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Day 42 – Banff to Revelstoke

Monday morning in Banff looked a bit better than the weekend’s weather and we were in no hurry to leave as our next stop, Revelstoke was only 180 miles from Banff. 689 more words


Extraños cocteles cerveceros

En el ámbito cervecero siempre hay gente que está en contra de mezclar una cerveza con otras bebidas, mientras que otros tantos están a favor de llevar la cerveza más allá, mezclándola con jugos, bebidas preparadas e incluso otro tipo de bebidas alcohólicas. 615 more words



因为不可能订到 Septime 所以就来到 Clamato

小碟子的生肉从2012年开始我们就欲罢不能 (Maquereau, chapelure, creme crue) 每一口进去三种材料的味道都很突出

图一是 Clamato 的招牌 Merlan colbert (sauce tartare) 本来想拍得很狰狞

还吃了 moules (Moules de bouchot, piment, herbes fraiches) 普通的没什么好说 22 more words

¡Oit! ¡la mezcla que vino del mar!

Olvidémonos un momento de marcas, etiquetas internacionales, pubs, cervezas con granos de café, toronja o hasta cervezas sabor fresa, concentrémonos ahora en los maravillosos Clamatos, cuyo origen desconozco pero se rumora que nacieron entre… 823 more words


Pit Bull Takes Gunshot Fired At Bartender Over Drink That Offended Man's Jewish Faith

HAMILTON, Mont. (AP) — Gunfire that struck a Montana bartender as he carried his injured dog outside his house after a shift likely would have killed him if it didn’t hit the pit bull first, the man’s brother said this week. 296 more words


Bayou Bloody Mary

Like everyone else – we enjoy the occasional beverage but when we get a little crazy the night before nothing is better than a good solid Bloody Mary. 168 more words

Big Easy

Kinder Surprise As an Incontinence Tool: A Clarification

In my previous post, Crone Disease, — read it, I’m not going to link it, it’s below — I wrote about the best advice I’ve given people in the recent past. 501 more words