani and Mark-Paul Gosselaar star in Precious Cargo, a film about what happens when a heist goes wrong… 

Released in cinemas and digital download on the 15th July, Precious Cargo is a story of betrayal and greed – and a chance to see Bruce Willis in a completely different role in comparison to many of his other films. 81 more words

OctoArts Films International: Exciting Half-Billion Heist with Bruce Willis in “Precious Cargo”

The stakes are huge and there’s only one band of merry misfits crazy enough to do the job. Bruce Willis is a big-time mob boss named Eddie who holds a thief named Karen (Claire Forlani) hostage after she botches a rob job. 221 more words

Bruce Willis Pitted Against Michaelangelo of Thieves in "Precious Cargo"

Actor Bruce Willis, who practically invented the gleeful and gritty action hero playing the wise-cracking police detective John McClane in the classic “Die Hard” film series is back on familiar ground playing crime boss Eddie Filosa in “Precious Cargo” which also stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Claire Forlani. 524 more words


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Directed by Max Adams

Starring: Bruce Willis, Claire Forlani, Mark-Paul Gosselaar… 624 more words

Mallrats (1995)

Kevin Smith follows up the gloriously profane Clerks with the polished Mallrats, a 1995 comedy that serves as a sort of prequel to the indie smash. 623 more words