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Had Tama Kieves not written her #book I would have collapsed

Inspired and Unstoppable by Tama Kieves motivated me so much when I was back to college. More than a book it was a friend.

Express yourself sister because you never know who could benefit from what you have to say to the world. 15 more words

Claire Samuel

Is being single mum impossible? #singleparent

I finally understood why I was so drawn to renting a flat while all the objective reasons were in favor of renting a house. I shared my hesitations with you… 205 more words

Claire Samuel

Be weird be free be you #freedom of a single mother

I went back to college at 33 years old to become a lawyer. I was surrounded by 23-year-old students as I describe in my book… 68 more words

Claire Samuel

Gossip is dangerous #love and the power of our word

People who compliment us in an exaggerated manner are as dangerous as people who gossip about others. If we listen to gossip, we are the next on the list of gossip. 31 more words

Claire Samuel

When children refuse to eat meat #vegetarian

I was so happy to read that some children decide not to eat meat anymore, in one of my daughter’s magazines Astrapi. The world is changing!

Astrapi is in French.

Claire Samuel

What are we doing about our cancerous cells? #burnout

My body contains cancer cells. These cells are dormant. However, it belongs to me to choose between letting them sleep or waking them up. I could choose to do so by stressing myself out, working until I lose my health and worrying about the future. 20 more words

Claire Samuel

How to stay raw vegan in an amusement park? #rawvegan lifestyle

The children are having so much fun at the Futuroscope amusement park in France.

It doesn’t mean I am going to stop being raw vegan though. 44 more words

Claire Samuel