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Destiny Calls Rosita


Rosita, a gypsy girl, is a pupil at Priory Ballet School. Signora Barelli hates Rosita for some reason and is trying to get rid of her. 55 more words


Current Kundalini related symptoms

Current Kundalini symptoms:

– Last evening I had some serious energy sensations in my Solar Plexus area and also in my abdominal area. I felt repeatedly twitches while I was still awake. 450 more words


Click-Click Clara


Clara Jones acquires an instant camera that can take photographs that show a prediction about the subject being photographed. Clara finds she can change the future, but doing so either works out well or it doesn’t. 10 more words


March 29, 2015 – OBE journal

Last night once again I started practicing. Up to this day I wasn’t able to consciously leave my body. It’s the first time for me, so it will probably take some while before I am able to do it correctly. 505 more words

Astral Project

Crystal Clear - Part 2

As I explained in the previous post, I had become the owner of three very lovely Andara crystals, along with a forth, which appeared to be destined for my young friend Will, who lives across the country from me. 873 more words


Prophecy: Grocers + Greener World To Come

  • Compass of success to not favor Grocers in upcoming year, unless willing to raise pay levels + provide massive hours of mental training. Forcing consumers to seek wholesalers.
  • 81 more words