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Archangel of the Month for September 2015

Here we are in September already.

This month we are called to work with Archangel Haniel. This beloved angel is in charge of the principalities which are the third group in the hierarchy of angels. 1,052 more words

Archangel Of The Month

Clairaudience and Clairvoyance: What Happens When You Can Hear and See

When you call out into the Universe, someone will aways hear you. Here’s what happened the day Stephen when to a birthday party.

“But I don’t want to go to the birthday party” said Stephen. 959 more words


30 Minute Warning

Friday Fictioneers – 4th September 2015

30 Minute Warning (100 words)

He’s gonna kill again,” she sobbed. “Hurry, there’s not much time!”

Detective Markovitz rubbed his grizzled jaw and reached for his notebook.  79 more words

Creative Writing

Following your Intuition Leads to These 5 Powerful Realizations

Intuition is a phenomenon of the mind that describes the ability to acquire knowledge, without inference or the use of reason.

More frequently referred to as the “Sixth sense” or “Anthar Drushti”. 756 more words


JB Rhine & Life After Death

Rhine’s primary objective was to prove there is life after death. His investigations began with mediums like Mina Crandon and Eileen Garrett. In the 1920/30’s mediums were very popular. 60 more words

Believing In The Supernatural

The Many ‘Clairs’ of Your Extrasensory Mental Power

Psychic sensitivity is often considered as the “sixth sense,” but even this extrasensory capability has its own sub-senses called the “clairs.” They are all mediums of obtaining information independent of any known sense or experience. 200 more words

Dear Spirits: Please Do Not Disturb

Dear Spirits,

This letter is to inform you that yes, I do hear you; however, you have been operating outside of my normal business hours. I understand that urgencies arise, but I must insist that all inquiries stop at 8pm and do not resume until 8am. 308 more words