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In Memory of Miss Goodwitch!

Hello Everyone!

My spirit has been doing some massive overhauling as of lately! The last three years has been momentous for me! When I started on my path as a Witch it caused an avalanche of spiritual positivity into my life. 364 more words



As I was reading today something become more and more obvious to me. I’ve been paying more attention to signs that occur, messages that appear, and even thoughts exchanged without words. 833 more words


If one faculty develops, another must fade away

Through his descent to the physical plane mankind has lost his connection with the world of the gods. For him, only the physical world exists. Anthroposophists are not reactionaries; they know that the age of materialism was necessary. 121 more words


Releasing Inner Demons

Deep resentments in our subconscious minds always filter out into our actions and interaction with life.
To understand these feelings, and how they shape our perception of others and ourselves, can release so much pressure.
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The Energies Thing

As some of you will know, Will and I have spent the last few months experimenting with subtle energies via remote viewing. An aspect that has intrigued us both is how the strength of the energies involved affects the accuracy of the reading. 969 more words


I Can Feel It Coming

A new post @ Every Cat Has a Tale, the topic ~ precognition:

I Can Feel It Coming


Creating What You Want

Do you ever wonder why so many people are living lives they hate?  Spending long hours at a job they can’t stand, accruing debt, and sleep walking through life?  413 more words