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The Gypsies' Hand

No shadow of a doubt
The call was made
The toast was raised
The cards placed on the table
The gypsies’ hand was played
Clairvoyance gazed… 126 more words


Amadi the Prophet is Living Proof of the Necronomicon's Clairvoyant Abilities

“Yet, he must remember that the occult powers that accompany magickal attainment are ornamental only, indications of obstacles overcome on the Path to Perfection, and are not to be sought after in themselves, for therein lies the truth Death. 430 more words


Séance: Arrivals and Departures, part 1

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to write a series of posts on life and death, each centering around one psychic ability. This is part 1.  390 more words

Arrivals And Departures

Are Your Ears Burning? When People Talk Behind Your Back

Intuitives and empaths can often sense or feel that people are talking about them when they are not around. Or should I say “when” people are talking about them, for good, for bad or for general gossip time of day purposes. 358 more words

Our Story

Coming Out of the Mediumship Closet

Over the past few months I have slowly started to come out of what I like to call the “Mediumship Closet.” I started up this blog. 577 more words


Word of the Week #2:


Quite honestly, if I could choose one superpower, it would be this…
Complete Clairvoyance… 34 more words