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The Crown -Best Quotes

Netflix’s portrayal of Elizabeth II’s (played by Claire Foy) early reign “The Crown” is my latest obsession. A brief search revealed a stunning lack of my favorite part of the show -the steely eloquent speeches, the classiest ‘f-off’s I’ve ever heard. 81 more words

STYLE SATURDAY: The Crown (Netflix)

Are you classic, serious, and understated or are you whimsical, romantic, and bold?

Would you fit in a J. Crew catalog or in an Urban Outfitters campaign? 584 more words

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The Crown

Netflix, in it’s great wisdom, suggested Binge Watching some shows over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I saw posters in both California and here in Paris for The Crown.   400 more words

Netflix 'The Crown' Season 2 Air Date: More Political & Disastrous Events In The Queen's Reign

Netflix “The Crown” Season 2 spoilers about the storyline, cast, and air date.

Contrary to earlier reports, “The Crown” Season 2 is underway. Netflix’s “The Crown” original series showcases royal drama in the areas of love, family, and politics. 70 more words

The Crown TV Series Review

It’s difficult for me to start this review today, because I know that my words will not do justice to the show. But I feel like it’s necessary for me to write anyway because failure to write about this show is akin to letting it down as well. 780 more words


The Crown (Netflix) starring Claire Foy and Matt Smith

Netflix’s new series, The Crown, cost around 100 million dollars to make, which would cover nearly a third of the huge cost of the Buckingham Palace renovations. 520 more words


My brother and I

I was very disappointed when I woke up, because it was 4pm and the day was nearly over.

This was the second time I’d woken up that day. 712 more words