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The Fear

The Fear is a phrase I’ve noticed myself using a lot in the last year or two- “this is giving me the fear,”; “I have the fear,” etc. 253 more words

Future Science: Discovering the Soul of Things

MANY scientists like to think that science already understands the ways of the natural world.

For them the fundamental questions are answered, leaving only the details to be filled in. 828 more words

Metaphysics & Philosophy

Beyond Linear Time...

In the excellent movie “Arrival,” which is now out on DVD, aliens come to earth to help humanity (and themselves).  One thing that they do, for humanity — while behind a thick, glass-like barrier (separating them from the humans) within their spacecraft —  is to reveal, to humans, the erroneousness and primitive nature of linear time.   777 more words


Raising Your Vibration

You may have heard about raising your vibration or attaining a higher vibration level, particularly if you have an interest in holistic therapies or yoga. But what exactly is it all about and why is it important? 712 more words


Bolan-Beaty Boogie Contemplate the Afterlife and Talk about Spirit Communication

Marc and I meet up at “Marc’s Hill” – a quiet place that looks much like the coast of England. I asked Marc questions about what it is like in the afterlife and he gives us advice about communicating with loved ones who have passed over. 1,108 more words

Channeled Spirit Communication

Clairvoyant reading

I hesitated a long moment before writing this post. Then decided it had to be put out there. Before dying my grandmother had asked me to tell her story after she would pass away. 677 more words


Learn How to be Your Own Psychic Class May 23, 2017

It can be challenging to develop your psychic abilities when you don’t know what to do.  Having worked and developed my own psychic skills for over 35 years I know that I can help you increase your intuition and psychic self.  240 more words