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Busting Some Myths About Tarot

I recently received a message from a friend, who’d been offered a tarot reading by a clairvoyant who was visiting her workplace. She wanted to know what she could expect, or what the clairvoyant would be able to tell her. 1,718 more words



A friend who’s done Spiritual Healing for decades told me about the different levels of training he had. He first had to sense problems through feeling heat in his hands when they hovered over an afflicted area. 587 more words


Intuition Workout for Peace

An intuition workout is a practice session working with your own psychic gifts to gain clarity around different questions. What I like about it is that you need nothing more than uninterrupted time, a space to do it, yourself, and a notebook or journal. 621 more words


The Plough - Sussex Border Path

The Sussex Border Path spewed us out onto the Capel Road.

Directly in front of us was St.Mary Magdalene Church, to our right a new build development right next door to this pub. 76 more words



The REG experiments and the Global Consciousness Project

Methods to peer into the future have probably existed as long as humans. One of the earliest written evidence for the idea that omens or signs in the heavens are previews of things to come can be found on the… 6,628 more words

Brenda J Dunne

A thousand times better

It is a thousand times better to have grasped the ideas of Spiritual Science with thought first of all, and then — sooner or later, each according to his karma — to be able oneself to ascend into the spiritual worlds; a thousand times better than to have ‘seen’ straight-away and not to have grasped with thought the knowledge that is imparted in the Movement known as the Anthroposophical. 50 more words


A spiritual journey for all.

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Quick presentation,
My spiritual name is Maianne, I’m an old soul, introvert, empath, indigo, have different degrees of clairvoyance, clarisentience and claircognizant and I’m also a beginner lightworker. 638 more words