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Foster - Claire Keegan

This short story, recently published as a standalone work, is about as perfect a prose snapshot as it is possible to get. I hope people aren’t put off by the title and the grim cover – despite the appearance of similarity with ‘misery porn’ the Ireland in this story is one blessedly free of rain drenched institutional child abuse. 194 more words


A Prizewinning Debut Collection

Full title: Antarctica

Creator / Author: Claire Keegan

Item Type / Page count: Book / 209p

When Published: 1999

Publisher / Place of Publication: Faber and Faber Limited / 3 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AU United Kingdom. 191 more words

West Wicklow Studies

The Book Trail: The Short Story Edition

Another set of wonderful books now, starting with a collection which I very much enjoyed.  All of the tomes collected in this post are filled with intriguing short stories, all of which are high on my TBR list. 1,242 more words

Foster by Claire Keegan

Just a short review of a little gem of a novella (a mere 88 pages) by Claire Keegan

Set in County Wicklow, Foster tells the story of an unnamed little girl who, as her worn out mother is heavily pregnant, is sent to stay with relatives temporarily. 131 more words

Full of Gass #2: True Lies

Folks, if you’ve read any of this ridiculous and now vitiated weblog, you’ll have surely picked up on our steadfast and by-no-means-unique opinion that William H Gass… 741 more words


Saturday short story: Foster by Claire Keegan

In Claire Keegan’s Foster a girl is sent to live with foster parents on a farm in County Wicklow, rural Ireland, around the time of the IRA hunger strikes. 194 more words

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Writing revelations

A good storyteller, like anyone who’s skilled at their craft, makes the art of creating a story look incredibly easy. When we see the finished product – the story, the drawing, or whatever it is that you create – all too often the process of work that produced the end result just isn’t acknowledged. 387 more words