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I like watching the western genre whether it is television shows or movies.

Tonight an epic western, “Stagecoach” directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor among others airs on TCM. 43 more words

4 "Good Girls" of Film Noir

I do not particularly care for the term “Good Girl,” because it feels rather condescending toward the guardian angels of film-noir. In fact, on closer research, I’m not even sure if it’s a widely accepted term. 353 more words

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Key Largo (1948)

A ruthless mobster and his gang hold a group of hotel guests hostage during a hurricane on the Florida Keys.

Another Film Noir from John (The Maltese Falcon) Huston featuring the classic pairing of Bogart and Bacall, this film does not quite live up to the promise of these ingredients but that’s a Hell of a pedigree to live up to. 128 more words


Noir Night: Raw Deal (1948)

Raw Deal is an early Anthony Mann film, one of several he made with famed cinematographer John Alton at the camera. The film stars Dennis O’Keefe… 877 more words


Murder, My Sweet (1944, Edward Dmytryk)

Murder, My Sweet takes a peculiar approach to the detective story. Lead Dick Powell graciously lets everyone overshadow him in scenes; he doesn’t exactly fumble his way through his investigation, but he does befuddle his way through it. 524 more words



This review is part of The 2016 Great Villains Blogathon. For more reviews on cinema’s biggest and baddest, click right here!

BORN TO KILL is about bad people. 1,037 more words

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