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What's a Caesar eh!?

Oh Canada, our home and native land! Home of the Hockey Hall of Fame, maple syrup, BeaverTails, free health care and the Justins (Trudeau and Bieber). 443 more words


The Flavour Thesaurus

Around the flavour wheel we go
In search of inspiration;
Where we will stop we don’t yet know
Or what’s our next creation.

Past cheesy, earthy, mustardy, 187 more words


Hail Caesar

Looking for something fresh and exciting? A recent trip to Canada opened my eyes to the Caesar. Think Bloody Mary, only better. Far better. The secret is the ‘Clamato’: a blend of tomato and, as the name suggests, clam juice. 166 more words


Scotch Whiskey Caesar

Scotch Whiskey Caesar

Ingredients: 2oz scotch, a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce and Chipolte Tabasco sauce (how much of each is personal preference), and topped with Clamato juice. 253 more words